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Unique Tilesets + Art!: Eris Surface

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The Orokin Void

The Mysterious Void. A patch of space around the edge of the Origin System, orbiting it in a ring, blocking most ships or even probes from exiting the Origin System. Many theorize this was previously a way to deter the infestation from leaving the Origin System, but now… These seem to hold the remnants of Orokin Civilization. While towers are scarce in the Origin System, the Void seems to lead to pristine, frozen-in-time Orokin Towers.

Attempting to enter the void without the proper coordinates, or a “Void Key”, a device that holds what seems to be a metaphysical ‘password’, allowing a ship’s entry without being violently ripped apart by unknown forces. Scattered to the Void as nothing but floating molecules. Incidentally, this is considered to be a particularly gruesome penalty in the Corpus Legal System.  These coordinates are usually held within the key’s databanks, which can be read by huge devices that decipher the data and attempt to read it out in an understandable form. These devices are also equipped with the ability to open Orokin Towers, but it seems that they type of key you use does not affect the Towers in normal space.

The Void is filled with many riches, relics of the past left forgotten, in fragments. Keys are found buried within the ground, in old Orokin Caches, or even in Corpus Banks. In Corpus Culture, Void keys are considered a higher form of currency than credits, though not as high as the highly rare Platinum. These riches can range from powerful weapons to ancient warframes of great power. Tenno donning this “Prime” gear are held in high esteem among their peers, seen as them adhereing to the ways of ancient Tenno and honoring their memories.

It has been observed that there are four groups of keys, each with a different appearance and different location. These keys are labeled by the ‘Towers’ they represent.

Tower I (Geum Key): Simple shape, very few engravings and a blank surface with no emblem.
Tower II (Jin Key): More complicated shape, engravings and markings similar to the Orokin Emblem.
Tower III (Koga Key): Very sharp and complicated, engravings beginning to glow, markings that nearly complete the Orokin Emblem.
Tower IV (Hisa-Janus Key): More rounded, complete Orokin emblem and glowing all around.

These different keys lead to different Towers, or perhaps areas of a larger facility. These towers seem to a purpose allotted to them, with the Geum Keys leading to nonessential and unimportant areas and the Hisa-Janus leading to a more important area.

Tower I: Storage

Many Tenno have been to the first tower, which are usually the least guarded and have the weakest and newest Corrupted troopers. Because of their relative newness, color seems to remain on them instead of being washed out and colorless. Their eyes, if visible, are glowing and their only corrupted part is the ‘crown’ on their heads, which is presumed to be how the neural sentry controls its captured targets.

The tower is ‘poorer’, with less golden trimming and less washed out white coloring. This place seems the most dilapidated, though only in such a way that it is so unimportant that sort of maintenance would be considered unnecessary. Corridors are tight and it tends to lack the more sprawling chambers of the Orokin Void. Rooms tend to have small groups of corrupted guarding them. There is an abundance of the ‘locker’ rooms, where locked and unlocked lockers are common.

Other storage rooms include rooms with large, white crates, presumably filled with raw materials or mass produced hardware. Armories are common, and at times you will see rooms with holograms of Prime Weaponry along the sides. While these holograms are only represenations, it is assumed that there was some system to materialize these weapons from thin-air, however these systems are either in disrepair or require some kind of DNA identification to activate.

One of the larger rooms is the assembly lines. Several belts with Orokin Lasers “printing” the technology onto the belt one at a time. Reminiscient of current 3D Printing technology. Drones, weaponry and components are made. Sadly, this does not impart any knowledge on the workings of their technology, as it is materialized from an unknown source and then disappears no matter where the item is taken. This is presumably a fail-safe.

Traces of what appear to be Orokin Robotics are visible in the assembly areas, unassembled and placed in haphazard and seemingly random arrangements, some of them charred or even damaged beyond repair. No attempts are made to finish these robotic constructs as neither the Tenno or the Corpus know what their purpose was, and would rather not find out.

Empty Cryopods are most often found stacked in rooms, each with large ‘drawers’ built into the walls, similar in arrangement to a morgue. While most are empty, from time to time living Tenno are found inside of these rooms and are rescued. At one time this was one of the most common places to find reawakned Tenno, but now, most have been emptied.

Tower II: Residential Tower

Nowhere else is the decadence of the Orokin more obvious than in their residential areas. Here, the white and gold most associated with the Orokin is found. Hallways are more decorative and share less with its more militarized counterparts. Water is incorporated in more designs. Decorative waterfalls, rivers, small ponds and what can only be described as public bath houses are commonplace.

Outside the public areas, the corridors and Orokin homes, gardens are scattered along the tower. These gardens are larger, more grand versions of the gardens that Tenno build within their dojos. Water, grass, lush foliage, a contrast to the clean white surfaces and the gold trimmings. Along stone paths, there are statues, these statues, which depict large, robotic creatures.

Residential areas are similar to apartment complexes. Large hallways, with doors on each side. These doors lead into small, empty rooms, all furniture and semblance of anything living there cleared out, aside from built in appliances. Each room has large windows that look out on one of the many gardens. Tenno may exit the complex through a back entrance, into a Plaza, or out a broken window, into the garden areas.

