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Dark Sector Conflicts ?



hello all, today i've tried for the first time after the update 14 a dark sector. And i notice a lot of changes...


What i want to know is :

1) why u have no skills?

2) what are those mods that display while are u playing ? I saw mods ranked up o.O

3) what happen if u die?

4) the specters are ia or real players ?


i would like some clarification , sorry for my poor english.


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1.) You gain skills as you unlock them in your mod list, the more you play, the more you rank up, the more mods you have "unlocked".

2.) The mods that are displayed are the mods that you have in your loadouts (Warframe, Primary, Secondary & Melee etc.)

3.) If you die you will simply be respawned.

4.) Specters are AI.

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