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Kubrow Automatically Dying With Me


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I do not think this was intended and that is why I am posting this as a bug.


Every time I die in a solo mission my Huras Kubrow dies (immediately) as well and lowers its loyalty.

I mean, I gave it so much protection in terms of mods (Shield link/Pack Leader etc.) and using Loki to invisi and long range disarm, I don't know what went wrong. Here's one scenario:


I got hit by a fatal slash proc just as I became invisible, used disarm, killed the guy who proc'd me and a few others. I then soon died due to that proc. At the exact same moment when I died, my kubrow's health/shield completely vanished. It didn't have any actual depletion as if it was getting hit like sentinels do after I die.


The major factors that convinced me this was a bug are:


1. I was invisible up to the point of my death so the enemies wouldn't see my kubrow until I was dead. They would take  atleast 1/2 of a second to realize another hostile aside from me, and then would attack that target. It is possible my kubrow could have died from that but not instantly (also 2 & 3)


2.There were NO BULLETS/Flamethrower/Rockets/Napalm BEING FIRED before or after I died because of my loki's range modded disarm. (Also didn't hear any firing/swinging sounds) Butchers, scorpions, powerfists and flameblades are an exception but are ultimately ruled out by my 3rd point. 


3. No enemies were in swinging range to hit my kubrow whom was standing beside me. My Kubrow just......died in front of me, without any explanation as to why. He died as soon as I did. (Maybe he had a heart attack.) 


There is absolutely NO reason why my kubrow should be dead (or have decreased loyalty). It did not get hit by anything. I am the one who got slash proc'd and died, not my Kubrow. My Kubrow should not have to suffer the same fate. 

So that's my bug. I've currently him into stasis so that I can try to earn his trust tomorrow without any further deterioration. :/


Has this happened to anyone else?



PS: Still love the game. I'm never gonna give Warframe up. (Insert Rick Astley lyrics here).

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