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Orokin Void - T1 Defence Glitch


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Alright first I'm gonna start off saying I'm not a veteran player and this is my first warframe forum post. Now let's go to the point. I recently hosted a T1 defence mission, inmediatly when the mission starts we spawned at this remote place that seemed to look like the ouside of a ship. This is obviously not normal and we tried exploring around thinking we could start the mission there somhow but we found nothing but 2 doors that were unaccesible and 1 Life support capsule (that has nothing to do with defence missions) and 2 blank panels which did nothing. the rest was just a shinning sky with limited exploring area.



Heres the Life support capsule



The unaccesible doors (see they have a blue force field or something blocking the way)



The blank panel(s)



some other area



and the sky view on top



Well thats pretty much all there was, not much of a glitch except for the fact that you can't do anything forcing you to abort mission. Anyways if you experience something similar feel free to leave some feedback.

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