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A Home For Unwanted Kubrows


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i think the whole pet system is very much fun, kinda having that "gotta catch em all" kinda feel. but the chances of getting the same kubrow is very much possible (sahasa then another sahasa egg). not that i dont like or dislike the grind but one way or another we might want to save up on our stasis pods for more awesome pets right? (big cats, falcon type pets please DE)

so here is the issue of "deleting" our pets to get more available stasis pods. many ideas have come up from forums and devstreams(no puppy blenders pls), Rebecca even mentioned lotus gets to keep all unwanted kubrows(lol) but what i'm suggesting is a little bit more aesthetically pleasing.

how about making a giant room inside the dojo where we can put all of our unwanted pets. kind of like a giant enclosure/wild-life reserve. a room where we can get to see our pets in an artificial habitat mingling with other kubrows or animals.


maybe now your thinking this idea is something too big for just "deleting" your kubrows and as for aesthetic purposes. i mean maybe your thinking of letting DE make a "visual" representation of the enclosure itself. what im thinking is way too simpler.


just imagine a room where there's a window in it that represents the entire enclosure behind it. so technically that room will just show a portion of that enclosure. within that room when a tenno walks in, the kubrows he will be seeing will be the ones he "donated" to the dojo. so what you will be seeing is going to be different compared to what your clanmates will be seeing. maybe same animations but different coat patterns and colors depending on the pets you donated

well this is just an idea though. hope you like it

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