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Additional Kubrow Abilities [Suggestion]


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Hey guys,

I feel that the Kubrows should have some more interesting maybe rare abilities:


Lotus Shield

The Kubrow ducks its head down and then a shield inform of the Lotus appears in front of it allowing it to tank lots of damage, whilst movement speed is heavily decreased and only blocks this damage only from one direction.



When there are lots of enemies grouped together the Kubrow goes in the middle, then jumps fairly high in the air to release a shockwave knocking all enemies down upon landing.



The Kubrow will mainly focus flying enemies here, upon seeing one they will jump up (if low enough) or wall run towards it to drag it down where it can finish it or take half health down depending on enemy. Ospreys should be insta killed.


Energy Catch

When the master has 0 energy the Kubrow will growl loudly at an enemy that does have energy and then releases a flux into it and then back to the Kubrow then it goes into the master giving the player 35 energy, takes about 3-5 seconds for whole thing to happen.


Master's Rage (?)  -unsure about the title

When the owner is downed the Kubrow will jump in front and similar to Trinity's Link, it will link up to 5 enemies (on max rank) and take 20%/30%/40%/50%/60%/70%/85% reduced damage so that the teammates can revive the player safely as well as a growl to redirect all damage from surrounding enemies (a small 5-7m range) to the Kubrow. The mod should have quite a lot of ranks which means that linking the enemies will only start about half way through.





Not sure all of these are good, I just put all of my ideas on the table. Keep in mind some of these mods can be really rare to acquire as well.


What do you think?

Thanks! :D

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