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Post Hotfix 14.0.8 Update 14 Issue Megathread


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Attention loyal Tenno,

We have remade the thread and are adding the issues that have not been fixed as of 14.0.8 to this list as we scrub through the old list for lingering problems. Please populate this list with any issues that are still present as of Update 14. Please use as much detail as possible in method to reproduce the issue, and if you could not reproduce the issue, let us know.

To see past fixes, please view the Update and Build Notes subforum.

This is the NEW MEGATHREAD of known issues:


Reported Bugs:

-UI: Timed Missions: Checking 'View Mission Progress' while in a mission with a timer (Survival, Mobile Defense) breaks spawning and mission.
-UI: Interception Progress: Vor's Prize. % Counter remains at 0 for duration on mission.
-Hacking: Standing near a hacking teammate will result in halted movement
-Matchmaking: Key Lobbies: Specifically reported with ODE Keys, Mission Squad does not spawn in game even if squad is formed in ship UI.
-Harvester Capture: Escape missions do not use Warframe which was captured.
-Push-to-talk: If you push-to-talk key is bound to alpha-numeric key, may activate while typing in chat.
-Sentinels: Health: Regeneration mod not affecting Sentinels, Team Health Restore consumables not restoring Sentinel health.
-Valkyr: Hysteria: combo list shows weapon as "Furax".
-Valkyr: Hysteria: Valkyr can no longer melee after picking up a datamass while in Hysteria.
-Nekros: Shadows of the Dead: sonetimes a shadow will not despawn after timer has run out, thus glitching certain missions such as defense.
-Arcane Helmets: Appear to be untradeable.
-Banshee: Sonar: Enemy markers not staying on Minimap.
-Rhino Prime: Iron Skin Art: Iron Skin is wrong colour, not gold as intended.
-Ogris: Friendly Fire: Possible to do Friendly Fire on Defense pods.
-Orgris: Damage output: Potentially not working as intended.
-Sentinels: Death: Sentinels dying at higher rates prior to update. Reported with frequency against Feral Kubrows and infested.
-Energy Colour: White outline on energy colours - channeling, syandanas.
-Movement: Wall run slingshot: No intentional nerf has taken place, it was not intended to drastically remove this, but it is a side effect that we're looking into.
-Achievements: Mastery: Mastery test increases are not unlocking achievements.
-Cannot melee Shock Eximus.
-Resources: Mercury and elsewhere: Certain locations seem to be dropping unintended Resources. (U14.0.11- Alloy, Control Modules and Argon crystal are dropping on Jupiter Grineer Invasion.)
-Neptune/Uranus: Navigation: Cannot access Neptune progression when doing correct nodes, no way to get Nav Segments.
- Orokin Derelict Extermination doesn’t appear on the Navigation despite having keys built for it.
- Each time Fang Prime is levelled up, it lags badly enough to cause a host migration - if it doesn't, then players get a temporary period of 0 FPS.(Reports of mostly sidearms/melee)
- If host is done loading the mission while other players are still waiting the Lotus transmission for that mission will show up in the loading screen for the waiting players.
-Pentas damage sentinels at a greater range than they damage players.
-Dex Furis clips float in the air when you reload them as Mirage.
-Survival: Players are reporting that oxygen drops are back to pre-buff drops. Spawning of small groups results in less oxygen drops. This also counts towards T2 Void Survival. (http://bit.ly/1sFF6Gm)
- Cryopod Glitch: Running the Jupiter- Io mission will result in the level spawning the objective artifact and a cryopod that does nothing. These 2 items not only clip into each other, but the platform which these items are on rises with the cryopod and leaves the objective artifact chilling in mid air at the bottom.
- Mission XP: Players are seeing decreased mission XP post U14.

- When loading into a mission, the screen shows 1 to many ships for how many people are in the squad. (2 players = 3 ships, 3 players = 4 ships..)

