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Looking For Experienced Players Willing To Help


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Hi, i only just started recently and so far im having a lot of fun.

But ive been struggling to find any players to play with.


it would be nice if any more experienced players out there can show me the ropes and wouldn't mind running some missions with me. I would like to try out other planets and nodes but am unable to unlock most of them.


I live in AUS so i know i play at times when most people are asleep, however it would be nice if anyone can add me and we can play together when we are both online. 


My IGN is ShinraBansho, hope to see some of you!

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i am usually on at night a couple of nights a week (usually thursdays and fridays) at least as i work nights and i would be more than happy to show you around, i am in the US so i am not sure what the connection issues may be but we can give it a try. i will send you a friend request when i get home in the morning or feel free to send me one same IGN as here. if your interested in a clan i can help you out there too. 

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