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Dark Sector Balance Tweaks


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Hi there, I got to say thank you devs for adding warframe the MOBA. This has some huge potential to be really fun for end game players who have grown tired of killing 1000+ grineer per mission. Finally a real fight against real players in something longer then 2v2 short pointless PvP. Ok, that being said there are a few tweaks you guys could make to further the enjoyment.


#1) First thing that's become clear to me is if you late join into a match you're bascially screwed. You start off with unranked weapons and frame. While having to fight high lvl players and corrupted mobs. You'll be lucky to bring down 1 corrupted let alone a player who can 1 shot you at that point in the match. This could be a huge turn off to players trying out this mode for the first time.


My suggestion for this is to add a timer at the top of the screen that displays the current time that has past in the match. Ontop of that have passive exp gain tied to that timer. If a player joins in at 10mins he/she should automaticaly gain X amount of lvls based on the time that has past in the match.


#2) Invincible downed players. They shouldn't be invincible. As defender it's happened a few times now where a enemy activates the pannel and dies near it and turns into a invincible turret that can kill off my whole team while we try to deactivate the pannel. Thus allowing them to gain ground on us. Even worse is the players using a angstrum or stug. So ya if you can allow us to finish off downed players that would be great.


#3) We need some kind of health charger and energy charger pod or something. Some way of getting back a limited amount of health and energy per tick. So if you want to get back health or energy it will take you out of the fight for a little bit. Also some kind of ammo refiller too. This needs to be for both sides. Attacker and defender.


#4) Showing us kill info of some kind displayed in 1 of the corners. So we can see who/what killed us.



Well that's all I can think of right now. If any1 else has anything to add to this feel free to do so.


Thanks for reading.

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