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The Map Is A Mess.


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The way the planets are now is inconvenient. Sure it's fine when you've only unlocked a couple, but when you've got sixteen in a circle, things become difficult. They're all the same size, the order is strange. Many of them look very similar. 


Then when you come into the planets, you've got a mess. It might just be a bug, but I'm not sure what unlocks what sometimes. Furthermore you need to put your mouse over things to see what they are (gametypes) 


And it isn't just UI. There's some in-game stuff/ lore that could sorted here. 





I'm thinking we do something here. 


Too many planets in one ring problem= 

Either A: Have not one circle, but two or three on top of eachother, and split the planets amongst them. 


or B (prefered method) Put items together like a real solar system. For example clicking on the jupiter orb might take you to a second menu with orbs for jupiter's different moons/ship clusters. Clicking on earth might give you a choice of continents, clicking on 'orokin' will give you a choice of void or derelict. Some might have moons and continents. 


(just to be sciency/correct and stuff- Phobos should be gone and mars gets the phobos tileset. Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, titan and so on could be their own playable moon. While I have faith in the pre/post-orokin era terreforming to some extent, I very much doubt that something as small as phobos would turn into a huge moon) 




-Moving on from that, It's a little sad how each planet only has one tileset, or that each planet only has one range of difficulty (everything on earth is easy, everything on neptune  is hard). 


- Also, day and night. What'd be nice is if missions on the dark side of the planet were night, missions on the light side were day. 


- Icons

Each mission should have a symbol on it's segment of the ring, telling you what gametype it is before you put your mouse over it. 

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