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Wts A Few Things

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Have a fair few things for sale, please either message me on PSN or here if easier


Offers welcomed :)


Akbronco Prime Blueprint

Bolter Prime Stock

Latron Prime Blueprint

Lex Prime Receiver


Also the following mods:


Berserker, Constitution, Flow, Handspring, Crossing Snakes, Iron Phoenix, Hells Chamber, Master Thief, Metal Auger, Ravage, Shred, Stabilizer, Streamline (x2), Stunning Speed, Sundering Strike, Burning Wasp (x2), Fracturing Wind (x3), Finishing Touch (x5), Grim Fury, Molten Impact (x3), Reaping Spiral (x2), Killing Blow (x6)


And done ! :)


Updated... thanks cagenot :)

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