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Kubrow Major Bug:


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I just took my Kubrow out of Stasis. I must wait three hours and so fourth. I am aware we only 3 times to raise the loyalty but can the Kubrows loyalty raise while coming out of stasis and you're still waiting for it to actually be usable ?

I petted him and his loyalty did not raise. Can I have some help ?


Yeah i'm having the same problem, basically interacting with the Kubrow doesn't raise his loyalty.


Maybe i'm doing something wrong, or maybe i wasted all the interaction with the other puppy, but still there's no clear indicator of whether or not you actually consumed it or how much interactions you have left to use.

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Hi tennos, (and sorry for my bad english)

i have the same problem but the interaction must be done when your kubrow do (as he just take a mod)but my kubrow dont until 2 days.

second problem i can t burn (don t know the english for) the second DNA support (i have an empty DNA support and a scan for my kubrow availabale)


thx for this wonderfull game keep it up 

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