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A Pretty Massive Flaw With Individual Health Restores


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Not the team restores, the ones with the grey-blue "plus" icon that restore only your health, but replenish it fully and immediately. To build you need samples of threshcones and jadeleaves found only on Earth missions: sunlight versions are found if the mission is during daytime; night-time missions yield only the moonlight variants. To get the sample you scan each one you see.


So, scans (samples) needed to craft the health restore:

15 sunlight threshcone

15 moonlight threshcone

1 sunlight jadeleaf

1 moonlight jadeleaf


Now here comes the big problem. The codex scanner will only take 12 scans of each of these plants. That means that, even if you get more than 12 scans in a single mission, the next time you run a mission the plant(s) will not be scan-able by either Helios or your handheld scanner. So you will never be able to obtain enough samples to craft multiple items.


I've had a look around the market, and I can't see these samples for sale anywhere. Using the samples in your inventory does not decrease the corresponding amount in the codex. Soo... are these things being phased out, or is it just something that's been overlooked? Anyone else noticed this?

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Just having a look in-game now, I thought I'd tested it with the handheld scanner, but obviously not. Either way, Helios won't do any more scans as its already reached the max amount in the Codex. Bleddy sentinels.


Anywho. Thanks for pointing this out folks.

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Yes thank you for repeating what I said.


OMG, I'm so sorry that I posted 2 minutes behind you since I was doing it on a  mobile phone and didn't see your post until just now, can you ever forgive me for simply repeating something you said, I'm such a horrible person...

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