- Valkyr: Equipping a Scanner while in Hysteria breaks melee for the remaining duration of Hysteria.
Weapon magazines are visible at all times on Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones.
-Weapon Clipping: Many Primary weapons clip through the Aegis shield. (http://imgur.com/fNrKtE2)
-Opening Cutscene: During the opening cut-scene where the Warframes drop from the grate/enter the void etc, some Warframes are placed on top of each. (http://imgur.com/tt0Fzoa)
- Dojo: When entering the Dojo with a Kubrow you switch rank levels. ex, if your Kubrow is unranked, your Warframe then becomes unranked. 
​-Scanning: Scanning Kubrow Dens does not update in the Codex to the true # of times you've scanned them.
-Swirling Tiger: The last hit of the Swirling Tiger Mod with an elemental weapon results in a crazy proc and flings enemies across the map like a ping pong ball.
- Arc Traps: Cannot be destroyed by melee and damages pets.

Fixed Bugs:



Reported Bugs:

-When inviting someone to a clan you have to type their name, while typing the name the text will also appear in chat as well as in the screen made for you to type their name in.
-mod UI freezes up when I try to upgrade Serration when it is installed on my Deth Cube sentinel
-Load time increase in Win8 running Nvidia GPU & SSD
-Avatar change screen: Backing out by pressing escape twice will leave you stuck.
-End of Mission screen: Information unaligned with results box (link)
-Mod collection: Doesn’t show all mod pictures until you roll over them. (Possibly not a bug: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/264304-u14-pausing-a-solo-game/?p=3075308)
-UI: Key Lobby Flow: Issues with selection of missions when using Keys in a party.
-Navigation UI: Loc tag is displayed in places where "Howl of the Kubrow" should be seen.
- UI: Mission Selection: Players can only unlock mission nodes if played in solo, not Multiplayer.
- UI doesn’t show the installed mods on your Kubrow when you’re upgrading them.
-Mod Screen: The scroll bar won't appear when there are only 3 rows of mods.
-UI: Modding: When fusing mods that are already installed elsewhere and mod capacity is going to be exceeded, telling the game to 'proceed' freezes everything requiring a relaunch.
- End of Mission: Last EOM screen is displayed every time you leave the Dojo.

- Ship EOM: When completing a Nightmare Alert, the rewarded Mod will show in the in-game EOM screen but NOT the EOM screen when you get back to the ship. This causes players to think they didn't receive the mod. 

- Status Chance: When status chance on a weapon is above 100% the UI will show 0.0%.

- Bleedout: There is no bleedout notification when your Kubrow goes down.

- Kubrow Waypoint- When you waypoint a Kubrow it shows up as an enemy.
-Transmutation: After completing a Transmutation your Warframe can block out Mods when moving the cursor. (http://imgur.com/22y8hmv)

Fixed Bugs:



Reported Bugs:

-Hosting a Void mission with Mirage results in all players getting extremely low FPS.
-Mirage: Hall of Mirrors: Non-Hitscan Weapons can crash game.
-Mirage: Hall of Mirrors: Abnormal damage output if Client and using certain weapons.
-Mirage: Prism: Getting downed while casting Prism, or being downed after Prism has been cast will result in a permanent, indestructible prism.
-Hall of Mirrors: Massive damage if used with Dread or Eclipse.

Fixed Bugs:



Reported Bugs:

- When players go to pet their kubrow the animation does not play properly when its grown up, the animations seem to work when the Kubrow is a puppy. When you interact with it while grown up, it seems to start the animation but clips back to the incubator without playing the whole animation.
-Kubrow: Loyalty: Loyalty not increasing. There is currently a maximum of 3 times a day to increase loyalty with interaction. May be related.
-Kubrow: Will not avoid Void Laser Traps and dies instantly.
-Kubrow: Badges: do not stay intact after missions.
-Feral Kubrow: Ragdoll bugs if you 1 hit kill with melee.
- Pressing ‘E’ sometimes leaves the Kubrow outside of the pod (http://imgur.com/NZYQA4T)
- After using Ash’s invisibility (which makes both you and your Kubrow invisible) the Kubrow AI stops responding throughtout the rest of the mission. Even the idle animation doesn’t play.
- Kubrow: You can stealth kill your Kubrow if you’re trying to interact with it on the ship.
- Enemy Kubrows- Attacks Sentinel first instead of player.
- Sunika Kubrow freezes in front of lockers after using Scavenge(Rank 0) and won’t move for the rest of the game.(Also happens to Raska and Huras)
-Kubrow Quest: After completing the Kubrow quest, Lotus and Ordis constantly spam the “take care of the Kubrow” message every time you enter your ship.
- Kubrows will enter downed state but not be displayed as downed(full health and shields). They then continue to just lay there.
-Kubrow: Pathing: Kubrow have no avoidance behaviour and they can easily stand in harms way.
-Kubrow Dojo credit digging up?
- After bringing your Kubrow out of stasis and waiting until the recovery time is up, trying to make an imprint of it will fail. It takes you to the selection screen where you click yes, but nothing happens.
-If your Kubrow dies during the collar mission it lets you continue with the dead Kubrow.
-Mods: Ferocity and Savagery are the exact same mod, but for 2 different Kubrow, Sahasa and Sunika.

