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Dual Zoren And Reach.



Hello guys! New Tenno here.)

I've got: Loki, Dual Zorens, Reach +60%. How do you think - is Reach useful for Zorens? I know that they have small range (and when I fight I get pretty close to enemies), but will maxed Reach give significant upgrade?

Maybe for primary target Reach isn't that good, cause you stand almost face to face to your enemy, but you will get bigger chance to get to enemies around. But is it worth spending points?

Thinking about best way to test usefulness of Reach.

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Try testing in a clan dojo's dueling room.. If you don't have a clan, find somebody in recruiting who can help you out. There are likely people in there who would be happy to assist.


Thanks for advice, I have joined clan, but usually there is nobody. :D  I will think about this way. 

Reach does make a difference on Dual Zoren, but it's not as much of a change when compared to something like Amphis or Bo. Reach works best on long weapons.


I would spend most of your mod points on Damage, Crits and Attack Speed.

Yeah, I have covered all things in this way, got today mod for attack speed. Damage is maxed, Crits are in process of leveling.) But somehow I got maxed Reach and tought it will be good to use. 

Actually I tested today on Grineer guys, guess saw some differnce, but still don't sure was it exactly Reach imporvement.

Maybe it's better put Reach in Zorens if there some free point at the end of all, but not focus on it in the process of leveling

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