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Death Freeze In Rail Wars (Bug)


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There is a rather bad bug occurring often in the new Rail Wars causing people (myself included) to freeze up when incapacitated. The game is still going and you can see everything still moving, but your warframe will stop moving most of the time, the very instant it's gets incapacitated.


When this happens you can't be revived and don't respawn, forcing the player to either have to sit there and wait for the match to end or just disconnect from the game all together (logout via task manager) because when this happens you can't pull up the menu window or anything else. When the match ends things return to normal, but because of the frequency of this bug (in my case in particular) it seems to happen 90% of the time  when incapacitated and only happens in Rail Wars, usually very early on in the match; so I then either have to sit there for the remainder of the match usually about 5 to 15 min, or force the application to close. It has been very frustrating.


I know I'm not the only one who has this problem but I also know not everyone experiences it. Anyone got suggestions?

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This may not be a suggestion, but at least it's a reply.


I have not experienced this problem yet. However, if this bug keeps happening to you, you should update this thread a bit more. I can do some confirmation, but it will take a while.


So it just happens when you die? Any certain weapons that causes it? It could have been the earlier hotfix's fault.

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