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Remaining Time-Based Rushing


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I was thinking this could make rushing a more viable option for most players if -in example- the cost to rush my current 

in-progress Mirage was around 20p (33% left) I would be more tempted to rush as opposite to how it is now, as I have already waited two days, I could totally wait one more day instead of losing the same amount of plat as if I had rushed it since the beginning. 


The current cost of rushing items makes the "to rush or not to rush" dilemma a really hard to change decision, since the most time has passed the more the player has the sense of "bad deal" about rushing an item because the "saved" time is lower.  


This kind of mixed-sacrifices/payments is very well-known and tested economic behavior used frequently in many kinds of markets, an example is the "give us your x years old car + X amount of money and get a later-model one" kind of deal or the "Upgrade your membership to the *Ultimate Edition* for 50% less" kind of deal used frequently by software developers.


R.I.P. English



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