Tower III: Military Tower

The home of the Orokin military. A more drastic change in the void. Color is beginning to grow more washed out and sterile, corrupted troops are slowly transformed into Orokin beasts, slowly losing semblance of their previous appearances. At this point, they have adopted prime weaponry and have rejected the weapons from their previous lives.

While most hallways will remain the same, more important tiles will have a 'transition' as if being transported into another portion of the void. A rippling effect, the white colors slowly changing hue into the black and gold associated with Prime Warframes such as Ember Prime and Rhino Prime. In these rooms, the Void takes on a more 'military' feel. There is little room for ornate designs and decadent facilities here. Most decoration comes from military hardware along the walls. Similar to the holographic displays in the Tower I.

Long-dead vehicles will lay in massive hangars, ships, tanks, and sophisticated walkers. These vehicles are locked, and have an extensive defense system around them, preventing Tenno or other living creatures from entering them. Inside of these hanger, are laser shields that seem to lead out into some unknown region of space. It is impossible to discern where the hangars lead to, as the Void Energies distort and corrupt any coordinates that are given. However, this area of space seems empty, yet lacking in the blue distortions associated with the Void.

Tower IV: Neural Mainframe

The most extensive change within the Void. While this will begin as any normal Void mission would, eventually the Tenno would enter a room. Slowly, the room loses all color, everything in black and white tones, before the floor begins to change. Hexagonal tiles replace floors, walls, and ceilings, and a slight green-blue tint is placed over all colors. The Tenno have entered the neural mainframe, the heart of the Void and the origin of the neural sentries. Rooms have a tendency to change, distort, and move as Tenno go along. Examples include rising platforms leading to a door on the ceiling, or the floor slowly disappearing, tile after tile, until the room leads into a black void. Walls could slowly close in, turning a large room into a narrow corridor, where a powerful enemy could attack them.

As before, the Tenno will be attacked by a Corrupted Vor, the same, strong variation that they always fought. Little is changed, though when he does arrive the room that the Tenno are currently inside will change into an arena, resembling that of the platform that Tenno battle him in Tolstoj.

Soon, Tenno will find themselves entering large, tall rooms. What seems to be a Senate, an arena and buildings seemingly made for government. Vor will speak to Tenno as they go deeper (using the effect from Vor's Prize; I shall not write dialogue as what is said here would impact lore too much for me to have the skill to write it well).


Several new keys will be implemented to allow for separation of prime pieces and a slight increase in chances of finding what you want from the void. Each of these new game modes will of course have unique tiles pertaining to their mode and tower.

The new keys to be implemented are:

Tower Sabotage

Tower I-III Sabotage: Tenno will destroy several emitters scattered around the level, similar to Hive Sabotage. These emitters will disable the trams, until the last emitter is destroyed and all traps are disabled.

Tower IV Sabotage: Tenno will enter the mainframe, fighting their way through the Corrupted and Vor, before reaching a connector. This strand of data and corruption is what connects the Neural Sentries to the mainframe. Destroying these will disable the Sentry for a limited time.


Tower Rescue

Tower I-III Rescue: Tenno will save a lost colonist reported missing. Wardens will be corrupted heavy gunners with more gold trimmings than usual, taking up not only their head but most of their armor. The colonists will be trapped behind opaque laser shields, either waiting or being tortured by laser traps, depending on the state of alert. Things will proceed as normal from there.

Tower IV Rescue: The Tenno will save a Red Veil Trooper from corruption. Wardens are replaced with advanced versions of Specters, which will speed up the process when the Tenno arrive. When he is saved, there is a good chance Vor will show up to prevent escape. To prevent frustration, his golden eruption attack will be used sparingly in Rescue.


Tower Capture 2.0

Tower I-III Capture 2.0: Capture a Corrupted Drone to extract information on the Void. The Drone cannot be transported to the ship, forcing Tenno to instead grab it out of the air and carry it out in one hand. Enemy forces will target the player carrying the drone, forcing teammates to either kill them quickly or block their fire.

Tower IV Capture 2.0: The Tenno will attempt to capture a data core held by an Orokin Specter, which will only drop it once killed. Same mechanics as the first, though Specters are more common once the data core is picked up. Of course, Vor may attempt to stop Tenno from escaping with data.


Tower Hijack

Tower I-III Hijack: Tenno will Hijack a Void core, what powers the corruption process and the neural sentries inside. While unable to use this technology for their own desires, the Tenno will destroy these, temporarily halting corruption and the function of the neural sentry.

Tower IV Hijack: Tenno will capture a Void Core, though this time they plan on destroying the core near one of the Neural Sentries, damaging it severely and putting it out of commission for a longer amount of time. Vor will attack right before reaching the Neural Sentry, if he is triggered. 


Corrupted Enemies will transform between towers. As the towers progress, color will be washed out, their bodies having more Orokin tech attached to them and their weapons phased out for more powerful Orokin-made weapons. Once Tower IV has been reached, the Corrupted will be covered in armor resembling prime warframes (though they are not really warframes, just special armor), stripping from them any semblance of their previous lives, making them identical, mindless slaves.

New Orokin traps include long hallways with several laser emitters at the end, sending out 'grids' of lasers in an attempt to immolate Tenno. Pillars in the middle of the room will protect Tenno, until they can make a break for it at the end of waves.

