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Wts Rare, Stance, Aura And Corrupted Mods + Bo Prime Ornament

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Berserker x 2 - 15p

Cleaving Whirwind - 25p

Continuity - 10p

Critical Delay - 12p

Flow x 2 - 10p

Heavy Trauma x 2 - 5p

Iron Phoenix - 12p

Master Thief - 15p

Metal Auger x 3 - 7p

Powerthrow - 4p

Shred x 3 - 10p

Stalking Fan - 25p

Streamline x 4 - 7p

Sundering Strike - 5p

Tainted Shell - 5p

Undying Will x 2 - 7p

Vile Precision - 3p

Vital Sense x 2 - 7p


Enemy Radar - 5p

Corrosive Projection - 5p


I'm willing to discuss the prices, and I'm also willing to trade for Tranquil Cleave.


PM me ingame (IGN: isvan)

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