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Grineer Executioner


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Grineer Executioners
Lore: Grineer society is rough. Not all the Lancers are good so when any of them are caught doing an act of crime against their leaders, it's the Executioners that step up to show all the grunts what happens when you betray your ruler. Many Grineer settlements have at least one Executioner to maintain order and to create an air of fear that keeps any from even thinking of treason.

Weapon: A modified Grineer version of the Scindo
Basically the same as any Grineer Heavy.
Movement: Moves slow
Damage: Melee. Hits like a truck. Hits automatically inflict bleed.
-Heavy Hitter
-Slow as a brick
-Easy to kite
Reason for Idea:
The Grineer don't have any Heavy Melee units so why not have one with a giant axe?

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