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Increasing The Base Bleedout Time For Kubrow's.


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So i matured my cute little kubrow and done the quest to get his collar, i took it to earth to see it get beaten by a feral kubrow that knocked us down, it died right away and those 3 seconds were not enough to even get up from the knockback.


I know for once that there is a mod that increases the time of bleedout, but what use is that if the kubrow can barely level fast enough before dieng?


Come on DE, you gave us Kubrow's and then deciced that 3 seconds is all the time you get before it bleeds out and goes back to your ship with the 40% loyalty loss? increase it to atleast like 7 without mods, else this will be a painfull leveling trip.


I love my doggie.

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Yes I agree that it's so ridiculosly low at early levels that you can't do anything to save him. I literally had to put on my loki and use invisibility all the time to keep him alive until he was lvl 7 and could equip health and shield mods. 


after that he just has 1.1k shield and 1.3k health so he's not dying any time soon. so it gets ridiculously useless because he never goes into bleed-out even now that you can afford having the mod equipped.



I would change the base bleedout time for the first 5 levels to be higher then reduced after that level since you can start equiping mods.

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3 seconds is just ridiculous. There is not even a proper message telling you he is downed.

The bleed out duration should be the very same as for warframes.

Agreed, bleedout timer should be around 5 seconds to at least allow us to react properly .

There should be a proper message / sign / waypoint (that only you can see so as to not annoy others)to point out where your Kubrow has fallen as well imo. 

Sometimes in a crowd of enemies its hard to make out exactly where your Kubrow is.

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