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About Kubrow Coat Colors And Designs


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As Noblesse_Oblige said,

I assume they will sell patterns, colors, and body types as a one use injection to a kubrow that takes time to alter them. This might &!$$ people off who say why should we have to pay plat for it, and the people who will hate it's a one use item, but I think it's fair enough, because at least it's better than randomly getting one of the three things you are looking for, like the scrambler did.


And for the people who refuse to pay the low plat costs (Will probably cost 5-10 plat for each injection) Can just breed them useing imprints after they get fixxed; everybody will win.

PLEASE DE,IN THE NEXT HOTFIX(or whatever) put Kubrows designs in the market,or the 90% of people incubating an egg without imprints will get a white kubrow (and that's annoying).


so yea,tell me what you think

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*Has been noticed by sempai*


Woo, anyways I said that ideal in full confidence, The best way to allow customization to players willing to pay would be one use items that allow you to pick your choice for One trait for the kubrow of your choice.


Buying a Body Type Injection would allow you to choose from all the body types when you use it and change only that, meaning you can change just the thing you want, one of the things people hated from the scrambler.


As for the price, it would probably be closer to 20 platinum than 10, simply because you are skipping using rng and things like that do need to have real costs.

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It really ISN'T 90%... look, if you WANT a grey kubrow, I have imprint scans >.>


Let me know in-game, we can probs strike a deal or something.

Imprints are just as bad as the Scrambler was, they have a very poor chance of actually giving you what you want.

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