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Unique Tilesets + Art!: Eris Surface

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Valhazards Beautiful Concept Art:


Sometimes you take a look around your mission and say "Hey... I've seen all this before."

Don't you think that your tilesets could use a little more... unf?

Why make the Corpus Ship and the Jupiter Tileset basically play the same? Why not make them unique!

This little project is not only going to add new tilesets per planet, no... I'm trying to make the tilesets UNIQUE. Add new hazards, new enemies, new missions. Everything...

As we are a community, I am definitely open to your ideas/suggestions!


Some planets will have multiple tilesets. To give these tilesets equal representation is to give them a sub-set of nodes for each tileset. For now, only one of these subsets will have a boss. However, there is a possibility that planets can have two bosses is still there.

Current Sub-Node Planets: Earth, Mars, Eris



Mercury is one of the few planets that still holds Orokin towers, dotted across the wasteland, standing tall above the planet and serving as a reminder of the Orokin. Captain Vor's obsession with Orokin technology drove him to set up a base here, hiding among the Grineer already stationed there. Here, Grineer study the nature and the military usage of the Detonite chemical. A highly explosive chemical usually seen in red barrels scattered around Grineer Facilities. Here, the infamous Ogris rocket launcher was developed, along with the Detonite-Laced Grinlok and Marelok. Using this research as a cover, Vor studies the nature of the Orokin towers, using his powerful Janus key to unlock them. Some Grineer whisper about him, saying that he is being consumed by the Orokin. Spending long stretches of time hidden away in Orokin towers, not coming out for days or even weeks at a time.

The Grineer sought Mercury for its powerful sun, after discovering a lost technology hidden inside of the wreckage of Earth. Using this new technology, which were once called "solar panels", they were able to harvest the energy of the sun, with Mercury's closeness adding to the energy received. These solar panels were used to line the outer shell of massive domes, used to protect Grineer from the scorching sun, and the bitter cold of the night. Inside of these domes, the Grineer built settlements. Invading Tenno would notice that the domes are structured in a way to keep the military-focused buildings on the outer-edge, while the research is done in the middle. Armories, garages, barracks, and storage areas. Comm stations, map rooms, the essentials needed for a strong military presence. Towering over the other buildings, always in the middle is a massive research lab. Filled with corridors with pipes running along them, green liquid flowing through them into deeper areas of the facility. Research rooms ranging from testing areas to schematic rooms, a whole section of the facility, filled with winding corridors, walls made of vats of Detonite. Researchers roam the facility, their names hiding their true nature. In the underground sections of the facility, assembly lines with Ogris rockets and Detonite-Laced bullets are shown.

On the outside of the domes are large airfields, held under smaller versions of the heat domes, with stolen Corpus shielding over the roof to allow ships to exit safely, without burning any Grineer alive. From these areas it is possible to see the wastelands of Mercury. A dark gray landscape, dotted with heat domes and the occasional Orokin tower, standing over everything and reaching high into the upper-atmosphere. One can only assume the Orokin used those to avoid Mercury's unbearable temperature. Extraction would be held in these hangar areas.


Detonite is a material that reacts poorly to heat and friction. Exposing Detonite to high temperatures causes it to explode violently. The Grineer avoid this by chilling the Detonite inside, using a central control system to adjust the temperature when needed. During a sabotage mission, Tenno would infiltrate the facility and attempt to sabotage the central control system, setting the temperature as high as possible. Once activated, the Tenno would have a two minute window to escape the facility and head into the hangars before the whole thing explodes. A special animation would play during extraction, as Tenno escape and fly into space, Tenno would catch a view of the dome exploding.

Defense Missions are set in special tiles, large platforms that are situated in the middle of a heat dome, with several buildings standing between Tenno and the entrances. On one end of the platform, there would be an Orokin tower, presumably where the Warframe Cryopod is held. At times, the heat dome around the Tenno would open up, forcing them to seek shade, or endure the damage.

While the solar panels on the outside of the facility power it during the day, other forms of power are needed during the night. Certain heat domes with important projects hold powerful Detonite Cores. These cores are used to power facilities during the night, and are the catalyst towards building a Fomorian Core. Councilor Vay Hek plans to convert these cores into Fomorian Cores. Tenno must steal and destroy these cores before this can happen.

These special heat domes have an extended tram system, allowing these cores and other important packages easy transportation across the facility. When the Tenno reach the core's storage area, they will hack into the system and begin sending the core down the tram, to be sent to the hangar. The core is wider than a Fomorian Core, with a large area underneath it that could easily shade a cell of four Tenno. While Tenno's shields are still drained, it is at a much reduced rate to make it easier for newer players. Massive areas of the tram would be held outside of the heat dome, forcing Tenno to stand underneath the core to protect themselves from the dangerous sun rays (Hijack is not affected by the day-night cycle). Once extraction has been reached, the Liset will descend from the sky and capture the core, to be destroyed in space.


Mercury, like Earth, has a day/night cycle that lasts four hours each. When the time of day changes, Mercury would have a different hazard when exposed to its elements. During the day, the sun is impossible to stand in for long periods of time. Tenno would be set on fire and their health would drain. Tenno's energy would drain as well, as their suits are expending energy to prevent the Tenno from being fried alive. During the night, this would be replaced by a weaker DOT as there is no oxygen. The cold causes Tenno shields to drain to zero in seconds, leaving their health to be chipped away by the lack of oxygen.

The Heat Domes have been built with the Tenno in mind. When Vor arrived on Mercury, he made sure that the capability to open the Heat Dome in cases of emergency was more widespread. When Grineer see Tenno, there is a chance they will not only run to their consoles to set off an alert, but also set off a lockdown. A voice over the intercom, possibly Vor, would yell out "The Tenno shall (freeze/burn)!" Grineer would run into the nearest building, the doors around them closing and locking. Then, shutters would open up, venting oxygen and revealing the sun/sky to Tenno. In the Tenno's view, they would be nearly blinded, and taking massive damage, similar to breaking reinforced glass. This lockdown can be stopped by simply hacking into the nearest console. Shutters would close and the locked doors would open again.

The research facilities have a high amount of red, explosive barrels. Tenno must be cautious when attack enemies here. As an added danger, enemies will now attempt to puncture the barrels with their weapons, damaging Tenno near them (This behavior can be extended to all Grineer on all tilesets, because it just sounds smart). An added danger is the corridors of the Detonite storage areas. Each Detonite vat has a possibility of breaking and spilling. If Tenno or Grineer are coated in Detonite, shooting them will have a similar effect to a Molecular Primed Butcher (kaboom). This can set off a chain reaction with other broken vats and create a huge explosion. Thankfully, Grineer will not purposefully break the vats like they would explosive barrels. A foolhardy Tenno would be the one to do that.

At times, Tenno will be led to other heat domes, usually from smaller domes to larger ones. This is accomplished through above-ground tunnels, which resemble a regular, narrow corridor inside of a Grineer Galleon. A common occurrence when running through these tunnels is a meteor. Which will destroy a huge portion of the corridor and force Tenno to run across the wasteland and into the nearest tunnel. Sometimes these areas will be entirely flat, or, they will be rocky, forcing Grineer to put these tunnels on supports to keep them level. Tenno will need to parkour into the other side of the tunnel.

Grineer researches are exactly like the rest of the Grineer. Brutish, strong, a complete hatred for anything that's not Grineer. The only thing different about them is there lab wear and their love for their inventions. Two variants of the Grineer Researcher appear, both of them wielding power Detonite-Based weaponry. The first, the Researcher Gunslinger, are researchers with special teleport modules. When sensing danger, they will teleport to a random position, preferably out of the Tenno's sight, and fire at them with their powerful Mareloks. The second variant, the Researcher Earthshaker, is a massive, cybernetically enchanced version of the Researcher. Their arms have been bulked up with cybernetics, allowing them to easily carry the Jat Kittag hammer in one hand. When they see Tenno, they will rest the Jat on their shoulder, holding with one hand, and calmly walk in their direction. When provoked, they will use their powerful leg enhancements to leap towers Tenno, sending out a similar shockwave to that of a Shockwave MOA.


Vor's assassination mission will be relatively unchanged. Instead of the Grineer Asteroid, with a massive platform in the middle of a huge open cavern, the Tenno will make their way through a heat dome, until heading down a large corridor leading to the next. This heat-dome is much larger than the others, large enough to completely encompass an Orokin Tower. Research facilities are set up around the tower, and a large platform leads up to it. The entrance is closed off with a similar void portal to the one you start off inside. Once the Tenno are close enough, the portal would suddenly open, Vor walking out of it with key in hand, the camera zooming in on his face as he sees the Tenno. He would speak to the Tenno, holding his key up, staring at it intently. "You foolish, foolish Tenno... you know nothing of the Orokin's secrets... I have seen... the truth... I have seen true power. My Janus key is only the beginning... The Void holds so much power... and I intend to harness it!" He would look to the Tenno, an angered expression on his face as he slots the key into his chest slot, powering up. His eyes would turn golden, and his body would have a golden aura around it. "Foolish Tenno... Do you realize your Lotus has sent you to die?"