More laser traps, and the possibility for whole rooms full of them. Parkour rooms with lasers on every corner, not affording mistakes but offering a great reward at the end.

A second type of drone that charges Tenno and drains their shields will appear around Tower II, being less common than regular drones and having a more cubed shape, to differentiate from the cylinder like shield-giving drones.

Rocket turrets like those in Dark Sector Nodes will appear around important areas, specifically objectives and important entryways. These missiles act exactly like the bombard missiles, though with weaker homing capabilities. Tend to be hidden on walls and ceilings to prevent easy spotting. However, they are large and easy to hit once found, allowing Tenno fix the problem.

The largest addition enemy-wise is the Orokin Specter. Large, statue-like automatons controlled directly by the Neural Sentry. These do not appear until Tower III, or the higher waves in Scaling Defense and Survival. They are huge, taller than heavy gunners and much wider as well. While slow, they fire energy rounds rapidly from a shoulder mounted weapon, while sending out a signal to the corrupted. These corrupted are willed to his side, forming a circle around the Specter and acting as a shield wall for him, while also focusing on Tenno fire. Last but not least, the Specters can deploy Drainer Drones and send them flying towards Tenno, draining their shields.

Tower IV Assassinate:

(As mentioned before, I will write very little/no dialogue as anything said would be lore-changing and mess too much with whatever DE has planned).

It is theorized that Vor's Janus key was what revealed the existence of the Neural Mainframe, also known as Tower IV. Through the use of this key, Vor was able to attain 'enlightenment' or some form of consciousness, while still corrupted. Whether or not Vor is truly in control of himself is unknown. Inside of the Neural Mainframe, there is a central chamber. All doors leading to this chamber have been locked, requiring a powerful key to enter.

Eventually, thanks to expeditions on Saturn and Jupiter, the Tenno and the Lotus learned how to make a key that accessed this central chamber. While requiring many resources to craft, the Tenno would soon learn what was inside of this chamber...

The Mission would start like a simple void mission, with the Tenno who hosted (used the key) carrying the key in their inventory. They would fight through regular enemies and perhaps even Vor if they are lucky, until they come across the door leading to the central chamber.

Once entering the chamber, after slotting in the key, Tenno come across a massive room. What they assume was once used as a senate. Platforms with ancient terminals at the end, with a huge central platform in the middle. Here, the true remains of Vor are kept, sleeping, still split in half and suspended by energy.

The platform that Tenno stand on would detach from the wall, sending them towards this main platform. Vor would awaken from his sleep, seeing the Tenno and beginning to struggle within his bonds, before being 'sedated' by the Orokin technology. Energy is drained from him, and slowly the platform is filled with four Vor clones.

The Tenno would fight these clones, being weaker versions of the Vor that they fight in regular missions, all with the same abilities. During the fight, the 'real' Vor would speak to them, slowly awakening from his slumber. 

Once the Tenno finally defeat the four clones, Vor awakens. The energy linking his bottom half and his top half disappears, replaced by a sphere of Orokin technology, spinning idly as he is slowly lowered to the ground. The energy would surround his body, slowly replacing his Grineer armor with Orokin-made parts, until finally his face is covered by a golden helmet.

In his hands Vor would hold his Cronus, which slowly begins to transform into a Dakra or Skana Prime, growing in length, a beam of light extending from the blade. Vor would take his fighting stance and it would begin.

Vor will hold the Janus key in his free hand, firing beams of golden light towards the Tenno in short bursts. His main form of attack would be long, sweeping slashes and downward strikes, forcing Tenno to either jump or roll out of the way. Of course, the golden eruption remains. During the fight, more Vor clones would appear, using the Cronus to attack. These are simple fodder compared to the other Vors, using only melee and having reduced health. 

Once the Tenno have finally defeated the Fully-Corrupted Vor, the Orokin Technology would slowly fade from his body, before his body dissolves into energy, like every time before. Vor's voice would echo throughout the level, saying something along the lines of his usual death transmission, warning Tenno not to return as he will just come back stronger. 



