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Wts Various Prime Parts, Arcane Helmets, Mods

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I'm looking to unload a few things from my pile of treasure that I don't intend to use/already have. Price as listed, I'm looking for platinum and with most of this stuff I'm more concerned about selling it now than getting the best price on it. I'm willing to negotiate the prices of the arcane stuff, but keep in mind I'm gonna go with the best offer I get. The price of the Vanguard helmet is non-negotiable. PM me with offers

Prime Parts:
Akbronco Prime BP x3 ----- 2p
Bo Prime Ornament x1 ----- 1p
Boltor Prime stock x1 ----- 1p
Ember Prime Chassis BP x1 ----- 4p
Ember Prime Helmet BP x1 ----- 4p
Frost Prime Chassis BP x1 ----- 1p
Frost Prime Helmet BP x1 ----- 6p
Orthos Prime BP x1 ----- 2p
Paris Prime BP x1 ----- 2p
Paris Prime Lower Limb x1 ----- 1p
Paris Prime String x1 ----- 2p


Arcane Helmets:
Arcane Avalon Helmet (Excalibur, +shields -health) x1 ----- 35p
Arcane Gambit Helmet(Vauban, +stamina -power duration) x1 ----- 20p
Arcane Locust Helmet(Ash, +energy max -sprint speed) x1 ----- 35p
Arcane Menticide Helmet(Nyx, +stamina -shields) x1 ----- 20p
Arcane Pulse Helmet(Volt, +power duration -shields) x1 ----- 45p
Arcane Squall Helmet(Frost, +power strength -shields) x1 ----- 35p
Arcane Vanguard Helmet(Rhino, +sprint speed -power strength) x1 ----- 100p

Mods(all unranked):
Heavy Trauma ----- 2p
Jagged Edge ----- 12p
Sundering Strike ----- 2p
Bleeding Willow ----- 12p
Streamline ----- 3p
Undying Will x2 ----- 3p

Flow ----- 3p

Virulent Scourge ----- 4p
Master Thief ----- 5p

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