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Make Looting Storagelockers/chests Better By...


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Recently when playing Warframe, I was looting every storage locker and chest I could find, whilst my team mates seemed oblivious to them, and rushed on with the mission. So I thought why? And its because the loot is not very rewarding, lets be honest; Sure, you get a little credits (and I mean a little), reasonable amount of resources and ammo. But thats pretty much it.


Now compare this to Borderlands, it was always exciting finding chests, caches, porta potties (not because I needed a dump), because of the rewards we got from them, the unexpected, each thing different from the before and next.


So I think it would be a very nice addition if Warframe was to perhaps borrow from that, make some unique blueprints/weapons that can only be obtainable through looting Storagelockers or chests. Making the drop rates for these relatively low which will encourage looting. Tenno's B Plunderin'!


Maybe a new looting mod could be added (like Thiefs Whit and Master Thief), which increases the drop rate of the item(s) obtainable through chests/storage lockers.


Lemme know if some of you Plunderin' Tennos want more valuable treasure. Y'arrrrrrrrrrr!


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+1 OP


honestly master thief should have a 100% chance at max rank to open red lockers and additionally have a 20-80% chance of finding mods from lockers as well


BOOM, all of a sudden ppl start thinking about using master thief

That would be overkill much haha, but a boost to Master Thief is well needed.

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