A Grineer Stronghold in the farthest reaches of the Origin System and their closest link to the Orokin Void, Sedna is a prized possession of the Grineer Empire. The planet was heavily terraformed by the Orokin, becoming a terrestrial, rocky planet in similar vein to Ceres. However, the sheer distance from the Sun causes Sedna's surface to be much too cold, forcing Grineer to retreat underneath the surface, where they can establish heating systems.
Sedna is similar to Grineer asteroids. However, Sedna is more cavernous and open, unlike the tight spaces of the Asteroid Belt. Huge caverns are dotted with small cave systems, leading between larger rooms. While mining is common on Sedna, no materials of great note have been found. However, Corpus who have taken control of Sednian territory have been observed to increase Oxium Osprey production, though it is unknown where they get the materials for all his Oxium. 
Standalone lights are very uncommon on Sedna, as all power must be diverted to the heating systems to keep Grineer soldiers alive and warm. As a result of this, Grineer have taken to installing flashlights on their weapons, and some higher-level units are given thermal or night vision headwear, allowing them to see Tenno threats without revealing their position. Tenno navigating Sedna's caves must use their flashlights to navigate, as it will be too dark to navigate without (needs some way to avoid brightness cheating).
Sedna's caverns, thanks to Orokin Terraforming, are suitable for life. Creatures inside of these caves are usually blind and 'see' through the use of echolocation. While different from creature to creature, most of the time it involves a loud screech or a light clicking noise. Grineer are ordered to leave these creatures alone and simply stand still until they leave, as most of them are too dangerous to kill with conventional weaponry (Tenno might have better luck).
Facilities are very open, as buildings are rather superfluous and the natural structure of the caves are enough to house Grineer. Rock is dotted with Grineer metal and heating vents, which always line the walls and ceilings to keep the caves warm. Heat is very important on Sedna, so important that Grineer have gone without basic comforts such as light to keep it.
Mining is done with the usual machines, crude yet effective, bringing up material and sending it down processing, before placing the raw materials in a cache held at the back of the vehicle. As Corpus occupation was once extensive on Sedna, Grineer are closer to developing laser mining capabilities, which would drastically increase production.
Portions of Sedna's surface break into the caves, through large craters or sinkholes. As it is impossible to heat the entire surface, Grineer are forced to build large, roughly-constructred metal shields, that protect them from the cold. These metal shields are used as command centers, hanging off them with catwalks leading to them. 
As Tenno go deeper, the presence of lava begins to act as a natural light. Soon, Tenno are close to the mantle, where light is more common and heat is natural. Grineer of higher-rank and greater standing are placed in these sections as a 'reward' for their hard work. The crust, even with the heating systems, are still quite cold.
Mobile Defense retains the same format as before, with a touch-up that looks more in line with Sedna. This is so one of the best Affinity grinding missions is left intact and people won't scream bloody murder (as they did with Xini). The Orokin Artifact is slightly buffed in health, considering the amount of Bombards on Sedna. Makes it a little easier not to fail Kappa with a stupid team.
During a sabotage mission, Tenno are sent out to disable the heating system, dropping the temperatures in the caves to unbearable levels. Tenno must fight their way into the metal shields covering craters that lead to the surface. Then, the Tenno will destroy several power cores. Shields will slowly drain from Tenno, forcing them to leave as soon as possible, or they are left with no shields.
Defense missions are set in a large, circular arena set over a chasm. The Cryopod gives off light, lighting a large circle. Enemies will walk into the darkness from the light. Flashlights will be disabled and enemies won't fire until entering the light. Walking into the darkness will damage Tenno over time.
Survival missions on Sedna will involve Grineer disabling the heat systems. To keep themselves alive, Tenno must grab cores and place them inside heating units, warming themselves up and keeping up their body temperature. Rewards are given every five minutes.
Widows, a special type of Scorpion, are a stealth-based enemy. They lurk in the shadows, climb ceilings, and do their best to stay out of the Tenno's flashlights. When given ample oppurtunity, Widows will jump on Tenno's backs and stab them, inflicting critical damage. If a Widow is seen, she will fire nets at Tenno's feet, immobilizing them and charging at them, attempting to finish them. The nets disappear when Widows die.
The Eximus version of a Widow, Black Widows, act the same as their normal counterparts. When they are given an opportunity to stab Tenno, they absorb their health and give them a gas proc, inflicting toxin procs on any Tenno nearby. Instead of carrying Sheev daggers, they carry Karysts.
Along the ceilings of deeper caverns are large bat-like creatures. If left undisturbed they are of no danger, but firing a weapon near them will startle them and cause them to attack the source of this noise. This can be used to Tenno advantage, letting Grineer fire first and get eaten alive by vicious bats.
Massive bipedal creatures with four long, thin legs prowl the caves. They resemble lizards, with fur all around their bodies, long hairs that seem to stand up every time they hear a noise. Their mouths are specialized, four mandibles with teeth lining the top and bottom. Two massive pincers on the left and right mandibles hold pray in place as they devour their heads, before using acid to weaken their bones, swallowing them whole.
Tenno who encounter these creatures may be able to kill them. However, they are fast, and if they are able to get a hold of Tenno there is little chance they will survive. Instead, using Grineer as a distraction and quickly leaving the tile is the best choice.
Rollers were the first attempt by the Grineer to automate troops, like Corpus proxies. Through research on Uranus and field testing on Saturn, these new Rollers are upgraded and much more fearsome, at the cost of production time and value. Rarer, but very tough. In their rolling state, Rollers are invincible, their armor too tough to he damaged by anything other than corrosive rounds. When a roller is in a preferred position, it will deploy itself, a large cannon extending from its chest and it's body digging into the ground. Acting as a mini artillery, Rollers will fire powerful cryotic shells towards Tenno, creating massive explosions. In cannon mode, these Rollers are vulnerable.
Kela de Thaym:
Kela has taken full control of the Core area of Sedna. By order of the Queens, Kela willingly went under a reevaluation, her body receiving necessary modifications, allowing her to complete her job easily. Kela now trains the new Widow Corps., creating a force of stealth soldiers that will one day be deployed on other planets.
Her body has been modified beyond recognition. All that remains of her Grineer self is her upper body placed on the front of her new body. The lower half of her body resembles that of a spider. Eight robotic legs, with two long tails out the back, with blades at the end of them. Her upper body is consumed by mechanical casing, while her head is covered by a helmet. On her shoulders an Ogris launcher is placed, and on her side is a slot for a larger version of the scorpion's machete.
Her voice will be more robotic, and she will wheeze... If Kela grows angry during a transmission, she has a tendency to scream mid-sentence.
The fight will start at the beginning of the level, with Kela crawling out of the shadows and challenging the Tenno, taunting them. She would then back into the shadows. For the first few tiles, she will act as a stronger version of a Widow. Hiding in the shadows and stabbing any vulnerable Tenno. After three different areas, she will grow tired of hiding and finally reveal herself. Instead of her robotic legs, she would attach herself into her spider platform, attacking the Tenno.
As mentioned before, Kela has an Ogris rocket launcher attached to her shoulder, firing rockets towards Tenno if they are too far. If Tenno come close, they will use a mix of jabs with her tails and long slashes with her giant machete. Once dead, her spider platform will explode, and Kela will fall to the floor, crawling towards Tenno and trying to jab at their ankles. One shot from any weapon will finish her off.



