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A Compilation Of Suggestions And Changes (U14)


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This thread will include some subjects that are not of my own origination, and I do not take credit for them. I will leave credit to their respectful owners at the beginning of each subject that comes up that is not mine. 

Now that that's out of the way, a lot has changed with U14. The UI needs a few touch-ups, there's lots of bugs to fix, but I believe these would be good ideas.

U14 UI Improvements (Menus, Star Chart Implementation, Solar Map Renovations)

Speaking of UI touch-ups, this one is a definite must-have. The current Solar Map we have no is cluttered, disorganized, and eye-searing for OCD people who are into the topics of Space. Additionally, the menu easily confuses players and there is lots of unnecessary clicking involved.

What we have now:


Toztman proposed something like this:


Here is what is proposed for the Solar Map and new Star Chart:





All credit for the content in this subject goes to Toztman: 



And for the mother of Lotus, please resize, reshape, and make the planets/satellites to scale and in logical positions. Why are things like Jupiter and Phobos Earth-size? Can we have the moons actually orbit their respective planets? Thank you.

Conclave Changes (PvP Tiers, Accessible Market/Arsenal from Conclave, New "Region" Conclave)

The current Conclaves are scattered across the Solar Map with a set number of Conclave points. It goes in no specific order. I propose that there is one "region" of the Solar Map called the Conclave, a Tenno-controlled base that has in-mission access to the Market, Arsenal, mods, trading, and Foundry stored within the Conclave Barracks. There will be multiple tiers of PvP based upon Conclave points. The tiers would look like this:

T1 (beginners)

Bracket A: 1-100 Conclave Points

Bracket B: 101-200 Conclave Points

Bracket C: 201-300 Conclave Points

T2 (moderate)

Bracket A: 301-400 Conclave Points

Bracket B: 401-500 Conclave Points

Bracket C: 501-600 Conclave Points

T3 (pre-advanced)

Bracket A: 601-700 Conclave Points

Bracket B: 701-800 Conclave Points

Bracket C: 801-900 Conclave Points

T4 (advanced)

Bracket A: 901-1000 Conclave Points

Bracket B: 1001-1100 Conclave Points

Bracket C: 1101-1200 Conclave Points

T5 (elite)

Bracket A: 1201-1300 Conclave Points

Bracket B: 1301-1500 Conclave Points

Bracket C: 1501+ Conclave Points

R1-R7 (various alternative gamemodes of Conclave)

Certain Primary (Dread, Hek, etc...)

Certain Secondary (Despair, Ballistica, etc...)

Certain Melee (Skana, Hate, etc...)


Lowered Gravity

Denser Gravity


Hobbled/Decaying/Extinguished/Bleeding Mode (situations as if all players had a certain dragon key equipped)

Clan Dojo Additions (Barracks Improvements, Obstacle Course Designing, Test Simulator, Hologram Room)

Various dojo improvements/additions:

Barracks Improvements

Access to Arsenal, Market, Foundry, and Mods from the Clan Dojo's Barracks. 

(Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon)-Ghost Barracks free of cost to build, not required

Obstacle Course Designing

Design your own Obstacle Course (with selected "decorations", or add on to the current one.

Test Simulator

Test your skills and practice the various Mastery tests. 

(0-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 10-11, 11-12, 12-13, 13-14, 14-15)

Hologram/Holographic Room

Test your skills and slay various holographic models of Infested, Grineer, Corpus, Feral Kubrow, Desert Skates, Corrupted, Traps, or all at once. Modes vary in difficulty selected by the participants. Work in teams or go alone.

Kubrow Dojo Park Attachment (Dojo Additions)

Spend time with your kubrow in the Clan Dojo park and mature your pets faster and have unique interactions. Work on specific skills for your kubrow among other things.


Credit goes to JerZeyCJ for the content of this subject

Clan Sentinels/Guardians/Workers (Sentinels for Clan Dojo)

Inspired by the subject above, Clan sentinels can act as Dojo guardians, construction workers, and roaming surveillance systems. They can be placed in the new Solar Rail schemas (for Dark Sectors), automatically begin working on construction projects, and freely roam about the dojo. The sentinels would have customized clan colors and clan emblems.

Clan Dojo Schemas (separate from Dark Sector Solar Rail schemas)

Solar Rail Schema: Dojo Variation


While the schemas are not physically a part of the dojo, they can still be accessed via the Orokin Lab. I propose that we can have a similar "room" like the schema attached to the dojo to be used as a landing bay for player ships, and larger PvP zones that act as larger Dueling Rooms for clan members to test themselves in or practice for the Dark Sectors' new gamemode.


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I feel like we should also be able to trade Brakk/Detron parts, as well as retired weapon blueprints:

Brakk blueprint.

Brakk barrel.

Brakk receiver.

Detron blueprint.

Detron barrel.

Detron receiver.

Machete blueprint.

Snipetron blueprint.

Ether Daggers blueprint.

Gorgon blueprint (only obtainable through log-in rewards).