The battle would begin the same as usual. Vor would be alone this time, teleporting from platform to platform and firing down on Tenno, using his sword on anyone who gets too close. However, instead of teleporting regular Grineer into the battle between phases, he would instead teleport Corrupted Lancers in (not too strong for low level players, of course). This time, he would have four phases instead of three (and by extension a larger health pool). The fourth phase will see him entering the powered up mode. His Cronus would transform into a Dakra Prime, with an extended energy blade. This blade would have a ridiculously long reach (Like this ridiculous). As before, when Vor is finally killed, he would back up, his voice echoing like before and repeating the same line. He would be cut in half, and then his body would disappear in a golden flurry (like being killed while channeling).

These changes would affect Vor outside of the quest.



Venus was one of the last planets to be colonized by the Corpus. Its thick and nearly impenetrable atmosphere made it a chore to even bring a ship through, let alone build facilities. The intense heat and the recent eruptions made it impossible for the Corpus to colonize Venus without massive loss of life. That was until the Corpus discovered a metal, floating inside of the lava flows, once buried deep inside of the volcanoes. It could only be assumed that they were once Orokin-made metals. Some sort of alloy that had a high resistance to heat. Orokin ruins later found on Venus incorporated this metal heavily into their designs. It was obvious what the Corpus needed to do.

Chairmen Frohd Bek used his extensive wealth to purchase the entire planet for himself. Bringing his clan of Corpus there and starting a massive construction project. First it was the outposts, placed on the edges of rivers, protected only by the metal. Here, black-suited crewman would take specially-made poles and use them to harvest metal from the lava, using magnetic fields to extract them. Skiffs were developed, with cores powered by the heat itself, allowing them to float over lava indefinitely. As more and more metal was harvested, so were more and more facilities set up.

Industry made its way to Venus in full force, stilted factories, built in or over the lava, using the heat resistant alloy and powerful generators to create shields, which would protect the Crewman inside. The ore was processed, the alloy purified and used to make stronger metals, immune to the heat just as the pure Orokin versions were. Soon, more and more Corpus wanted a piece of the industry. Leading robotics makers, weapons makers, scientists, all used the quickly multiplying Venusian facilities for their own personal gain. All of them answered to Frohd Bek, who kept a tight stranglehold on the planet.

Eventually, enough Crewman had arrived on Venus that a population issue had begun. The amount of supplies coming in was not enough to support the rapidly growing population, and the facilities, built to house only a few Crewman, were now overpopulated with not only Crewman, but Corpus civilians. Frohd Bek's solution to this was an obvious one. Using plans stolen from Alad V's database, and with a slightly modified construction, Frohd Bek was able to replicate the floating gas cities of Jupiter. Using powerful 'balloons', which used rising gases to float in the air. Great, open-ended cities were built in the Venusian Atmosphere. Here, life support and greater amounts of cooling were possible, allowing the Corpus to live very comfortably in their cities.

Frohd Bek's greater interests are unknown. While it is obvious most things are done on Venus in the name of profit, there is always a hint of sinister intentions hidden behind the industry. Large amounts of weapons are being developed, these research labs used to develop deadly energy weapons, ever expanding the power of the growing Corpus threat. The Grineer, always the conquerers, were considered the deadliest threat... but perhaps that shall change?

The Lotus sent Tenno to Venus with the intention of stopping this progress. Sabotaging faciltiies, stealing Corpus plans and gathering intelligence. Tenno enter the Venusian atmosphere, and are often dropped outside of the main facilities. Fighting through unprotected outposts, where strong, black-suited Crewman dwell. These outposts are small, usually holding armories, storage areas, and a command area. Just outside of these small outposts is a long series of platforms, tethered by a magnetic field. Once stood on, these platforms will detach and float across the river, heading into the main facility. Tenno will either be dropped off in a mantenance area, or their platform will be sent into a canal. Where massive cranes with great crucibles dip deep into the lava, ejecting the useless magma and keeping the metal alloy, which formed into ore over the years. The Tenno escape onto a maintenance platform before their skiff is thrown into the lake, where they will find the manufacturing areas. Here, Crewman and their robotics work. Inspecting assembly lines and guarding them from any would be betrayers. The layout similar to the conveyor belts on the Grineer Shipyard tileset, the ore would be poured into small basins, where they would enter a massive furnace. Here, temperatures reach much higher than that of the lava, reaching the alloys as of yet unknown melting point. The molten metal is sent down the assembly line, purified and finally dropped into trams, where the pure ingots are sent up to the research and development area of the facilties. Tenno may either ride the tram or make their way up the tracks to reach this portion.

The research area is similar to a Corpus ship, with a black finish instead of the usual dull gray. Here, cameras and laser doors are common. Turrets inside of these rooms are different from those of the Corpus ship. Their weapons instead fire slow moving explosive cubes, which are deadly but easily avoidable by an agile Tenno. Rooms holding plans, blueprints, and assembly tables are a common sight, and Tenno will often come across purple-suited Crewman working at these tables. These Researcher Crewman will carry either a powerful liquid nitrogen focuser or, in the case of their heavy variant, a modified Penta grenade launcher that freezes anyone caught in its explosive radius (guaranteed cold proc). These Cold-based units will fire their weapons at the ground and attempt to make the Tenno slip (caused by sprinting on the ice left over), causing them to fall on their backs, as if hit by a Corpus laser door. A particular room will have several tanks inside, filled with blue liquid. Creatures are inside of them, both the creatures native to Venus and creatures not. A sand skate and even a Kubrow. The kubrow, like the other creatures, will be in stasis, floating in suspended animation. If Tenno press the use key near it, they will be treated to an audio file from Frohd Bek himself.


"These creatures are remarkably strong. Preliminary tests show that they are very territorial and highly aggressive when separated from their den. These creatures will do anything to reunite with their kin, and I know personally what happens when one escapes... While our research shows that taming them is nearly impossible, I believe there is a way... Perhaps an egg?"

Through the research labs, the Tenno are usually met with two variations. Either a large door will be opened (by the same two-person door mechanic as the other tiles), and open onto a bridge. These bridges are used to go from one facility to another, while also allowing the transport of goods across two trams. One in and one out. These bridges tend to be heavily guarded, populated with powerful turrets that will fire on anything in their sights. Tenno must either run through the bridges, or take cover and avoid shots, jumping from cover to cover. Once reaching the other side, the Tenno will enter another research area.

The other variation in this tileset will be the aerostats. A massive pod will be found in a "garage" area of the research area. Here, not only will Tenno find ships and skiffs, but massive pipes with pods inside. When all four Tenno have entered the pod, it will close up and the Tenno will be sent flying. The tubes will fire the pod, aerostats deploying below it and allowing it to float gently onto the Corpus cities. These portions of Venus are similar to the Jupiter cities, yet with a more open design. Crewman quarters and evacuated homes, with a more "open-ended" layout. If alarms are set off, then powerful defense drones will be deployed. These drones are powerful, having rapid fire plasma repeaters and heavy-duty missile launchers. Their design is reminiscent of a quad-rotor drone, with a more elongated body and powerful rotors. These drones prefer swarming tactics.

Extraction can be found in three different areas. The research area extraction is held inside of the hangar that usually acts as the entrance to the aerostats section. In the aerostats, Tenno will extract on a large platform on the end, where they will be picked up by Liset. Lastly, the outposts will have landing pads on top of them, where Tenno will extract from, usually after being dropped off by a lava skiff.


Defense Missions will be set on moving lava skiffs, with a sort of "looping area" to simulate an endless river. The Skiff is large, about the size of the middle platform in a Corpus Ship defense mission. Enemy skiffs will attach to this platform and drop enemies down on them. Cover is dotted across the main skiff. Every 2-3 rounds, the skiff will make a stop, either at a station or an outpost. On these outposts and stations, there will be Corpus enemies spawning out of doors, where they will attempt to board the skiff. This will last for one round before the Tenno are sent back to the river.

Frohd Bek will speak to Tenno during Defense Missions.


"Tenno... you will pay for corrupting my son."

"Your precious pods will drown in the lava... just like you."

"I will have to review the security of my ventilation systems..."

"Hmm... Let's see how you fare against the best robotics credits can buy."


Sabotage Missions have two variations on this tileset. One is set in the lavaplant, where Tenno must fight their way through the Corpus to disable the heat shields protecting these facilities from the lava. Once the heat shield is deactivated, portions of the facility will begin to sink, as lava leeks into their foundations and causes the pillars to loosen. These sunken areas can either be jumped through, or be traversed through parkour. The Tenno will have a time limit of three minutes.

On the aerostats, Tenno will instead attempt to disable them entirely. Here, they will overpressurize the balloons keeping these facilities afloat. Reaching a control room, they would have two minutes before the balloons pop and send the city, and the Tenno on them, falling to the ground.

Large portions of survival missions would be held on the lava skiffs. Oxygen would land either on the main skiff or the skiffs that attach to the Tennos. Areas that the Tenno leave behind on the skiff are unable to be accessed once the skiffs have taken off, meaning Tenno should use them before considering leaving. The Lotus will tell the Tenno when they should use the skiffs.


"Tenno, your current location is no longer protected by heat shields. Use the skiffs to escape lava. I am sending Oxygen there to guide you."


Skiffs holding Corpus will attach to your skiff as you go along. These skiffs sometimes will hold the next Oxygen tank. Skiffs will detach after thirty seconds of being attached, when the Oxygen tanks will be transported to the main skiff and remain there until a new one is brought onboard.


