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Why All The Lephantis Nerfs?


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While reading the patch notes, I saw this:



Lephantis and Alad V have received some balancing: the Single player and Coop max levels have been lowered. The damage from Lephantis' Explosive Projectiles and Zanuka's missiles have been reduced.



Why is Lephantis being nerfed? When he was initially released, he was great! an actually challenging boss fight! I got Eleventh Storm by soloing him, and each run I did was maybe 2 minutes on the first stage (Killed heads as soon as their weaknesses were revealed, had to wait for the next one to pop up) and the last phase took all of 15 seconds, mostly waiting for him to turn each head to me. No, I was not using any powers, and I was playing Ash with a Braton Prime, 8/10 serr, 6/10 Heavy cal, built viral.


Really, if anything, Lephantis needs serious BUFFING. By the time you get a Derelict Assassinate key, you have at least decent mods, and he was soloable before today's nerf with said decent mods. Still, Lephantis was and is easy to solo.


... As for the Alad and Zanuka nerf, I really don't care. Lephantis was, when released, advertised as "endgame content" and is definitely not that anymore, whereas Alad took Jupiter, one of the, well, now I guess it's third available planets, since Jackal drops Jupiter and Earth nav segments.


I realize some people can't run Lephantis solo, and are that vocal portion of the community that just won't shut up about it, but really, the Lephantis nerf today was very likely unneeded to the quieter portion of the community.


And yes, I am ranting about boss being too weak, especially for its size. Lephantis should have a lot more health than he does, and the explosive damage was in a great spot. I guess people don't know how to dodge that glowy thing coming at you (If it's glowy, that means one (or both) of 2 things: 1) shoot it, and/or 2) it's bad, a lesson most of us should have learned by now.) 


Aaand end rant. Buff Lephantis.

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Stop blaming Lephantis for not having nuclear shielding .. . . our power creep is too strong.


I love lephantis, I just wish we didn't grow weaker in his old age and prefer him restored to his former glory.


Also I would not call a braton a power creep (these were mastery 2 players)

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It ain't just Lephantis.  Here's to Update 15 being a balance update (finally).  We need enemies that aren't just bullet sponges, but can take a hit while dishing them out too.  As it is right now Tenno are the supreme force in the universe without even trying.

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