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On The Subject Of Kubrow Mods.


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My Sunika Kubrow just recently matured, and while I have some issues with her ability to recognize enemies and her ability to traverse tilesets, I have to say I am impressed with her killing capacity(when she does actually attack that is).


One problem I have with Sunika is particular, however, is the mod you receive when it matures. As cool as it is to watch your Kubrow take down a capture target for you, Unleashed is a very situational mod, and if I'm not running a Capture, it will not be slotted. In keeping with Sunika's theme of being an aggressive damage dealer, maybe this mod could be changed to a damage buff? It wouldn't need to be anything big, perhaps just 15% or 20%, but at least make it so that mod is useful outside of one specific mission type.

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