During alert phases and lockdown phases in the Aerostats, walls will deploy the Quad-Rotor Corpus Attack Drones, fittingly named Albatross. These new, upgraded osprey will fire missiles in the direction of enemies, before attacking with their plasma repeaters once depleted of missiles.

Certain areas of the lava plant will experience heat shield failure. When an area experiencing this is encountered, the Lotus will contact Tenno.


"Heat shields have failed. Be wary, Tenno."


As described before, Tenno must avoid the lava, jumping from platform to platform or using parkour to maneuver to the other side, where heat shields are still operational.

Large turrets will be placed along the corridors, firing at Tenno that have activated the nearby cameras. These turrets, instead of firing plasma, will fire explosive, slow-moving cubes that will explode on contact. These behave similarly to the Quanta cubes, where they act as mines and can be easily avoided.

Massive, Crewman-Controlled turrets are lined across the bridges linking facilities together. These crewman will fire at Tenno on sight, the turrets firing in a spread, like a massive shotgun. When Tenno are not in their sights, they tend to fire at the large creatures on the edges of the lava lakes.

Two creatures native to Venus can be seen. Both of them have adapted to survive in the harsh conditions. Orokin terraforming, while not enough to completely 'fix' Venus, was enough to allow life to begin. These two creatures use the heat and the atmosphere of Venus to their advantage. One, which Crewman tend to call "Hornets", is a large, four-legged insectoid creature. These creatures are highly territorial and aggressive to most. Corpus have set up massive turrets simply to keep them away from the lavaplants. However, some make it through. These creatures are massive and have a tendency to fire poison darts towards prey. They rarely land, but if they have the space to, they will attempt to melee close attackers.

The second wild animal would be Carson's Raptors. Large, bird-like creatures that use the lifting gases of Venus to fly. While mostly harmless creatures, they will attack anything that they feel threatened by. Usually this leads to them fighting Hornets, or turret operators. If a Tenno shoots one of them, there's a good chance they will be swarmed and pecked to the death.

These lavaplants have caused the Corpus to train their crewman in increasingly dangerous jobs. While two of these are exclusive to Venus, the Corpus have trained special Heavy Crewman to use special weaponry, developed inside of the lavaplant. These Crewman, both of them Heavy Crewman and equipped with powerful ice-based weapons, are called Corpus Executives. They hold the exclusive honor of wearing purple jumpsuits, being about as tall as a Corpus Tech. Executives have two variations based on their weaponry. One variant will have a heavier version of the Glaxion, with a hose connecting to the back that feeds liquid nitrogen into the weapon's tanks. The second variant is more heavily armored, having a thicker jumpsuit and a heavy duty helmet. They carry modified Penta Grenade Launchers which leave ice around the area.

Units exclusive to Venus, aside from one, are the Corpus Fighter Drone, the Corpus Miner (exists on Mars as well, and Sedna when a node is under Corpus control), and the Corpus Diver (a variant of this exists on Europa). The Corpus Fighter Drone are units that spawn exclusively in the Aerostats. They are similar to regular Ospreys, except with four rotors instead of two, and an elongated body. On each side of its head are heavy plasma repeaters, and on its underside is a missile launcher. When low on health they are more likely to fire their missiles, their missiles similar to those fired by Hellions. The Corpus Miners are black-suited Crewman with floodlights on their helmets, wielding Mining versions of the Quanta (weaker explosive cubes). When threatened, they will overload their floodlights and blind Tenno, a similar effect to the G3's flashbangs. Once this overload has occurred, their floodlight no longer works and cannot blind again. The final Corpus are the Corpus Divers. Massive, black-suited Corpus that resemble old-timey divers more than Corpus. Their helmets are round, their armor is heavy, and they have heavy, armored packs to allow them to breathe. These are the largest Corpus in existance, thanks to the special genetically modified Techs, and the heavy suit of armor, that almost acts like a mechsuit. These tend to attack Tenno while on the lava skiffs, jumping out of the lava, with their armor red-hot, and use reinforced fists with similar function to the Obex. These can knock Tenno back. They are surrounded by a shield, and once this shield is depleted they will release a flame explosion and attempt to dive back into the lava. If killed before this, they are guaranteed to drop a flame repellent mod (trollfaec).


Things shall procede as normal. The Tenno will be called to kill the Jackal, held on a Corpus ship in the same arena as before. The Tenno would defeat the Jackale Prototype. In the after-mission results screen, along with the ‘Howl of the Kubrow’ quest, will be a new quest ‘Bird of Prey’. In their inbox, Tenno would receive a message from Darvo.

Subject: About Jackal…

Good work on destroying the Jackal, Tenno… Glad to know that it’s gone for good…

Except it isn’t.

I think you remember my father. Yeah, he was the one in charge of all this… and he had backups of the Jackal’s schematics, and not only that, he watched the whole fight. Frohd Bek gathered data from your fight and is now developing a new Jackal prototype, another one… one more powerful and more terrifying than the last.

I don’t know where it is, but I know someone who does. A Corpus defector imprisoned on a frigate heading for Mars. He still has the files in his possession. I have a feeling that he would give those files to you if you rescued him, somehow…

The Tenno are sent to a rescue node on Mars, where they will go through a rather standard rescue mission. The rescue target is a Corpus civilian, dressed similar to Darvo.

When Released: “Tenno!? Darvo said nothing about Tenno!”
Asking for Weapon: “You’ve got plenty of guns, I need a weapon!”
Under Attack: “Darvo will hear of this!”
Reaching Extraction: “Fine, fine. Take them! It’s not like you can access them anyways.”

Once exiting the mission, the Tenno will be contacted by Darvo a second time.

Subject: Sorry

I guess it’s never that easy, huh? Those files you picked up are heavily encrypted, you’re not accessing that thing until you get the encryption codes. Good thing I had a little talk with our lying friend. The encryption codes are thankfully close to Venus. The codes were split and placed in four different terminals, well-guarded. Sounds simple enough, huh, Tenno?

Try not to catch too much attention. Venus is a little too close to home for me.

A Spy Node on Venus will be converted into a place for the new quest. Everything is completely normal aside from one thing; the terminals here are guarded by Heavy Glaxion wielding Corpus and Ice Penta Crewman. Periodically during the mission, Frohd Bek will interrupt, with Darvo butting in on the conversation as well.

Frohd Bek: “I must thank you, Tenno… The data you provided in your battle with our failed prototype was crucial in developing a better proxy. Though, I’m beginning to wonder how you know about these encryption codes…”

Darvo: “That would be me, Father.”

Frohd Bek: “Darvo? Hmm… I should have guessed. Only you would have access to so many Corpus secrets… A shame you give them up so easily. You could have been great, my son.”

Darvo: “I’ve made my choice, Father. The Corpus are in debt. Things are falling apart and they’re just ignoring it. Doing business with the Grineer is suicide!”

Frohd Bek: “Those made clones will do nothing. Their Queens are nothing more than a pair of… *coughs* Well, let us say the Corpus are too valuable to the Queens.”

Darvo: “What are you saying?”
Frohd Bek: “Do you remember Ahl Defroy, son?”

Darvo: “You…?”

Frohd Bek: “Yes… and the Queens want more Grineer like him. Younger, heavily modified… programmed to be obedient. Like a proxy. Project Vulture is just the beginning.”

Once the Tenno have finished their mission, they will receive a message from Darvo in their inbox. A new node will open right after Fossa as well.

Subject: Be Careful

My father knows something we don’t. Whatever is going on, I can’t sit by and watch. I’m coming to Venus… Don’t worry about me, Tenno. I have something that will turn the tide.

A cutscene would play when the Tenno enter the new node. Their ships will fly to Venus as normal, with them landing on an outpost on the edge of a lava river. In the distance, Tenno will see a huge, black tower, lava pumping into large transparent pipes, most likely powering the facility. On each side there is a bridge, these bridges guarded by automated turrets which seemed to shoot at anything that moves into their range.

The Tenno will walk down to the edge, receiving a transmission from Darvo.

Darvo: “Remember when I said I had it handled, Tenno?”

A large, black mech lands near the Tenno, pulling up dust around it. It whirrs and activates, standing tall over the Tenno, and through the chassis the Tenno can see Darvo behind the controls.

“My father was generous enough to allow me to test a few prototypes… before I ran off, of course. Haven’t had a chance to use this thing, yet.”
The cutscene ends and the Tenno are to follow Darvo, whose mech has treads on its feet to allow for quick travel over rough terrain. Encountering no enemies until they reach the bridge. Once reaching the bridge, the turrets would fire down on the Tenno.

Darvo: “I’ve got this!”

Darvo would fire missiles at the turrets, clearing a path for the Tenno across the bridge. Alarms would blare and a voice speaking Corpus would speak over loudspeaker. All crewman in the base are sent to defend the facility, with both Tenno and Darvo handling them with ease. Once the doors have been reached, they will slam shut, as will all doors leading to other portions of the base.

Frohd Bek: “Sharing more secrets, Darvo? For shame… I was sure I raised you better.”

Darvo: “You didn’t raise me at all. The only thing that raised me was a Nurse Proxy.”

Frohd Bek: *laughs* “The Tenno are busy, my son… Perhaps you should come speak to me, leave them to handle my little prototype… I’m sure you and I have much to talk about.”