While most definitely not the farthest object from the sun, Pluto holds an honor that distinguishes it from other objects. Orbiting around Pluto's moon, Charon, is one of the last Orokin Solar Rails. Because of this distinction, the Corpus were the first the colonize Pluto and quickly began work to repair it. Theories of its function range from a simple, universal rail to the most powerful rail in existence, allowing ships that enter it to break through the Void and escape the Origin System.
Because of this, work on the Solar Rail is a Corpus priority. While none of them are certain of the rail's function, optimism and the prospect of a massive gain in profits drives them to complete the Pluto Solar Rail. Using reverse-engineered Orokin Technology, mixed with some of their own, they are making great progress. Completion of the Solar Rail is projected in the next cycle (Neptunian Cycles).
The Corpus board has diverted almost all of their funding towards the Plutonian Branch of Reasearch and Development. Major technological breakthroughs are needed to repair the Solar Rail, as many parts and the science that goes into them are quite alien and are very different from the solar rails built by Tenno. Though the general structure is similar, the technology and the use of them is very different.
Arn Etina, the creator of the Ambulas proxy oversees the project. He was given the honor after creating several new proxies and developing the technology for them, as well. He is renowned for his orginization skills and his obsessive need for everything to be in order. Corpus under his command are rigid, highly-trained and know how to deal with inexperienced Tenno.
The sheer amount of materials needed made it necesarry to build a massive tramway across the planet. These long, nearly endless trams transport goods from Pluto, to Charon, to the rail. Teleportation technology, seen on Corpus ships, is repurposed to transport trams one section at a time to another location. These tramways tend to carry raw materials, armor plating, and proxies. At the front of these trams are cars devoted to controlling the cars and sending them safely through the teleporters.
As there is no other way to get to the Solar Rails, without some sort of combat pod or battleship, Tenno must land on the surface of Pluto and catch the trams. The trams are always moving, heading towards massive teleporters, which are so large they can be seen from very, very far away. Flatbed cars tend to hold metal boxes, arranged in a path, and are most likely to hold Crewman and proxies. Boxed cars tend to be crewquarters, and several crewman can be found inside, with MOA cabinets at the ends of rooms. Tenno have the option of climbing on top of the roof to avoid these areas.
During most missions, the tramway will make its way to Charon. Continuing on its way. The Solar Rail (which could be seen from Pluto's orbit as well), will be in the sky, very large and filling most if not all of the skybox. The tram will continue to another teleporter. Tenno must find their way to a boxed-in car to avoid the danger associated with such massve amounts of energy. A radiation proc and shield drainage is the result of staying outside in the middle of a teleportation event.
Once the tram reaches the Solar Rail, it will come to a stop. Crewman and special loading proxies called Beetles will greet Tenno on their way out. The Solar Rail's structure is similar to that seen during a Solar Rail conflict (before PvP), and the objective Tenno are supposed to complete will be on the rail itself.
Extraction is held back in Pluto, after Tenno will take the one-way teleporter back to the surface, allowing them to extract right outside of the tram facility, where they started.
Survival Missions will be quite different on Pluto. Instead of needing oxygen, Tenno must find Cryotic Caches on the trams. Here, they will defend these boxes as an unknown fifth ship comes and loads it in. They must defend the ship until it fully mines the Cryotic. Rewards are given in the same fashion as they were in Planet Survival.
Mobile Defense is the only mode of defense on Pluto, but instead of being limited it is endless like survival and regular defense. Tenno must search the train for a metal box containing a warframe cryopod, before opening it and defending it from five waves of enemies, before allowing it to be taken away by a Liset. Every Cryopod captured will bring up the "extract or keep fighting" screen. If the option to keep fighting is chosen, then a new Cryopod will be detected.
Arn Etina's Quotes
"There will be order! Kill the sleeping Betrayer!"
"I will not allow you to disrupt my business!"
"You are destroying progress!"
Solar Rail Sabotage is back, in the form of Pluto Sabotage. Tenno will fight their way through the Solar Rail and overload four generators, escaping.
If Pluto is under invasion, a special tileset will appear. The Tenno will instead start on the rail, the skybox of space filled with many Corpus ships replaced with one of what looks like hundreds upon hundreds of ships, some of them absolutely massive, fighting in space. If fighting Corpus, the Tenno will start in a Grineer boarding craft, which breaks through the wall. If fighting Grineer, the Tenno will instead land on the Solar Rail from a Corpus ship.
