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A Suggestion For A Mission(I Don't Know Where To Write This)


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 I played Warframe for a while. Killed many space zombies, future EA representatives and space nazis. Saved many weirdos, survived and destroyed ships(I would like to see their explosions tho). Protected cryopods and etc etc etc. But i wanted something else for a map. Let's say this: we go on Earth and we want/have to build an outpost. For example we can get materials from space nazi supplies, or get them from a corpus map. After a while of working we finish the outpost. Grineer find us and want to destroy it obviously, so we have to defend it. So why not there can be turrets which can take down heavy vehicles or airplanes, and some sort of a force field, which can protect the outpost, till its damaged entirely.
Of course we can go without using turrets and kill them with anything we love to. I'm really in these kind of stuff, and always loved them, but i hoped i could see them some time in Warframe. I'm sure it would be really good. Or perhaps we can defend the clan dojos we have by similar tactics? Would like to hear everybody else's opinions.

P.S: I wrote ,,space nazi's'' and ,,future EA representatives'' for a joke. Just so angry kids won't rage on a peaceful comment.

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