Darvo looks to a door, which opens slowly and reveals a large hallway, presumably leading down to Frohd Bek.

Darvo: “I’ll handle my father… best way to make sure this thing dies for good…”

The mech will run down the hall, leaving Tenno to go down the opposite hall and encounter the vulture.
Once entering the boss arena, you will find a room similar to the current arena. The new black and gray color scheme has been applied, and the pillars are much larger. A massive generator with lava flowing into it is attached to the ceiling by massive cables. Sitting in the middle is the Vulture prototype (1.5X larger than before), hooked to several power cables, charging it through the generator. Two Corpus Techs are working on the Vulture, preparing it for field testing as ordered. Once they see the Tenno, they close the Vulture and stand, drawing their Supras. Both of them nod at each other, and remotely activate the Vulture. The cables eject from its charging ports, and as it charges up, the Tenno are attacked by the Techs. Once the techs are killed, the Vulture will activate, and the fight will begin.



During the fight, Tenno will see and hear was is presumably a tussle between Darvo and Frohd Bek, both of which are in Mech Suits. Through a large viewing window in the back of the room, Tenno can even catch glimpses of the fight, neither of them coming out as a clear victor until the fight is over.

The Vulture is invincible. It has a similar attack pattern to the old Jackal, firing its machine gun and making shockwaves when Tenno take cover. To kill the Vulture, the Tenno must destroy the cables holding the generator to the ceiling (If the Tenno take too long to figure this out, they will be contacted by the Lotus). Every time a cable is destroyed, the Vulture will fire the Jackal's infamous missile barrage, which the Tenno must dodge. After the fourth cable is destroyed, the generator will fall from the ceiling, crushing Vulture underneath and creating a massive hole. Both the Vulture and the generator will be seen falling into the lava. Frohd Bek’s mech will be severely damaged by Darvo, knocking him out and onto the ground, injured by the fall, only exacerbated by his advanced age. Coughing, Frohd Bek would stand weakly, telling his son to kill him and take his place. Darvo refuses, his mech powering down, opening. He would walk to his father, who has a slightly forgiving look on his face… before knocking him upside the head, knocking his father out and spitting on the floor, telling him to keep his job.

The Tenno would fight their way out of the facility and try to find an extraction point, eventually having to use the lava skiffs. With Darvo aboard, he would comment on the situation, saying something about his father, before commenting about deleting the backups, meaning the schematics and research was lost for good. Just as he finishes speaking, the Vulture, still activated and quite agitated, would emerge from the lava, revealing its ability to fly. Darvo would take cover and the Tenno would be sent into a fight.

The Vulture will fly around the skiff during the fight, attempting to flank any Tenno hiding behind cover. Its main attack would be its machine guns, though at times it will fire a smaller version of its missile barrage. At times, the Vulture will land on the skiff and attempt to knock the Tenno off. This is where the Vulture is most vulnerable, as his open wings leave a weak spot on its back. Tenno can either jump on top of a higher platform or jump on top of the Vulture, before being knocked off once he flies again. As the Vulture's healthbar is depleted, it will fly into the air and attempt to fire its missile barrage, but instead, an explosion goes off in its back. This sends the Vulture flying down into the lava, where the open wings allow lava to melt it from the inside, leaving only a shell breaking apart. Its mod and resource drop would be placed on the skiff. The Skiff will stop at a small outpost, where the Tenno, and Darvo, will extract at a landing pad.

After the mission, the Tenno will receive the Quest’s reward, and another message will be sent to the Tenno in their inbox.

Subject: Daddy Issues

I let Frohd Bek live. He’s still around, sadly… And I can’t help but wonder if this is going to keep happening. I can’t bring myself to kill the old man. That would just be stooping to his level, you know? Look, I found a file inside of his computer systems, schematics for something… I hope it’s worth all this trouble.



The Corpus have been expanding rapidly. Previously, the Martian surface had been an untamed land, much too dangerous to allow for permanent settlements. It seemed the only area of Mars that was even remotely safe was the poles, which were devoid of the... problems, facing Corpus attempting to colonize anything between them. Facilities were cramped, corners were cut in the name of progress. Things were growing too cramped, and some much needed mining was forgone to keep a Corpus presence on Mars.

Sergeant Nef Anyo would change this. He would pour over research, look for solutions to Corpus problems. If the problem could not be eradicated, then could it be avoided? He searched and searched, losing many Spy Osprey in the process. Until he finally found what he was looking for. With careful testing, Nef was figured out that the problems that plagued Corpus attempting to settle on the Martian surface were completely non-existent in one area. An area so high, there was no way they could reach them.

The Olympus Mons Array; a group of massive facilities situated around Olympus Mons. The Corpus have dug deep into the mountain, harvesting raw materials from volcanic stone, creating new settlements in their wake. The array is commanded from a group of command centers situated in the Olympus Calderas. Orders are sent down to the lower settlements, materials are sent up to the command centers. The Caldera are large enough to hold massive Corpus frigates, a massive airfield filled with them coming and going, taking materials for trade. Frigates will land in the middle of the Caldera in the background, taking off periodically as well. During these events, dust clouds will be brought up and vision will be limited for a small period of time, while outside.

Most missions will be held on the outer edges of the mountain. Most of the time, Tenno will be on large platforms on the side of the mountain, with extended segments outside. A large view of the Martian surface will be seen. Tenno who fall over the edge will be treates the same as any other long fall, being sent back to their previous position before the fall. In the sky, you can see the sun, slightly smaller than on earth. In rare cases, while standing outside, it is possible to see a small black disk run over the sun, darkening things tightly. This would be a small teaser for Phobos. (Feel free to correct me on this, I'm always looking for scientific help. :)). The platforms are not flat, and they are not simple platforms. These platforms are layered and tiered, with buildings held on top of them. Giving it a 'city'-like appearance. These small buildings are about as large as any regular Corpus ship tile, having a similar design to the tiles found on Jupiter. These can either be residential areas, armories, comm centers, or miscellaneous buildings with an unknown use. These buildings have a chance to house a MOA pod, which can be hacked.

The surface of Mars will at times, rumble, with a portion of the ground digging up, as if something was crawling through the ground towards the mountains. When inside of the mountain, there is a great chance that the rumbling will be more intense, with a faint roar being heard inside of the stone. Lotus will even comment on this.


"I am detecting heavy seismic activity inside of the mountain. Something is here. Be wary, Tenno."

While nothing will happen inside of the mountain, there is a good chance that Tenno will begin to pick up transmissions from other portions of the mountain. Usually, these will be inside of small indoor areas situated on the platforms. These transmissions can be anything from Corpus Crewman worrying about the seismic activity, to screaming sounds, gunshots, and a roaring sound, causing the comm station to shut off. The last thing said on the transmission, will be a panicking Corpus Crewman, speaking English into the comms.


"Anyo was wrong! Anyo lied! An-" *static*

While larger portions of the facility would be held on large catwalks, there are areas inside of the mountain. Most of the time, these are areas with Corpus technology mixed with the red stone of Olympus Mons. Large tunnels lead to another portion of the mountain, a new set of catwalks. These tunnels don't appear to be made by Corpus mining machines. The lasers would cut more uniform tunnels, not the jagged, ringed tunnels that the Tenno use. At times, Tenno would find a destroyed mining machine, with a large hole through it. 5

The Caldera sections of the facility would be held in nodes 'closer' to the boss node. A sort of progression from the bottom of the mountain to the top. Here, the platforms and catwalks would be held in a large circle, with the airfield and smaller bridging areas held between them. When Tenno are fighting on the bridge, there's a good chance that a massive frigate will land and dock, sending out Crewmen and Proxies to deal with invading Tenno. Missions set in the Caldera have a slightly higher chance to witness the Phobos transit.

Extraction would be just as you expect. A large circular platform where the Tenno would be picked up in their Liset. In Caldera, the Tenno are either picked up on the same circular platform, or they are picked up in an indoor, command center area, with the 'warframe slots' set in a circular room, with each warframe slot facing towards another one.


Larger indoor areas will hold the same camera and laser door system as the other Corpus tilesets. The main difference here, is that instead of knocking Tenno down, they will knock Tenno away. They will act as walls instead of an obstacle. Since these areas are less common, and smaller than a Corpus ship, these won't become an annoyance. It's easy as destroying all the cameras in the room. Inside of these rooms are a large amount of cameras, along with at least four turrets.

The main hazard that Tenno will face on Mars is the Morteworm. While the Corpus forget the name of these Orokin-made beasts, what they do know is that they are deadly, terrifying, and strong. The main reason the Olympus Mons facility was built was too avoid the Morteworm, as Nef Anyo theorized that the worms could not burrow through the stone. He was wrong. The vibrations from Corpus Mining had attracted the worms to their settlements. Many Corpus have already died and word has yet to be sent out to the rest of the base. These creatures will periodically break out of the rock, attacking any Corpus or Tenno too close to them. They also have a less common tendency to break through the metal walls of Corpus facilities hidden inside of the stone. These creatures cannot be killed, but can be forced back into their tunnels. These tunnels are usually required to proceed to the rest of the mission. Corpus will usually make an uneasy 'truce' with the Tenno when the worms are around. They will focus their attacks on the worms, and won't attack the Tenno unless provoked. In all cases, the worms are usually a higher priority in dealing with than the Tenno.