-Kubrow Pathing: During a Corpus tileset mission, there is a tower that the Kubrow can’t jump off of nor is the distance sufficient to make them teleport to you. (http://imgur.com/wME2C5B)

- Kubrow Pathing: Kubrow won’t enter a Grineer tileset dead end room. (http://imgur.com/cxgQZUL)

- Kubrows can be desecrated while they’re in the bleed out state which makes them die instantly. 

Fixed Bugs:



Reported Bugs:

-Howl of the Kubrow: Purchasing a Kubrow Starter pack may conflict with flow of Quest.
-Howl of the Kubrow: Lotus and Ordis repeating the lines about the collar being attached and taking care of the Kubrow every time player returns to ship.
-Ship dialogue: Players being told to repeat quests even after completing them once
-If a Mirage part is deleted, the quest chain is stuck and cannot be finished.
-After building Mirage Systems, Ordis sends you an inbox about building the Chassis because he thinks you’ve built it. This results in not being prompted the location of the Chassis quest.

- If you initiate the Mirage quest while your Kubrow is maturing, Ordis doesn't prompt you to play the Collar quest. 

- Mirage Quest Prompt: Upon completing the Mirage quest and crafting the Warframe, Lotus prompts the ‘You have the final BP’ line every time to get back to the Liset. 

Fixed Bugs:



Reported Bugs:

-Disrupter ancients magnetic proc away all shields and energy.
- Volatile Infested Detonated when shot but not from melee.
- Mind Controller Ancient Healers no longer heal.
-Toxic Ancient use Scorpion pull, not the original damager.
- Crashes: ODD: Frequent Crashes on ODD at Wave 5.
- Infested stuck in the ground.
-Volatile Infested exploding when shot.
- AoE affecting a limited number of enemies.
-Infested dropping fieldron on Eris instead of mutagen
- Lighting bugs





Reported Bugs:

-Rooms do not finish building
-Turrets can also be placed inside of solid objects in some places.
-Warframe Abilities can be used while editing a Schema
-Host causes other players to crash when contributing/placing decorations.
-Can’t access menu when down/killed
-Bladestorm kills Objectives
-Mirage clones are not highlighted red when an enemy uses the ability

- Host Migration: When a Host Migration occurs you won’t receive Mods that you’ve picked up in-game. You’ll see them displayed in the EOM screen but not in your inventory.

- Host Migration: When a Host Migration occurs the other team becomes invincible and you’re unable to damage them. It also reverts the Cor’s integrity to 100%.

Fixed Bugs:
-"Unlocked" mods don't always show up.

Thank you for your continuous efforts, Tenno!

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added bugs
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Anyone else not receiving the kubrow mods after they hatch? I've had a sunika and a huras hatch, but never received their skill mods. Are we only getting them now when they turn adult or do we have to farm for them?

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Anyone else not receiving the kubrow mods after they hatch? I've had a sunika and a huras hatch, but never received their skill mods. Are we only getting them now when they turn adult or do we have to farm for them?

You only get the breed's 2 rare mods, the rest you farm.

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Was just in a mission with [DE]Glen and some others and had some interesting issues happen. Someone else in that mission was a Mirage and when they casted "Sleight of Hand", if a crate was broken and my Kubrow was near, he would become blinded by the light.


Another is, after a while when I casted "Hall of Mirrors", my clones were no longer wavey with magic and they would no longer disappear with my viewing area. My clones would also wear the default Mirage helmet instead of the Harlequin.

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Modding Station UI wonkiness. I posted in the wrong spot. Sorry for double post.


