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Shadows Of The Leviathan Looking For New Members! (Shadow Clan)


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Shadows of the Leviathan is recruiting.

We're a small clan that has a half filled rooster, looking to fill the other half. Most of the founding members of the clan are on break and the clan halls are always silent, that's why we need you!


Shadows of the Leviathan has two Leaders, myself and Orphantine. We have 0% Clan tax, fully functional dojo including two obstacle courses, two duel rooms, all labs researched and placed conveniently branched off of a single hallway. We even have custom made Clan emblem by our own Orphantine.


Like to play solo? Not much for interacting with clan mates? That's fine, no matter what you will be a positive addition to the clan. We want you to have fun, and if you have any questions or need help ask in clan chat any one of the leaders will be glad to help.


Our new objective of the clan is to get new and old players to play together and have fun. We strongly encourage random games off the recruitment channel, you don't need to run only with clan mates.


This is a 17+ clan, but there might be some younger people recruited in. We don't make it a habit of kicking people out for their age, so just be mindful in chat.

An increase in rank depends on you! If you wish to make it up the ranks, actively help others, contribute to new research, and mention others who do the same. All it takes is one bad seed to really mess up relations in the clan.


We aren't a serious hardcore clan, and we never want to be. If you could be any less then casual without being dead that would be us.

If you are interested drop a message in or out of game, good luck Tenno.

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does this clan need alliance with 45 clans? u get more members if in great alliance XD , i have 76 member clan , and few 100+ clans here too. everyone welcome if interested , thanks and bye

Thank you for the invitation.

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