Deception has Tenno bringing a corrupt datamass to the server rooms, where all the calculations and the monumental task of operating such a large solar rail is done. Heavy units tend to be more common around the objective.
New, orange-suited heavy crewman are stationed on the solar rail. These Corpus, known as Managers, are a larger Crewman carrying Amprex rifles. An array of four robotic arms attached to their back, carrying Cestra submachine guns in each hand, fire upon Tenno as the Amprex is charging. Managers will use the bottom set of arms to repair any allied robotics, and may even bring them back to life. 
Corpus Conductors are a variation of Elite Crewman, carrying Flux Rifles like their normal counterpart. The difference between the two is their ability to control the turret arrays on the trams, aiming them at Tenno.
Adjutants are a special, winged MOA Proxy. Though still standing on two legs, their guns are replaced with a massive jet array, with powerful laser rifles mounted underwing. They will divebomb Tenno when near death, self-destructing.
Docking Mechs are special Corpus mech suits that allow them to carry heavy objects without the use of cranes. While not armed with any sort of weaponry, they will use their fists to smash any Tenno in their wake. If near a storage box, they will pick it up and throw it in the direction of Tenno. 
The Solar Rail has a massive energy coil room. In this room, waves of energy travel along the whole length, rapidly powering the massive facility. These waves damage Tenno severely, and can be avoided by jumping into alcoves before the waves pass.
Massive explosions can occur on the hull of the Solar Rail, as Grineer ships attempt to destroy Corpus progress. These hull breaches will suck out Crewman and their proxies, and leave the Tenno to hold on to something, or run as fast as they can, to avoid being sucked into space before they are spaced, instantly being killed.
Arn Etina will order a lockdown in certain areas, ordering the doors to be secure, before activating an old Orokin security measure. Orokin Specters, the massive robotic 'ghosts', will attack Tenno, forcing them to either remove the lockdown or actually fight them.
Parts of the tramways can be destroyed by order of Arn Etina. Tenno will have twenty seconds to jump to the next car before it is detached, explosions running along the length of it, intending on killing the occupants. 
Arn Etina:
The Tenno are dropped in the trams, where they sneak into a car and take cover there, intending on sneaking their way in instead of going in guns blazing. The Lotus will speak to them as Tenno pass through Pluto and Charon.
"Arn Etina: director of the Outer Terminus project. His obsession with order and his subjugation of Corpus Civilians have lead him to progress. The Solar Rail is being completed, well before the projected times. I cannot stress how important this is, Tenno. We cannot allow anyone to escape the Origin System, you know not what horrors await you out there."
As the Tenno reach the Solar Rail, the Lotus speaks to them one more time.
"You have come far, Tenno. Do not fail me now."
As the Tenno fight through the Solar Rail, making their way to Arn, the Corpus Director will speak to them,
"Tenno, so obsessed with keeping order... we would be allies, you know... but that Lotus, she is your undoing."
Arn calls upon his proxies. Several grates open on the ground, with two Ambulas MOA popping out, standing next to him. He presses another button, causing the two Ambulas proxies to initiate their battle mode. One Ambulas' legs transform into arms, and the two MOA combine, creating a large suit of armor, which Arn will activate and jump into. With the Ambulas armor around him, two pilot lights will activate on his arms. The battle will begin.
Arn Etina uses dual flamethrowers to burn the area around his feet. His arena is large, resembling a large control room with a massive schematic of the Solar Rail in the middle. He has the ability to teleport, fire missiles, and burn Tenno alive. 
At first, he is like any normal enemy. Bullets will chip away at his health, and each time a fourth of his health is lost, a piece of the Ambulas armor is damaged. Once his health is depleted, Arn will fall, weak and frail. He is no match for the Tenno, and can be killed in a matter of seconds. 
Once dead, the Solar Rail's control module will be left unguarded. The Lotus will speak to the Tenno, urging them to overload the Rail and destroy it forever. As she is placed inside the system, her attempts to destroy the rail are met with resistance. The room will glow, the floor transforming into a grid pattern, similar to the neural mainframe in the Void. Gold  energy will be shot into the dying Arn Etina, both machine and flesh influenced by Orokin technology.
He will stand, his eyes glowing and his expression of pure anger. Despite being dead seconds before, he shows remarkable strength. The Orokin system gives him the power to summon Orokin Specters, who will fight and protect him. With the ability to hover in mid-air by some unknown means (energy will be at his feet), he flies around the control room throwing energy bombs and lasers.
After he is finally depleted of health, Arn Etina falls, fading away as Vor does, his body scattered the the Void. The Lotus laments the fact that the Solar Rail cannot be destroyed without catastrophic consequences, and tells the Tenno to extract.
Pluto Boss, Part 2: (Update 15 Pending)




