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A Question For De About Kubrows

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My kudrow has -100% damage which now makes it useless

Can you please explain what was the point in the locality, if they die they lose it, if you go a certain amount of time they'll lost it and you can only regain it 3 times a day


It's bad enough the eggs are nearly impossible to get and then you have a 2 day incubation period and another 2 days (or close to) for it to mature so you can use it

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the kubrow is ... well alive..  and well will not like you for letting it get killed all the time.   And for the time to hatch and for it to mature..    good god...   for a game that has crafting times.  I'm suppressed they did such a low incubation and maturity rate as they did.   



Could or even should their be more ways to increase a Kubrows loyality..  Sure.  but it is still new and they have several other bugs they are trying to get fixed.   Personally Wouldn't mind taking my Kubrow through the obsticle course in my dojo as a means of training it and caring for it as a means for keeping the loyality up.   Heck.  wouldn't mind having the ability to store Kubrows in the Dojo, in the garden areas for them to run around in.   ^-^.   maybe in time.

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