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Long Slept But Shortly Awakened.


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"Okay Marine we are dropping you to this sector of the destroyed HQ. Hop out we will be moving out to destroy a Grineer ship to cause a distraction on the enemy lines. Good luck" Second marine said "Luck is not needed... Skill and good sense of time" first marine said before hopped off of the ship what dust off towards the Grineer galleon and Marine landed on surface of moon.


Marine walked for a while in the uninhabitable planet moon surface until saw the destroyed HQ building there was only one entrance intact what survived from the Grineer assault on the HQ. Marine made a leap in front of it and inserted the code air lock cycled and opened up marine entered to air lock and it cycled again marine pulled out his assault rifle turned on a screen on it to show how many rounds left there is.



Fully loaded, safe off and barrel cold. Air lock opened the hallway entrance part and he went inside of the HQ. He found several hundred bodies of dead grineer. Bruised, shot on the heart, shot in the head, throat sliced wide open, impale wounds reaching up to heart...Heck nearly every way for a Tenno well... Human who is wearing a warframe armor and using same weaponry to kill a Grineer was able to be identified.


Marine continued his walk on the hallway as he continued his journey in nearly grim and dead place. He arrived to some kind of warehouse he started searching for the Orokin artifacts. He found them picked up Burston Prime, AKBronco Prime and Dakra Prime he took them with him for the VIP to rest of the weapons or Orokin technology he placed a teleporter beacon.


Soon the beacons flashed and the Orokin stuff was gone to somewhere (Hopefully they have had been beamed to right place) Marine thought as he continued his search of Mirage. He came in to dead end he started moving away the scrap metal and other stuff. He found somebody's hand middle of the scrap metal he continued moving away the stuff then finally he was able to pull Mirage out of the place of accident.



Marine raised Mirage on his shoulders and continued looking for a generator room what would be warm and safe to keep Mirage there until she wakes up again. Marine arrived to room what he found out to be emergency evacuation room he set Mirage on the bed and covered her with blanket he found some canned food. He warmed them up with pack up heater what he carries on the pocket he started heating up the can.


After it was hot enough he took out a cutting tool and opened the can then switched to spoon and started eating (A bit like beans these tastes like) Marine thought finished his small meal. After a hour of waiting Mirage shuddered lightly and marine heard it. He took of his helmet Mirage instantly sit up wondering where she is looked around and saw the marine.


Marine looked on Mirage then turned to look outside of the emergency evacuation room he picked up his helmet and putted it on and pulled out his assault rifle slowly backed off towards Mirage pulled the shield from his back what was hiding under it Prime weapons "Come on. Pick them and let's get out of here" Marine said "Who are you?" Mirage asked slowly and with weakened voice.



"Sounds like you have taken a big hit on that accident" Marine said "I did... What happened? I don't remember anything" Mirage replied. (Hmm... Not good and good) Marine thought "What I heard that this building got attacked by Grineer they managed to plant a bomb on the main generator" Marine said as putted the shield in front of him. "Where are we exactly?" Mirage asked "We are at TMC HQ... Well at remains of it" Marine said.


"Wait... I remember waking up on a bed and camera set to stare at me... I broke it then fled somewhere then later I was bashed out of commission by sheet of metal. Who sent you?" Mirage said "I was sent by the leader of Dome of Civilizations after taking a deal of rescuing Orokin technology and items from here also I was sent to rescue you" Marine said.


"Who are the Grineer?" Mirage asked "I can not really explain so I will upload the knowledge of Grineer to your suit. If it is okay of course" Marine said "Yeah... Sure I just need to know" Mirage said as sat on the edge of bed feet reaching the ground "Okay upload should be completed" Marine said Mirage stared at ground for a while as started reading. Started remember old war and how she abandoned to drifts of cryo sleep.



Mirage picked up the Burston Prime from Marine's back bringing her back even more memories then she took rest of the weapons "What is TMC?" Mirage asked "Tenno Mercenaries Corporation. Nineteen members currently but the corporation was disbanded because of attack in here and suit had stored Technocyte what soon infected the human warframe users and became Tenno much as you are" Marine said.


"Human warframe users?" Mirage asked as slowly stand up "Fifteen of the nineteen old TMC members were actually born near of the old war and were some of the survivors of the war. Thanks to warframes, their experience over fighting and solid team work soon they were putted asleep" Marine said "Can you name at least one of those members who were humans?" Mirage asked.


"Hmm... There is Ridan, Nida, Is'Gol, Argon, Vendel, Nekon, Erial, Marendalyn, Sierrely, Nithana, Ranshen, Baije, Esran, Darul and Dalagan" Marine said "Where are these people? Did they wake me up?" Mirage asked being a bit hurry on her voice "They are at dome currently. Yes they woke up" Marine said "I need you to take me there" Mirage said "Okay then" Marine said as picked the shield on his back and pointed his assault rifle forward.



"You didn't say your name by the way" Mirage said as walked right next to of the marine "Dargen Vhen at your service Tenno" Marine said soon they started to venture out of the lower level of the HQ. Mirage started inspecting the dead marine corpses "They have had been dead for a long time" Dargen said "I know" Mirage said they continued to air lock "This is Dargen our mission objectives are done. I have Mirage with me waiting for transport" Dargen said to radio.


"Roger that Dargen we will be connecting to that air lock" Dargen received answer something soon connected to air lock and it opened up "Good to see that you succeed. Let's go home... All of us" Second marine said. "If I just have a home at all" Mirage said some sadness on her voice. "You can ask one from our leaders" Dargen said "Does your leaders support Tenno?" Mirage asked having high expectations.


"No but we help those who seeks it from our little haven" Dargen said "And right he is on that" third marine said as the air lock closed and ship dust off towards dome. (See more from RP thread of mine. Dome of Civilizations)


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