Considered by many as the birthplace of the Corpus, Neptune is a gas planet. Though it is unknown how the Corprus survived before they formed, it is assumed that it was once a group of colony ships that shared a similar interest. As the Corpus empire expanded, so did Neptune and their hold on it. Neptune is now the home of the Corpus Board and the cities around them. Each city is a network, each leading to its own indoctrination temples. The tower-like cities are built only for the lower caste of Corpus, the Plebeians. There, they toil their lives away until they agree to be conscripted as Crewman.
These massive indocrination temples are nothing more than glorfied factories. Male Corpus of the Pleb caste are forced into these temples in droves, sat down, branded with their own designation. As they are stripped of their names, they are given serial numbers, barcodes tattoed on their arms. The first day in the indroctrination temple is the first day a Pleb becomes a product. No longer are they treated as human beings, but as machinery. They toil, working to assemble the machines that power their daily lives, all sitting in a line. It is common for these Plebs to die during their work. This is no real loss, however. Quality-control simply sweeps up their bodies and replaces them with a fresh Pleb, ready for their spirit  to be broken.
As these Plebs work, a Patrician Overseer, a member of the higher caste, stands above his fellow Corpus on a floating platform. While monitering them, he will constantly spew religious scripture, speaking to them of the glory of Orokin and the wealth of technology left to them. Through this, the Corpus intend on breaking the minds of their citizens, and slowly building them back up as fanatically obsessed, and loyal, Crewman. The torture of montony, of being turned into a machine, becomes too much for them. Eventually, they will stand, stop their work, and beg the overseer to conscript them. The Pleb is then taken away from their tables, given a place to rest, and treated above the rest. Once the day is over, the new Crewman are sworn in by the Overseer and sent home. The next day, they will begin their training as Corpus Crewman, no longer Plebs.
Through careful study, the Tenno have learned many intricacies of Corpus society. The cities themselves are overpopulated with shops, product on sale and free-enterprise business fully endorsed. Shady dealings are overlooked, as long as the hefty taxes are paid. Because of this, the phrase "profit numbs the feeling" has become an unspoken motto of the Corpus. While male Plebs toil in their indocrination temples, the female plebs are sent to work in the cities. Sanitation, robotic repair, selling goods. Breeding is restricted entirely, and a form must be sent to the government asking for permission to breed. Crippling bureaucracy stops only the strongest of Corpus from breeding. Patrician civilians are exempt from breeding restrictions.
The cities are created entirely for the pleasure of the Patrician caste. Patrician civilians are known for their love of excess and lavish goods, and are quite obsessed with owning the most expensive of objects. Patrician jobs range from government work, to being an Indocrination Overseer. Patrcians do not live in the towers, preferring their own private ships, or homes connected to the towers, floating isolated in the gas.
The mainentence areas are the lawless areas of the city. Inside of these bottomost, seldom visited by Patrcian areas are an entirely new caste. While not officially classifed as such, these Corpus are called the Casteless. Neither Pleb nor Patrician, these Corpus live in a lawless area, devoid of any government bureaucracy, and only the occasional repair drone. Corpus here are not hostile to Tenno, as many of them support their actions, believing the government to be detrimental to the Corpus. Many of these Casteless Corpus are former Plebs, who escaped the indroctrination temples before the indoctrination was fully complete. Most missions will be started in the slums.
This will be the first tile with neutral civilians. These civilians will either run or attack depending on how armed they are, if they are attacked first. Killing civilians will result in the Lotus scolding Tenno and credits being deducted from the mission's pay. The slums are narrow, tunnel-like, with pipes weaving through. Crouching, climbing, and jumping will be common as Tenno make their way through the maze of pipes, electrical systesm and gas regulators. Small, makeshift houses and tents held in alcoves are seen, with civilians sitting inside them.
As Tenno leave maintenance, they will find themselves exiting from a hatch. Most of the time they will exit through an alleyway, where civilans are unable to see them. Tenno will usually need to climb up the alley and stand on the rooftops. Looking down on the city itself, Tenno will be able to see in full view the Corpus' vanity. Flashing lights, advertisements and various shops, all around, with hundreds of ridiculously dressed Corpus walking along streets, basking in excess. Tenno will jump from rooftop to rooftop, encountering Crewman and Proxies on their way. If alarms are set off, the shops will be closed and the civilians will be evacuated, with a voice on the intercom warning them of Tenno presence.
As the rooftop section comes to a close, Tenno will find themselves on the upper areas of the city. Filled with catwalks and highrise shops, this will be one place where Tenno will encounter civilians. These civilians will run on sight, screaming in fear as they see the Tenno approach. Their fear will attract Corpus units from all angles, from lower catwalks, upper catwalks ,and the current catwalks. These catwalks can be combined by small, stairway segments and long jumps, where Tenno can risk falling to reach the other side.
If Tenno find themselves in indroctrination temples, the first thing they will see is rows upon rows of working Corpus, ignoring Tenno presence, as if they had lost all will to live. Despite fear driven into them by overseers, they will ignore Tenno unless the overseer orders them to attack. If the overseer spots Tenno, he will order the Indroctrinated Corpus to kill the Tenno. They will remove prods from their tables and charge Tenno, forcing them to kill. The overseer himself will be standing on his platform, ordering proxies and Indroctrinated to attack Tenno.