These creatures attacks range from a simple bite, to a gas bomb similar to what the Torid fires. A special move involving enemies is swallowing them whole, either spitting out their corroded bones or slightly digested machinery. The tunnels will usually lead to another portion of the facility, usually with dead Corpus laying on the ground... or their bones. These worms are more common during Extermination missions, though have a small chance to appear in rescue, survival, and sabotage.

Later missions inside of the Caldera will have turrets located on the side of the mountain and on the docking areas of ships. These tend to fire upon the massive worms that burrow through the ground (which are much larger than their brethren on the lower areas of the mountain), making their fights slightly easier for unprepared Tenno. These worms are almost guaranteed to appear on the exterminate mission on Silvanus.


Sabotage missions will be like Grineer Sabotage. Instead of a core, the Tenno are required to destroy the Corpus laser miners, to cripple the massive Corpus supply lines and the ongoing Warframe Cryopod 'mining'. Orokin ruins are found buried in rock, remnants of underground Orokin settlement. Upon destroying the mining machines, there is a 15% chance that a worm will break out from the rock. The doors are shut closed, a lockdown being initiated. Corpus shields are brought up for the Tenno to use as cover, and a fight with a worm is initiated. Once fought off, the worm will retreat into the tunnel and allow the Tenno through them, into the next room. This room is filled with Corpus miners (equipped with Spectras and uncommonly, Pentas), who will protect the remaining mining machines. At least one of the mining machines will be manned, the miner attempting to point the mining laser towards the Tenno, having a similar function to the Orokin laser traps (reverse engineered? They worship them after all).

Capture missions will be mostly the same, except that instead of being already on the planet, they are arriving by ship. While the Tenno may be seen, any alarms lasting for more than a minute will fail the mission. This can be prevented by hacking terminals. When the outside area of the Caldera is reached, the Tenno may either directly fight across the bridge, or sneak through the maintenance sections, getting the drop on the capture target. Either way, there is only one capture target, who is usually accompanied by high-level Corpus (Probably Techs). Once captured, the base will be placed on high alert. Higher level enemies will spawn and the player must either sneak out or fight their way through them. Once all Tenno reach extraction, the mission will be complete.

Defense missions will be placed on a special tile of their own. These tiles will resemble a Corpus-fied version of the cave sections of Phobos. Sitting in the middle of the room will be a Warframe Cryopod, with one of the Orokin portals seen in Vor's Prize near it. Once the mission begins, a transmission from the reworked Nef Anyo appears (I assume like all reworked bosses he is going to speak English), yelling a line,


"You think you can disrupt my sales? You Tenno have no respect! Crewmen, I want that Cryopod destroyed!"

"Oh, brave, brave Tenno... come to save your sleeping friend? This, you will regret... Crewmen, destroy the bretrayers!"

"Poor frozen Tenno... so close to being rescued, yet so far! Kill them, Crewmen. If I can't have it, no one can!"


(Will change these depending on what kind of personality they give Nef on rework)

Nef Anyo and his Nephew, DERF!!:

(TBD upon the rework of Nef)

Will most likely take place on platform in the exact center of the Caldera Array, almost like a large arena. Corpus shipping containers would serve as cover. Nef Anyo's chair possibly in the center while Derf attacks Tenno on the edges. More information once the rework has been finished.



This planet is one of the few planets holding Grineer Settlements. While all Grineer are conscripted into the military at a young age, there are many that have served the Grineer well and earned the right to 'retire'. Retirement, in a sense, is military duty on Phobos. At one time, this place was the only safe haven from the Tenno. With Corpus misinformation, the caves, and what the Corpus call "false imaging", Phobos went unnoticed by the Tenno, who dismissed it as little more than a captured asteroid. While that was true at one point, Orokin terraforming transformed the moon into the desert planet it is today.

However, due to the events of Operation: Arid Fear, the Tenno have learned of Phobos. The False-Imaging was disabled, and the Corpus severed all ties with the Grineer on Phobos. The Grineer mobilized, retired Grineer picking up their old weapons and having to use them for the first time in years. These aged Grineer, while experienced, needed heavy cybernetic enhancement to become viable for military combat. Today, Phobos is a forward base for the Grineer, who wish to invade Mars for themselves, stealing the Caldera array and using it to boost their propaganda broadcasts system-wide. Counciler Vay Hek reluctantly gave control of Phobos to an old Grineer Commander, the leader of the "Old Clones" Division. This Commander started heavy mining on Phobos, transforming large portions of the planet into factories for Grineer machinery, and began systematically replacing his entire unit with cybernetics.

Phobos is given many new tiles. These tiles are focused mostly on the new cybernetics factories, buried inside of the caves and constantly producing new cybernetics. Tenno will see arms running along the assembly lines, piles of cybernetics legs falling into carts and being transported onto ships. The Tenno will be allowed into settlements. Not only simple tents in the desert, but great sandstone cities, with high towers and many buildings. The Grineer in the settlement areas will be dressed differently. With very little armor and cloaks to protect themselves from the sands. These Grineer will be armed with Grinlok rifles or Sobek shotguns modded to shoot flames.

The Sand Skates, earth creatures heavily-modified by the Orokin to serve as mounts, are now wild animals that have adapted to the Phoben ecosystem. These creatures are the most abundant across Phobos, and a great threat to Grineer. Because of this, many of the Old Clones have been given modified Ignis flamethrowers, made to fire a corrosive gas instead of flames. However, Old Clones stole many eggs from their clutches. Starting a cycle of tamed and trained Desert Skates. With cybernetic enhancement, they have been turned into mounts for Old Clones. These Skates are kept as pets and are being considered for deployment elsewhere. The only problem is that the skates have trouble moving on solid surfaces, used to moving on sand.

Looking into the Phoben Skyline, it was possible to notice a massive Grineer facility. What people did not realize was that this facility, brought in by Grineer mining and put in proximity to Phobos, was formerly the moon of Deimos. This Asteroid is one of the largest Grineer Mining operations ever. A good portion of Phobos' existing tiles will be converted into the Grineer Asteroid, with some extra tiles added to differentiate it. These tiles are: A hangar area, with ships taking supplies to Phobos, a control room area with a holographic view of Phobos, and an area with many working mining machines, operated by Gremlin-wielding Grineer Miners. In some cases, Tenno may find themselves boarding one of these ships and commandeering them, taking them to Phobos and landing on it to continue their missions.

Looking off mountains, Tenno may catch glimpses of MASSIVE vehicles, using their massive drill array to tunnel into the side of the mountain, obviously part of their mining operation. In some cases, Tenno may end up inside of these machines, which are huge facilities in of themselves (The assets are similar/from the Grineer Galleon and Shipyards, to maintain a Grineer Theme across all tilesets). A new extraction point is added inside of the settlements, on top of one of the towers. Tenno will go up an elevator, looking out on the vast Phoben desert.


Mining on Phobos is extensive, but cannot be done in the same fashion as the asteroids. The machines are too small to mine through the sand and would end up buried when attempting to mine through the sand. Because of this, the Grineer have built large, deep-digging stationary drills. These drills dig deep into the earth and gather materials by transporting them up the screw around the drill. Tenno are to infiltrate the settlements and sabotage these drills, by destroying the drill head. Two or three of these drills will be scattered around the map, and would be heavily guarded by not only Grineer, but one high-level Old Clone. In some cases, the mission to destroy the drills will be canceled, and instead, the Tenno must sabotage one of the mining platforms drilling into the mountain. This is the same as a normal sabotage mission, where Tenno must destroy the power core inside of the platform and blow it up.

Defense Missions would be held in the usual locations, with little changes to the tiles, aside from ramps leading up from the zipline spawn areas to allow things that can't zipline down to the actual map (A problem with infested crawlers is that they can't get down and simply stay up in the caves. Sometimes, you can't even reach these locations without a Loki or Excalibur). However, like all my ideas, the boss of the planet would speak to Tenno before the defense mission begins... But, as Vor and Kril have been replaced, who shall speak to you?

Ahl Defroy.


"You Tenno are obsolete, I think it's time we send you *cough* to the scrap heap."

"At least *cough* be thankful that your brother won't be awake to see you MUTILATED! *long cough*"

"*cough* Bury them all in the sand! *cough*"

"The Superstitious Ones say drinking Tenno blood makes you pure... *cough* Let's test that theory, shall we?"



The Grineer keep a tight stranglehold on Phobos for two reason. The first reason is its proximity to Mars. The ease of mounting an attack on Mars allows the Grineer to keep the pressure on Corpus, and hopefully one day claim Mars for their own. The second reason for such tight control over Phobos is the Deimos moon. Millions of Grineer weapons are built using materials mined from Deimos, making it a very important operation for them. Because of this, a heavy amount of troops are deployed on Phobos, having their own division and even their own command structure. Phobos could almost be considered the second Grineer home planet, after Earth.

Special units salvaged from the remains of a large group of 'retired' Grineer have been given heavy technological enchancements, transformed from aging, decaying Grineer to cyborg killing machines. These troops are called the "Old Clones". They are lead by one of the oldest Grineer alive, Ahl Defroy. His ruthlessness and brutal training has trained many Grineer warriors. Defroy has given many of his units modified mounts, made from domesticated Sand Skates and large amounts of cybernetic modification, turning them into weapons platforms more than simple Skates. These units are called Old Clone Cavalry. They wield Twin Gremlins and ride the quick Sand Skates. These allow them to avoid Tenno fire, while magnetizers allow them to control the skates with their center of mass instead of their hands, freeing them to shoot upon them.

