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Squad Mission Start Issue


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There are a number of issues starting a mission to which you are building a squad. For example if I am hosting a Void mission, I select the mission - I do not vote on it yet. I go to Recruiting, or invite people other ways. instead of waiting until the host hits the start mission button, it auto starts when:


1) A party member "votes", even if the squad is not full yet.


2) The squad fills up - then it goes right into the mission automatically. Sometimes the mission starts even when the squad hasn't filled up. It's very erratic.


The behavior sends an unfinished and un-ready squad into a mission!


It should be changed so that the HOST must press a START MISSION before the mission will begin. I mean the person who initiated the mission and / or has the key being utilized - not the person with the best bandwidth when I say the "HOST". That is a simple solution that will solve everything. It should not be a "majority vote" because the other people are getting invited to a mission someone is hosting - it should be totally under the HOST's control to start and when to start, if at all - and there should be no auto-starting of invite missions.

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