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Do Inventory Slots Transfer?



2 answers to this question

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Items that will NOT Migrate

Braton Vandal

Excalibur Prime

IAHGames Braton Skin

Lato Prime

Lato Vandal

Nvidia Braton Skin

Phased AKVasto Skin

Phased Ankyros Skin

Phased Asa Syandana

Phased Vauban Warframe Skin

Phased Vauban Warframe Helmet

Phased Tigris Skin Rubedo Plated Drakgoon Skin

Rubedo Plated Galatine Skin

Rubedo Plated Rhino Skin

Rubedo Plated Rhino Helmet

Rubedo Plated Twin Vipers Skin

Rubedo Plated Viper Skin

Rubedo Plated Yamako Syandana

Phased Vasto Skin

Skana Prime


Snipetron Vandal

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