Another breed of Old Clone is the Old Clone Ballist. Former Grineer Ballistae that have been trained in the art of stealth. These trained killers take advantage of their rifles, instead of running towards Tenno with high-powered rifles like their younger counterparts. They will perch in higher buildings, on ridges, and in higher areas to snipe down at the Tenno. When Tenno see the glint off their scopes, they better hope they are in cover before they're evicerated.

The last of the old clones is the most fearsome. Heavy Gunners, too aged to continue even with their cybernetics, have been entirely replaced with cybernetics. Bulked up, any semblance of feminine features gone and their used for nothing more than simple guidance system. These massive robotic monstrosities have no arms, instead, their hands are replaced with two mounted Gorgon Cannons. When attacking, they will be linked directly to a propoganda drone and start spewing Grineer Propaganda. These Heavy Gunners are the prime example of what Grineer can do with enough cybernetics.

Creatures known as Vultures can be seen hanging around dead bodies. They resemble earth vultures, with an elongated neck and four wings instead of two. These creatures are semi-reptilian in nature, and have a rigid, pronged tongue that they use to inject pray with an electric jolt. Unlike vultures of earth, these are not simply scavengers. These creature's interest is not in eating the dead bodies, but in laying eggs in them, the remaining body heat of a fresh kill serving as a safe incubator for their eggs. If Tenno come close to an already-dead body, they will be in a nasty surprise from an angry vulture.

Ahl Defroy:


"Your Lotus... lies to you... *cough*"

Ahl Defroy, ex-commander in the Grineer Army and a highly decorated soldier. The blood of many Crewman, the stink of many infested, and the deaths of many Tenno are on his hands. Though many say he is the first Grineer, that is only speculation. What Defroy really is, is the oldest Grineer still alive, bar the Queens. Ahl was the one who discovered Phobos, taking it over and making a deal with the Corpus to keep it secret. He used it as a sanctuary for old and decaying Grineer, where instead of being thrown to the heap and left to rot, they would lead a peaceful existence, away from the horrors of Tenno.

Defroy was out of touch with his own Empire. The Grineer War Machine was never going to stop. Once the Tenno, the Corpus, the Infested were all eradicated, what then? He believed that the Grineer would simply turn their weapons against themselves. While not separating himself from the Queens entirely, Ahl Defroy took a great amount of... liberties among his policies. The Grineer on his planet saw peace for the first time, and perhaps... it was the first time a Grineer had ever been a civilian.

Then it happened. The Tenno found Phobos, and by extension... The Queens. Ahl Defroy was heavily reprimanded for his treasonous actions. His punishment, simply put, would be reeducation. He was sent to Uranus, where Chief Scientist Tyl Regor presided over his reeducation. He was brainwashed, propaganda blased into his ears every second of ever day. His body was slowly replaced by cybernetics, old flesh replaced with new machinery, until very little Grineer was left. When Defroy was sent back to Phobos, he was a different man.

Soon, the Grineer would occupy Phobos, turning the once peaceful settlements into another warzone. Out of anger and spite, Ahl Defroy built factories, making hundreds upon thousands of cybernetic replacements. He turned against his precious brothers, turning the Old Clones into mechanized beasts, little more than heavily brainwashed patriots. Just as he was, these Grineer were more machine than man.

The Tenno are sent to the Illiad Facility to assassinate him, the Lotus citing his production of cybernetics and his thirst for Tenno blood as reasons for this attack. Tenno would enter the facility through a vent, and try to exit through the door. Instead, the door closes tight, trapping the Tenno inside of a room. The vent would seal itself, and the Tenno would feel themselves begin to move. A wall seems to flicker out of existence, replaced with an energy shield. The room was a trap. The ventilation systems had led them into a cage. A propaganda drone floats in, a holographic screen appearing on it with Defroy's face.

"*long cough* Oh, Tenno... so predictable you are *cough*... Perhaps you should think of new ways to sneak into someone's base? We all know about the vents, now..." The box would begin to move on wheels, taking Tenno through the factories. The Box is followed by two Old Clone Heavy Gunners, keeping guard of the Tenno. "The material your Warframes are made from... it is quite, peculiar... like a second skin. Tyl Regor would be quite happy to have you... But, for now... I think we'll keep you in storage. Barter you off for the right price." The trap is transported into a massive storage area, with crates and cages full of Corpus Crewman inside. "I will see you soon... *cough*, Tenno." The Drone would fly away, a laugh echoing into the distance, followed by another cough.

A few moments would pass, and the Lotus would contact the Tenno. "Defroy has no idea of the mistake he just made." The shields surround the Tenno would disappear, freeing them. As the Tenno exit, the shields protecting the Crewman would open as well. Several of them would jump on the Heavy Gunners guarding them, allowing the Tenno to exit. "Ahl Defroy made a huge mistake, allowing you to keep your weapons. Show him what happens when you leave your guard down."

The Tenno would fight their way through the factories, which is mostly filled with Old Clones and a high amount of Rollers. Defroy would taunt the Tenno during their attack.


"You wouldn't hit an old man, would you? *cough*"

"I assure you, I will not be so easy!"

"Forget Regor... I will dissect you myself! *cough*"

"Oh, Tenno! I've got a Gorgon with your name on it *long cough, followed by a wheezing laugh*"


Once reaching his control room, the Tenno would find Defroy sitting in a sort of throne. Only his upper half is visible, with his legs surprisingly absent. He would clasp his hands together, coughing softly. "I am old, Tenno... quite old... I was once naive, like them... I praised the Queens, screamed their names to the sky... But now... I've wizened up..." He pressed a button on his chair, which seems to transform around him. It creates a tall pair of legs, mechanical and backwards jointed. He stands slowly, crossing his arms at the Tenno. "You see, Tenno... the Queens are driving us to extinction... they care little for our suffering, our lives... we're simple fodder to them, guns to be thrown at a problem until it is gone. We deteriorate and we adapt... make ourselves machines..." He holds out one hand, what was thought to be skin disappearing slowly, replaced by a metallic finish. His chest opens up. a mechanical ribcage, six massive claws deploying. His upper body retains a skeletal structure, with a thin, mechanical spine, a larger upper chest and a weaponized rib cage. His arms transform as well, one taking the familiar shape of a Gorgon and the other taking form of a flamethrower. "If that is what the Queens want from us... then that only means... I am the pinnacle of Grineer strength!" His head opens up, revealing that only his brain is what's truly left, a skeletal head replacing his normal, Grineer face. "The Queens have ordered your death, Tenno... I am... forced to comply." He says, in a more robotic voice.

The arena is long and narrow, with a throne-room feeling to it. Ahl Defroy is massive, a robotic monstrosity with nothing but the desire to kill Tenno. He will walk around the battle field, firing his Gorgon at Tenno from afar, while his six, rib-cage claws attack any Tenno that dare to draw near. Tenno must attack his various weakpoints in order to damage him. Attacking his back will damage his spine, attacking when the rib-cage is spread will damage his heart, and attacking the glass dome on his massive head will damage his brain.

Destroying his spine will cause him to begin using the flame thrower. Firing blasts of flame towards Tenno. When the spine is destroyed, his walk will be slightly awkward and his body will lean to one side.

Destroying his heart will cause his claws to unleash. The claws will open up and reveal experimental laser weapons, the same used to build ships and create cybernetics. All six will fire in unison, sending beams across the room, attempting to kill Tenno. When his heart is destroyed, he will 'breath' much faster, and his walk will be slowed down.

Finally, destroying his brain will cause him to malfunction. Screaming at the top of his lungs as the liquid seeps out of its tank, his brain slowly dying without the liquid to keep it alive. As a last ditch effort, he will initiate a self-destruct sequence, attempting to kill Tenno in the explosion. The room will be locked down, and the Tenno have thirty seconds to hack the door and escape the blast radius. Once done, an explosion will be heard inside of the throne room, and the Lotus will contact the Tenno.

"Ahl Defroy was brainwashed by the Queens. From a man loyal only to the Grineer, to another pawn for the Queens. One of the few Grineer who advocated peace, it pains me to think of what could have been. Extraction is ready, Tenno."



Earth has a special place in the Solar System. One of the few planets that required little terraforming to serve the Orokin. It was considered a hidden gem in a lifeless solar system. Great cities were built on Earth, and many believed that Earth was the capital of the Orokin Empire. The close of the Old War marked the Fall of Earth. Earth fell to ruin as the Sentients and the Orokin were gone. The Orokin-engineered forests soon overgrew; a strong, hardy species of tree and vine that began to overtake entire continents. Nothing could stop the growth. Entire forests were cut down, just to be replaced in a matter of days. And soon The Gem of the Orokin Empire was covered in thick jungle.

How the Grineer were born is a mystery, though it is mostly agreed that they were born on Earth. Whether or not the Twin Queens are a title passed down, or two Grineer females who have extended their lifespans beyond what would be considered normal, is a mystery. What the Tenno do know, is that the Queens harbor unrelenting hatred. They hate Tenno, they hate Corpus, they hate everything that is not theirs to control. This hatred is instilled into their followers through rampant propaganda and quelling of any resistance.

