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Mastery 8 Test



I just failed the mastery 8 test for the second time (the only test I have failed).  I have no trouble shooting orbs while horizontal wall running, but two things are happening:


1) I wall run towards the vertical platform, jump off the horizontal wall and sail right past the vertical wall.

2) Sometimes I jump off the horizontal wall and head towards the vertical wall, but when I hit the jump button upon reaching the vertical wall nothing happens.


So I am obviously doing something (several things?) wrong.  Can someone tell me the exact key presses that are required to pass this bull$#!^^ test (which, by the way, has nothing to do with the actual game)?

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Aim the cursor where you want to go before making transitions. This gets you going in the correct direction. Also don't take a ludicrously fast frame, no rush or Rhino Primes with Vanguard helmets will help you here. I did mine ages ago on Ember and its pretty much slow and steady, there are no time limits. Could always take Zephyr too in case you mess up you might be able to save it with tail wind.

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