UI is still tiny on Mod Station UI and I can only see 2 rows of mods at a time. So when I scroll to the bottom the last row is cut off toward the top. Yet the scroll bar on the right seems to suggest a much larger view-able selection.
display res is 2560x1600 
aspect ratio: 16:10
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(update) 1) Lotus and Ordis NO LONGER seem to constantly spam the “take care of the Kubrow” message every time I enter my ship. (Possibly fixed but not listed?)


(pre-U14.0.8) 2) New challenge, "Dark Sectors", doesn't seem to work. I have completed more than 5 missions for a Clan in dark sector conflict, and the challenge has not updated.


(NEW!) 3) Not sure if intentional, but when at any console in ship, the matchmaking elements in the top left corner are now bigger.


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After completing "Howl of the Kubrow" quest, the dialogue keeps showing up for Lotus and Ordis talking about the kubrows.

If two players fully loaded while others are still waiting for the loading, the game starts without them.

Mirage's left wrist/hand is all disform while idling too long with a rifle weapon equip.

Glaive can be thrown after spin attack if you are holding the melee key.

"Exit/"Back" button sometimes doesn't show up in the Market.

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I do not see the sentinel (Carrier) hitbox bug : When a volatile infested is killed it damages the sentinel's shield while it does not hurt the player (and it takes massive damage, 3 explosions that do 10 dmg on my shield just kills my Carrier with 300 shield and 380 health). If you could please investigate and help me understand what is going on.

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You only get the breed's 2 rare mods, the rest you farm.

That is exactly the mods I'm not getting. Like I said, their skill mods. These are the first two pups that have not given them to me since the first time this was an issue. I happen to have Huras's Hunt mod from a drop on the very first day they came out, but i don't have Stalk which I would very much like to have. The sunika mods I'm not overly worried about since I had 2 others that did give them when hatched. I hatched them both early yesterday morning.

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When i come out of mod fusion this happens O_o


And it would be nice if this text was not white so its easier to see


Keep up the good work cant wait to see new quest system in full action :D


I cant get the pictures to work :(

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Yesterday I was doing a Sargas Ruk run and it was like impossible to do, I had my Penta. Penta isn't dealing any damage to Ruk, I know you must hit him when the blue glowing comes out and that is what I do with penta, I throw the explosive and I detonate it right next to him, It's an explosive weapon, so it must deal damage to him. I don't know why it's not dealing any damage. If its some kind of bug, then please fix it soon cause I like soloing that dude.


EDIT: Also, if you guys can just Zoom in on the Warframe in the Arsenal so as to make it better to see the colours. I'm finding trouble in it.

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Two semi-related bugs to report.


1. the "Shield Saver" challenge doesn't unlock. I spent several missions of varying time lenghts blocking bullets, with no success. My last attempt was with a 375 stamina Hydroid, blocking bullets for ~20 minutes and still no unlock. The number of bullets blocked changes every time, and I think the counter keeps looping instead of granting the challenge.


2. Related to my aforementioned issue, staying in one place blocking with Hydroid with maxed Marathon and Quick Rest, I can only block for a certain amount of time before my character stops blocking altogether (about halfway on the stamina bar, while under fire from 3-4 Grakata Grineer on Earth) until I move a few meters away. I'm assuming this is somehow related to the idle timer, as Hydroid with maxed stamina+stamina regen takes quite a while before stamina is depleted by blocking.

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Game keeps "hanging" or "freezing" whenever we change ANYthing from our loaouts even changing one single color causes the game to hang/freeze for several seconds, if we move the mouse or input anything the game crashes and in my case recovers itself after a couple of seconds, but it is indeed annoying, it seems that it freezes/hangs whenever contacting server, i don't think it is a security problem because warframe in my computer has all the greenlights to play the best possible way, this started happening before U14, around 13.9 it also happens when claiming items from the foundry.

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Regarding the "Frequent crashes" during ODD.

As I've mentioned multiple times, I've replicated this bug, and i've been gathering information form othes with a similar problem. It's not the MISSION that's the problem, it's to do with Ancient healers AND CHanneling, or some form of one or both. the *ONLY* cinsistancies I've found with the bug is the following:


Infested ahve been present en-masse


Ancient Healers are present, in some format


SOMEONE is channeling.




the "Crash" is more of a Hang, which requires one to force-crash their game through the prcesses menu. It's not a major issue, but it's preventing me rom attempting to get a Forma, and I need twenty-one of those, so kind of bad :(

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