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Ruk's Damage Resistance Is Through The Roof


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So when I was farming Sargus Ruk for some Cells earlier, I noticed something odd. I was getting direct hits on him with my Ogris, I was doing a measly 106 damage. I just assumed it was splash damage and thought nothing of it. 



Next round, I brought my Dread to make it go quicker, and much to my surprise, I was doing only 206 Damage on a direct hit. Even worse, one of my part members was using a Lex Prime with a Maxed Hornet Strike and was doing only 46 Damage a shot on Ruk.  This was when we were shooting right into his weakpoint. 



Is Ruk's Damage Resistance bugged? Or is this a horribly strong buff?

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actually i like it, instead of almost insta killing them, but they are still easy :P


It doesn't average out well. One geared rank 10 in a group of a 2,3, and 6 turns bosses into monsters that murder the lower level people.

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