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Dark Sectors


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Just did a  number of Dark Sectors and I FREAKING LOVED IT, Im not really a person who is a big fan of the whole "PVP" experience, in fact there is just one PvP game that I even like, I have a few issues with the game mode that start and End with Balance.

As Expected Rocket Launchers are Completely Deadly and can have a nasty effect, due to the way that respawns work I saw a couple of players running in to the mission and Purposely killing themselves in the process in an attempt to kill the enemy team.

My main problem with the balance of Dark Sectors though doesnt lie in the form of weapons or abilities as I have not tried out every combination yet, but my main problem lies in the fact that the early game is everything due to the fact that the only objectives are the ones for the mission, this means that once an Enemy Gains an XP advantage no matter how small it gets close to Impossible for the other team to close the gap if more objectives were to be maid such as Giant robot Proxies and Bigger things to fight that give large amounts of levels that would help balance out the game it would make it more dynamic maybe, instead of Pushing through the enemy creeps due to the fact that you are slightly behind, you and your team could attack the proxy and gain enough levels to be able to clear the gap that the levels have caused this would help balance the game mode slightly, the secret to having a balanced game mode lies in the ability for the losing team to return if you cant return at all regardless of the skill difference then that shows the flaws within the game mode.


In advance sorry for any misspells and grammar mistakes Im heavily dispraxic and cant write well so tone down on the critisism although tips foe how to get better are encouraged.

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