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A Message To [De], And To Whom It May Concern. [ Cc Cf ]


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CryptoCurrrency CrowdFunding



Some thoughts;




I think that with the expanding use of CryptoCurrency worldwide, that [DE] should set up a system that allow crowdfunding through these systems. CyptoCurrency transactions are very simple and safe, and people can easily donate credits to help further research and development of technologies for the Tenno.


Tenno with GPUs in their machine can mine these coins for free while afk,


Please give the community the ability to make donations, you would be surprised. If goals are reached, you can continue to keep " item mall " features to a minimum ( as it is ), and allow all content to be accessible, and to make to mall incentive based on difficulty to obtain through effort. If you accepted donations through cryptocurrency, I would send coins during updates, bug fixes, added content. Would be good way to keep everyone motivated. This can create a cycle of donation and content creation that could make this game super epic².  The very least this can help do is..... something, because you won't get nothing by not trying.


In my opinion.





Thank you for constructive thoughts.




- Xenno





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Guest Tehnoobshow

Ok, none of you understood, lol



Im saying. Just... create a wallet that allows people to donate money towards Warframe using cryptocurrency to help further development of the game, its not complicated, lol.

What's the difference between that and donating regular money?

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As explained, its a very functional and safe micro-transaction system.


Nothing about virtual currencies is safe. They've had a history of exploitation, and they can go from valuable to nothing in the blink of an eye.

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