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Selling Mods And Prime Parts

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I am selling some mods and prime parts for platinum. I am very flexible on prices, so send me offers, and please take into account that some of them are leveled up already to an extent.


Prime Weapon Parts


Boar Prime Receiver

Boltor Prime Receiver

Boltor Prime Stock

Bronco Prime Receiver

Lex Prime Receiver

Paris Prime String






Hornet Strike


Metal Auger


Spoiled Strike (Maxed Rank)

Steady Hands

Sundering Strike

Thunderbolt (Maxed Rank)

Vital Sense




Burning Wasp

Clashing Forest

Cleaving Whirlwind

Fracturing Wind

Iron Phoenix


Warframe Parts


Frost Prime BP

Ember Prime Chassis


Please send a message on PSN to discuss.

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