Pangolin Sword blueprint (alerts).

Dark Dagger blueprint (alerts).

Dark Sword blueprint (alerts).

Jaw Sword blueprint (alerts).

Boar blueprint.

Excalibur Proto-Armor skin.

Steam Rubedo items.

Steam Phased items.

Plasma Sword blueprint (alerts).

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I think when you enter solar map terminal all the ship exept platform you staning on should be blackened out and old solar map appear. And your squadmates should appear there as a part of a hologram. Kind of like old star chart already was a part of ship interface.

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Eximus Changes

The various "leader" types are different for each faction, but they were previously called Leaders. These Leaders were changed to Eximus units recently, but some players thought that the Eximus title would apply only to the Corpus. Each faction has 3+ "leader" types varying by enemy type, with one exclusive "leader" type for a specific tileset if applicable. Here are some suggested changes to these "leader" types:

Corpus: Eximus

Blitz Eximus (Crewmen, MOA, Corpus Tech)-shockwave attacks and knockdowns, minimal blast damage upon death

Leech Eximus (Prod Crewmen)-inflicts slash + puncture + electric proc upon melee attack, slowly steals shields to regenerate its own

Guardian Eximus (Crewmen, Prod Crewmen, MOA, Corpus Tech, Osprey)-restores shields of self and allies, high shield count

Shock Eximus (Crewmen, MOA)-electric attacks and distorting vision effect, inflicts 100% damaging electric proc that temporarily stuns those affected when shields are damaged by melee attacks

Arctic Eximus: Outpost Tileset (Crewmen, Corpus Tech, Prod Crewmen)-cold attacks and mobile snowglobe power, Coolant Leak passive

Grineer: Leader

Arson Leader (Napalms, Bombards, Heavy Gunners)-fire attacks and AoE knockdown attack, 100% heat proc within 5 ft. radius

Arctic Leader (Lancers, Troopers, Butchers, Shield Lancers)-cold attacks and mobile snowglobe power, Coolant Leak passive

Energy Leader (Butchers, Scorpions, Shield Lancers)-energetic aura that generates minimal shield ratings and gives electric proc + damage capabilities to allies

Machinery Leader (Seekers)-rollers and latchers are more frequently deployed with improved health + armor + damage ratings to machine allies and self, can deploy specialized sensor mines that inflict 50% blast proc upon detonation within a small radius

Pathogen Leader: Forest Tileset (Heavy Gunners, Shield Lancers)-toxic attacks that drop "Cicero" antidotes for sabotage objectives, corrosive and gas attacks when confronted at close range

Overseer Leader: Settlement Tileset (Lancers, Troopers)-ranged attacks with 50% slash + electric procs, high armor and health ratings, bonus damage ratings given to allies

Infested: Mutalist (Mutalist Ospreys=Infested Ospreys)

Sanguine Mutalist (Chargers, Leapers, Ancients)-high health and armor ratings, 25% viral proc melee attack, boost attack speed aura for allies

Caustic Mutalist (Crawlers, Volatile Leapers, Ancients)-fire + corrosive attacks, AoE knockdown fire attack, 75% heat + corrosive proc on melee attack

Parasitic Mutalist (Crawlers, Chargers, Leapers)-high health ratings, small health regeneration aura, 25% toxin proc on melee attacks

Hivemind Mutalist (Ancients, Leapers, [Hive Mutalist: Hive Tileset])-can summon a number of Crawlers + Volatile Leapers + Infested Ospreys, stunning screech when threatened

Note: Infested Ancients no longer have a passive aura that benefits allies or affects enemies, instead reverts back to their original state pre-U14, without the Scorpion-grappling hook. Instead, the hook is replaced by a fast charge and "arm stretch" attack, knocking down enemies.

Corrupted: Sentry

Guardian Sentry (Orokin Drones, Corrupted Drones, Corrupted MOA, Corrupted Crewmen)-see Guardian Eximus for the Corpus

Sanguine Sentry (Corrupted Ancients)-see Sanguine Mutalist for the Infested

Arson Sentry (Corrupted Heavy Gunners)-see Arson Leader for the Grineer

Arctic Sentry (Corrupted Lancers, Corrupted Shield Lancers)-see Arctic Leader for the Grineer

Neural Sentry: Tower I-IV Assassination (Tower Sentry)-mindcontrolling aura that corrupts those that venture into the towers of the Void, electric attacks + Pull power, Freeze Power, Shock power, 50% radiation proc on melee attacks and knockdown attack when threatened

Note: Tower I-IV Assassination is a new Void game mode to sabotage/assassinate the Tower Sentry that is controlling the Corrupted of that area. Tower Sentries can be affected by the Neural Sentry type, further enhancing their abilities. Tower Sentries are actually advanced AI that has morphed their own minds into the figures of either a robotic unit, an Infested unit, or a humanoid unit. 

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I really like the idea of the conclave region, but if they did add something like this they should probably fix the bugs and change back the damage for conclave. :/

Assuming that's fixed, it looks like a good concept?

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