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Commands For Kubrow


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Not a bad I idea. I was thinking of something similar.

Would be useful to get it out of a bad situation or keep specific enemies tied up.

The only problem is it would confuse the rest of your team if your were way pointing all over the place.

Would have to be a separate system.


Also that way you could actually get your kuby to attempt to open all locked lockers with scavenge. Rather then hoping he dicides to open one or none at all. 

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This would work a lot better, especially on stealth missions. I would like to tell my kubrow to attack certain enemies, tell my kubrow come back, and fetch capture enemies. But I think this would require a more complex system than targeting. Since the Kubrow are like seperate warframes, maybe it should have a key for every ability, but simply the marker system would do (its better than having nothing).


Mark an enemy, press 5 for attack, kubrow performs finisher/stealth attack on marked enemy.

Mark a rescue victim, press 5, kubrow protects rescue victim.


Do not have to marker, press 6 for howl. (kubrow specific)

Do not have marker, press 6 for dig. (kubrow specific)

Do not have a marker, press 6 for kubrow to capture, capture victim. (kubrow specific)

Mark an enemy, press 6, kubrow hold down enemy. (kubrow specific)

Mark a mod, press 6, kubrow retrieve mods/ammo etc "in set radius of intial marked mod, then return". (kubrow specific)

Mark a locker, press 6, kubrow unlocks locker. (kubrow specific)


Press 7, Kubrow go into Kubrow mode (Kubrow AI take over).

Press 8, Kubrow go into command mode (kubrow waits for orders).

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