Earth, while labeled as the Grineer’s home planet, is in essence a lie. The Grineer Queens speak of it as the pinnacle of their empire’s strength, the one true home of the Grineer. But that is all lies. Earth is little more than facilities built within the jungle, constantly having to fight back against constantly growing vegetation and coping with slowly being overrun by it. The Queen’s, in the failure of the Cicero Toxin, eventually gave up on trying to destroy the forests. While many know that Earth is not the great planet the Queens say it is, many of the brainwashed masses insist the Queens will bring salvation, as ‘they’ always have in the past.

For the time being, Earth is little more than an outpost. Filled with little more than two million Grineer, in comparison to the larger populations of planets like Sedna or Saturn, this is quite small. A small, trained contingent of Grineer troops called the Frontiersman. These Frontier soldiers are better equipped for Earth’s Terrain. Not only do they wield new weapons, but they have new abilities to allow them an easier time navigating. These can range from Butchers receiving machetes, Trooper wielding the Hek, and Napalms entirely replacing Bombards.

The facilities on Earth would be touched-up slightly, giving them a more worn-down feel (yes, even more worn-down than actual Grineer Ships. Vines would break through the metal, destroy machinery. Plants would grow out from the floors and in some cases, massive tree trunks would grow through their bases. While most are ‘abandoned’, some use this overgrowth to their advantage. Grineer facilities would be built around trees, with elevators and staircases leading to higher up ‘rings’ on each tree, holding military bases, outposts, and important infrastructure. Caves are a commodity, as for the most part the stone does not allow for vines or trees to grow within them. Cave tiles are expanded, with more added and a larger ‘network’ put together (assets from the Grineer Asteroid can be reused if needed).

More than 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, and yet on Earth all we see is the jungle. A larger expansion would be Grineer Barges; large, Grineer-styled carriers that act as mobile bases between continents. They will resemble Grineer versions of Aircraft Carriers, and indeed have space/aircraft landing on top of them and taking off periodically. Frontier Grineer would remain on these craft, and at times, Tenno will land on craft that very much resembles a massive, floating city. Extraction would of course be on the bow of the ship, at the very edge to allow easy Liset pick-up.

Missions around the Everest Node have a new tileset. What is essentially a Grineer variation of the Corpus Outpost Tileset, Everest holds the Grineer’s attempt at a science facility. Though facilities on both Uranus and Mercury dwarf these tiny bases, they are making significant breakthroughs in the taming of Kubrow. Cybernetic collars and shock therapy have made them more and more subservient to Grineer. Several tiles in these research facilities will hold captured Feral Kubrow. Which can be freed or left to rot in their cells. If freed, there is a good chance they will attack the Grineer and help the Tenno, but... there’s an even better chance that the Grineer have already broken these Kubrow, meaning you just released a whole pack of them on yourself. It’s a gamble.

Aside from these changes, most of Earth’s tiles would be unchanged (some extra nodes might be added to keep the tilesets on equal footing). Nodes around Oceana would be the Grineer Barge and the nodes around Everest would be the Grineer Outpost. The rest would be the forest.


Sabotage missions will be remade ever so slightly. The Cicero Injectors would be hooked directly into a tree, ready to inject its toxin into both the wood and the soil, spreading out and killing the forests. These Cicero Injector facilities are maintained fruitlessly by Counciler Vay Hek, who hides on Earth ordering Grineer to build more and more. These Injectors offer a weaker version of the original toxin, which would only clear a small portion of the forest for Grineer settling. While not as decisive as the original Toxin, the injectors are still a threat, and Tenno are periodically sent out to destroy important Injectors. Gathering anti-toxins would allow Tenno to place them in the Injector, in a new seperate console so the Injector is not activated before Anti-Toxins are placed inside. These Anti-Toxins are the same as before, with rarer ones giving greater rewards.

Reward Table:

Infected Clip
Contagious Spread

Pathogen Rounds
Fever Strike

Acrid Injector
Acrid Tank
Acrid Barrel
Acrid Blueprint

Torid Biomass
Torid Frame
Torid Blueprint

Virulent Scourge
Pistol Pestilence
Toxic Barrage
Malignant Force

Chunyu Syringe
Chunyu Holster
Chunyu Blueprint


Thread explaining the Chunyu:





The Acrid and Torid have been moved to the Cicero Injector Rewards. These weapons fit the theme of the Injector (it could be said the Cicero Toxin came from experimentation with the Infested). Acrid never really seemed like an infested weapon to me, and the Torid is a Grineer-Infested Hybrid, making it fit with the Cicero Injectors as well.

Virulent Scourge and the rest of the event mods are moved to the Lapis Antitoxin. Mostly because in my future Void rework, Vor will be getting a little more of a grand presentation, as well as better rewards.

Rescue Mission will be set on the Grineer Barge. The Rescue Targets will be Red Veil captured on Earth. It will have to same mechanics as the usual rescue missions. They will be held in a brig section of the barge and must be freed and brought off the brigs. The usual spector blueprints will be given, specifically Vapor Spectors, considering the difficulty level of Earth Rescue.

Deception will be given a bit of a makeover with Earth. Tenno will be sent to the Everest facilities, given a false DNA sample and ordered to replace the genetic material that the Grineer currently have on Kubrow and replace it with the junk material, which will yield no clones of attempting to clone a Kubrow. If an alert phase is set off, the gates will open and snow Kubrow will attack Tenno. Once reaching the room, you will open a vat of genetic material and contaminate it with the junk DNA.

Infestation outbreaks on Earth will be given a new tile that has a chance of randomly appearing. On this tile, it will look like a normal earth tile, with a large pond in the middle of a small valley. When Tenno enter, a fleshy meteor will fall from the sky, with infested crawling out of the biomass and attacking Tenno. These Meteor can be scanned for mutagen samples and can be destroyed to prevent more infested from spawning out of it.


The Frontier Troop are a trained group of Grineer, with extra training compared to their usual counterparts. Not only do they possess unique appearances and weaponry, but some even possess new abilities that work with their environment.

Frontier Butcher:

Given a machete to replace the cleaver. Butchers will wait in hiding in trees and on building, dropping down on Tenno that grow close to them, dealing damage and a guaranteed knockback.

Frontier Lancer:

A new weapon replaces the Grakata SMG. A nail-firing SMG called the Kobold, which resembles a much larger version of the Twin Gremlin pistols. Lancers grenades are replaced with fire grenades, which they will use much more often.

Elite Frontier Lancer:

Elite Frontier Lancers will keep their Karaks. They will gain the ability to deploy propaganda drones from backpacks, debuffing Tenno and strengthening Grineer resolve.

Frontier Trooper:

Retaining their appearance, the Frontier Troopers will gain Hek shotguns and a large range increase. No special ability.

Frontier Napalm:

Replaces all Bombards. Has the same ability as Arson Eximi.

The beginnings of Grineer-Kubrow taming have emerged in the form of the Grineer Beastmasters. Armored Grineer wearing cloaks that wield a viper and a chain, which connects to a cybernetically altered Kubrow. They will send the Kubrow to attack the Tenno. However, if Tenno attempt to attack the beastmaster, the Kubrow will try to block their bullets. Killing the beastmaster before killing the Kubrow will cause it to charge at the Tenno and self-destruct.

Grineer driving special vehicles made to traverse the forests have finally emerged. These vehicles resemble a spider-tank, with eight legs that allow Grineer to traverse many terrains, with bottoms that allow them to climb on large surfaces. On these vehicles are large, toxin-cannons, which fire blasts of toxic sacs that resemble those of a Torid. Destroying their legs first will immobilize them on the spot. However, there's a chance that the Spider Tanks will attempt a self-destruct sequence when near-death.

The massive, white Kubrow seen in the Orokin lab is actually a fledgeling Snow Kubrow. These massive, hardier Kubrow are similar to their Jungle Counterparts. Highly territorial and will attack when provoked. However, their sheer strength and size completely dwarf their jungle kin. Their bites can cleave a Grineer’s head off, their claw swipes ripping their armor to shreds. These are a tough beast and lower Tenno would be smart to avoid their wrath:

Propaganda Drones would be much more plentiful on Earth. Ships will at times fly over the Grineer bases and deploy drones over them. This is to combat the growing hopelessness of the Grineer, who are beginning to doubt if Vay Hek can truly beat back the jungles. These drones will inspire the Grineer to fight. Not only making them braver, but giving them more will to fight, causing them to take twenty-five percent less damage.

Kubrow Denmother:

The Grinder have worked hard to tame the Kubrow. The value of controlling these beasts are not lost on them. While the Beastmaster units have devised a way to control them, this is not without its faults. The modified Kubrow are very unhealthy and have a very short lifespan. Controlling Kubrow means they must tame them. Taming already-born Kubrow has shown to be impossible. Scientists have finally devised a way to control the Kubrow. Control the mothers, and you have the eggs. Control the eggs, and you have the Kubrow. Make aggressive but obedient Kubrow. A disease, similar to rabies, has been developed and injected into a Kubrow Denmother, a Kubrow Queen where all the eggs are born from. The Grineer use the Denmother to harvest eggs. Tenno must kill the Denmother and prevent the Grineer from learning the secrets of the Kubrow.

