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No More Warnings Just Death When You Least Expect It !



I noticed i don't get inbox messages anymore after killing a boss or doing enough operations before a stalker or G3 attack.  last night i was soloing ODD and a stalker killed me pulled me right off a tower and bam i was dead.


is it just me or are stalkers more overpowered then they used to be ?.


the G3 attacked when i did about 7/10 operation missions i was going for two sets of 5 when they attacked thankfully i wasn't alone that time and we beat the piss out of em'.

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It is possible that those assassins showed up because of an old death mark. Death marks don't have a "use by" date, as far as I'm aware, so he could have just shown up late. It can and does happen.

Edit: I haven't fought the stalker recently, but I don't think he has been tweaked recently. It is possible that he was buffed, though.

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Fear him Tenno! It's kill or be killed, strike first to even have a chance to survive a visit.

He's smart, when you thought you were safe in a high place thinking "Hah! Let see you try me. Come at me bro!" BTW that's from my personal experience, I never underestimate him again. His my favorite character in Warframe, I just love that dude.

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