Tenno will be dropped on the Everest Tileset. The Lotus will instruct them to kill the Denmother and take the remaining eggs for study. They will fight through Grineer guarding the Denmother's cave, while Vay Hek taunts the Tenno about the greatness of the Grineer and the power the Kubrow will bring them.

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING, TENNO?! Yes, I'm talking to you! You don't know who I am, do you? *laughs* I am Councilor Vay Hek! Grineer 'Diplomat', Judge, and Executioner. And you, Tenno... You're nothing! The Kubrow you covet, hide from us... They will be ours, and the Grineer will hunt each and every one of you down!"

*later in the mission*

"This will not be easy, Tenno! The Denmother will rip you to shreds... If my Grineer fail to do so first!"

Once the Tenno reach the cave, they will find Grineer technology inside. Sitting behind a ray shield is a massive Kubrow, the height of Lephantis' body. It lays on the ground, lifting it's head up and roaring at the Tenno. A figure, large and mechanical, turns to face the Tenno.

"Aaah... Tenno! You're early! I did not expect you for quite some time... Good, then I can speak to you personally... The Denmother is more than just an egg factory. *laughs* I will show you! *deploys himself, taking flight and deactivating the shield* I WANT THOSE TENNO RIPPED TO PIECES!

The Denmother will stand, facing the Tenno and moving out of her cage, roaring at the Tenno and beginning the fight. The Denmother is large, and it's claw swipes will knock Tenno away. When threatened by Tenno, she will rear back and attempt to pounce on them, doing massive damage. Everytime a fourth of her health is lost, she will jump back into her cage, sending out feral kubrow to attack the Tenno while she licks her wounds. Once two phases have past, it will gain a new attack. It will attempt to grab the Tenno with its bite, which will trap them, doing massive damage and most likely downing them once done.

Once killed, the Denmother will roar out in pain, falling over and dropping her resources, and mod, before dying.

"You have made a HUGE MISTAKE, TENNO! The Kubrow will not be amused by your insolence... They will... EAT YOU ALIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!"

Just as Vay Hek says, Kubrow will replace every enemy on the map. They will attack in a swarm, forcing Tenno to run to extraction with a pack of angry Kubrow on their tail. Once reaching extraction, a shield will be brought up and those inside will be protected by the shield, before extracting. "I am sad to see such a beautiful creature slain, but I cannot stress the necessity of keeping the Kubrow out of Grineer hands. You have done well, Tenno."


Post Got Too Big: Continued Here



New Tilesets Coming Soon!



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Interesting ideas, though perhaps Vor should be in a different area for his boss fight.  It was stated that the only remaining Orokin Towers were located on Mercury, and Vor is greatly influenced by Orokin technology, so perhaps he should be standing at the base of one of the towers?


Also one more criticism is that the sun wouldn't take up most of Mercury, the visible diameter of it would only be about 3x to 4x that of the sun on Earth.  Though I suppose it wouldn't be the least realistic thing in Warframe if it was as you described...


Though I do very much like the idea of Mercury being some kind of military-grade chemical research facility with the heat dome, and there's definitely potential to use the sun's rays as hazards on the tileset.  Large expanses of nothingness would make for interesting arenas/courtyards if placed between the indoor segments, as well.

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Thank you for the reply, and I am definitely open to great ideas!


Speaking of which, that tower is a great idea. I almost forgot about the towers on Mercury, I could definitely put that in. Which also gives me an idea for the horizon. The outside areas could definitely be a thing. Perhaps some tunnels leading between domes could be broken, and you'd have to make a run across the wastelands to make it to the next one. In the background, you could see other heat domes in the distance, and the occasional Orokin tower.


I could probably tone down the sun a little bit. I'm a bit iffy on the science and how the sun would look on Mercury's surface. Anyway, thank you for the constructive criticism. :) 

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I could probably tone down the sun a little bit. I'm a bit iffy on the science and how the sun would look on Mercury's surface. Anyway, thank you for the constructive criticism. :) 


The sun would be 3 times as large in the sky and 6 times as bright, and since Mercury has no atmosphere (obviously this could change, Orokin Terraforming is blatant magic) the sky appears the same as it does in space.


It might be interesting to give Mercury a day/night cycle like Earth alternating between searing heat (your burning sun) and freezing cold (halving shields when outside) since surface temperatures swing between -200 and +500 Celsius.

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The sun would be 3 times as large in the sky and 6 times as bright, and since Mercury has no atmosphere (obviously this could change, Orokin Terraforming is blatant magic) the sky appears the same as it does in space.


It might be interesting to give Mercury a day/night cycle like Earth alternating between searing heat (your burning sun) and freezing cold (halving shields when outside) since surface temperatures swing between -200 and +500 Celsius.

Oh, thank you for the idea! I didn't even think about that. A day and night cycle would work well, and go well with the idea of fire and ice hazards. When there's no sun, I can imagine there being a completely empty night sky. The Warframes would still lose health, but at a decreased rate compared to being directly in the sunlight.

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I love the idea you have here, it's so boring to do some of the same tile-sets constantly.


Just waiting to see the Venus set now. It always bothered me how, the first planetary tile-set you get, on Venus which has a practically boiling surface... Is a snowy, icy, Corpus outpost. DE pls :c

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The sun would be 3 times as large in the sky and 6 times as bright, and since Mercury has no atmosphere (obviously this could change, Orokin Terraforming is blatant magic) the sky appears the same as it does in space.


It might be interesting to give Mercury a day/night cycle like Earth alternating between searing heat (your burning sun) and freezing cold (halving shields when outside) since surface temperatures swing between -200 and +500 Celsius.

Not only that, no stars would be visible in the sky because of the immense glare thrown off by the sun.

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Not only that, no stars would be visible in the sky because of the immense glare thrown off by the sun.

Would that glare only obscure stars during the day, or would it also do so during the night?

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Would that glare only obscure stars during the day, or would it also do so during the night?


Daytime only and only in direct light.


I found this in a paper on Mercury: "Because of its thin atmosphere, the sky would be black, not blue. In fact, if you hid in some shadows behind a pile of rocks, so that the sun’s rays were blocked out, the stars would be visible in the daytime sky."

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I LOVE those Venus ideas! Very well thought out and I think that boss would be a blast, although I almost think Jackal should be a mini-boss and this guy has a new name. I don't think Jackal fits something that flies. Also, have you noticed Jackal seems to be mass produced now? There are huge racks of them in the Eris Infested tiles.


For Mars I kinda just want them to move the Phobos tiles over. Then again I'm not entirely convinced those missions are literally occurring on Phobos and not just using it to differentiate a different area of Mars.

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Hmm, if you could come up with a good name, then perhaps we could edit it. Perhaps Jackal is still on Fossa, but instead of being the boss, he's sort of a... Red Herrin, per-se. Then, when you kill the Jackal, you could perhaps learn of the real prototype in a message from the Lotus? Could even be a quest!

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Oh, woops. Forgot to say something else. I have a decent idea for the Mars tiles, that will differentiate it from Phobos but still be more like Mars, instead of a snowy corpus outpost. 


Has something to do with Olympus Mons. :)

Edited by Cloudy13
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Hmm, if you could come up with a good name, then perhaps we could edit it. Perhaps Jackal is still on Fossa, but instead of being the boss, he's sort of a... Red Herrin, per-se. Then, when you kill the Jackal, you could perhaps learn of the real prototype in a message from the Lotus? Could even be a quest!


Vulture maybe? It fits both the scavenger naming scheme of the Quads and is a bird.


I like it being a quest with a fake-out, especially since it seems DE intends it to go that way with bosses.

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Redid the Venus boss! The old Jackal will stay, while the new Proxy is an upgraded version of him, based on the same schematics. Not sure what the reward for beating Vulture could be. Perhaps the three different missions could be a way to remove Zephyr from clantech.

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Why not have Pluto be like the scenes described in The Forever War?


That book really gives readers an image of what it is like to run around the surface of Pluto.

Edited by Renegade343
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You might have to be a little more specific here. I'm afraid I've never read that. :( 


And I'm actually going to stay away from Pluto until [DE]'s official tileset comes out, as [DE] has already shown an ice wasteland tileset they're working on. I will think of Pluto ideas once that tileset has come out and I've formed an opinion on it.

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You might have to be a little more specific here. I'm afraid I've never read that. :( 


And I'm actually going to stay away from Pluto until [DE]'s official tileset comes out, as [DE] has already shown an ice wasteland tileset they're working on. I will think of Pluto ideas once that tileset has come out and I've formed an opinion on it.

Basically, The Forever War describes Pluto as a chunk of rock dotted with small meteor craters, with sudden geysers of (I think) liquid helium and nitrogen bursting out from the ground at random intervals, as well as a few icy plates here and there that could cause a person to slip and potentially fly out of the gravitational field of Pluto. 

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And I'm actually going to stay away from Pluto until [DE]'s official tileset comes out, as [DE] has already shown an ice wasteland tileset they're working on. I will think of Pluto ideas once that tileset has come out and I've formed an opinion on it.


I believe that's going to be Europa. The last time they showed anything for it you could see Jupiter in the background.



 potentially fly out of the gravitational field of Pluto. 


Pluto is small but it's not that small. You'd have to slip at 4328 km/h to fall off Pluto.


The physical description sounds fairly spot on. I'm not sure about the geysers though, I've never read about Pluto having any.

Edited by ValhaHazred
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