The final area of Neptune is the Corpus Guild House. These massive, spherical buildings reached by teleporter, with four towers connected to each of them. The guild house is the home of a member of the Corpus board, with several of them being scattered across Neptune. These will be more heavily guarded, resembling lavish, Corpus-themed palaces with some Orokin influence to them. While Tenno will not enounter the board members themselves, they will hear them over the intercom, ordering troops to exterminate them.
Extraction tiles will usually be held within a hanger area just outside of the cities, or perhaps a large, helipad-like platform right above the Guild houses. Tenno are almost always dropped within the maintenance shaft.
Capture Missions involve Tenno breaking into a guild house to capture an important Corpus Advisor. These well-protected Corpus tend to have an entourage of heavy units following them, making their capture even more dangerous. They will attempt to run to a 'panic room' if Tenno are spotted, shooting at them with their Spectras.
Sabotage missions involve Tenno being sent to kill an Overseer. They will sneak into the higher areas of Indroctrination Temples and assassinate the Overseer. With his death, a small-scale rebellion is created, busying the Corpus authorities for a long while, allowing another cell to gather intelligence.
Survival has Tenno being forced into more open areas of the maintenance section, the oxygen drained out of them. Tenno must find and protect willing civilians, who will hand them large oxygen packs after being protected for an amount of time.
Defense Missions have Tenno breaking into a Corpus Guild House to retrieve a Warframe Cryopod used as decoration. The owner of the Guild House will speak to the Tenno over intercom as they defend.
Instead of gathering data masses, Spy missions become full stealth missions. Tenno are to be placed on rooftops, using special scopes (given to them by the Lotus) to gather intelligence on a random Corpus civilian. Tenno must find them in a crowd and tag them, without being spotted by roving drones and authorities.
Corpus Overseers are helmetless Corpus dressed in purple robes, holding a large staff in their hands. They will speak religious scripture in the Corpus language, ordering Indocrinated Plebs into attacking. Killing these Overseers will not free them, and their indoctrinated workers will still attempt to swarm Tenno with their prods.
Corpus Magistrates are black-suited Crewman, carrying Supra machine guns. They patrol the cities on floating platforms, overlooking the city and most often flying over the rooftops, where Tenno walk. If the Magistrate spots a Tenno, he will 'charge up', before activating a personal alarm, placing the city under high alert. More floating platforms will be called in, and regular Crewman will be called in along with more Magistrates.
Spotlight drones patrol near or around Magistrates. These are special Osprey with spotlights attached to them, who will 'overload' their light and blind Tenno for a few seconds. These spotlights have a six second cooldown, allowing Tenno to prevent a second blind. These can be turned against their own, with Tenno standing in front of Corpus as they blind. A similar effect to Radial Blind will be given on each Corpus.
Catwalks are long platforms that feed out of a wall, turned off every night to give Consul an easier time in patrolling. When a high alert is underway, these catwalks can retract, forcing Tenno to jump onto a nearby building or another catwalk, lest they risk falling to their deaths.
Large sections of the city are hidden behind dangerous parkour segments. Jumping from building to building, catwalk to catwalk without dying. Once these areas are reached, Tenno will find caches that hold rare items, like rare fusion cores, or even the occasional forma blueprint.
Corpus Praetor are the closest thing to a 'Royal Guard' that the Corpus Board Members have. They are high-ranking, well-payed Corpus men that are officially exempt from the Crewman initiative. While they live cushy lifestyles, their training is brutal and they are renowned for their skill using a modified form of Serro. They can block bullets and will engage Tenno in melee combat. Eximus will have a similar effect to Prosecuters, called Centurions. These are heavily shielded, powerful Praetor that carry golden version of their Serros. They are weak to one of the three physical damage types and immune to the others.
Rooms inside Guild Houses can be locked tightly, with deadly gas filtering in to kill Tenno. Functions similarly to the Corpus ship, where shields and then health are drained from Tenno. Cannot be deactivated, Tenno must break into the ventilation system and escape (ventilation shafts can be hidden behind destructible statues).
The Hyena pack will remain, though their arena will be changed the Guild House Testing Facility. Here, an unknown Corpus board member will taunt Tenno as they fight their prototypes. Their voice will be distorted and they will express admiration for Tenno prowess during the fight. Once the fight is over, the Board Member will applaud their effort and then fill the room with gas, forcing Tenno to escape through the ventilation shafts. 
New Quest Coming Soon: 


The Main Belt


    The main belt is the area between Mars and Jupiter, a stretch of space inhabited by Asteroids, large and small. Its proximity to Jupiter and Mars, both Corpus-owned territories, is controversial. The Grineer control the Main Belt, thanks to the Shipyards on Ceres, which is inside of the Belt itself, and its heavy mining operations throughout.
    Asteroids are the main source of Grineer wealth. The resources extracted from them each day are enough to power the entire Grineer Warmachine, making the Main Belt an important strategic location. The Corpus have tried several times over to capture portions of the Belt, but to no avail. The proximity to the Shipyards has made it impossible for a fleet to take control, as the Grineer send out more and more frigates each day. 
    The belt is patrolled by frigates, corvettes, and small platoons of Combat Pods, all intended to keep the Corpus threat away from their mining operations. With the advent of Archwing Technology, the Tenno can finally bring the fight here. While the Liset previously lacked the firepower to take Grineer Frigates and Combat Pods head-on, the Archwing is more than a match for even the heaviest of Grineer ships. 
   Asteroids are a great presence in the main belt, with varying amounts of density depending on the location. At times, the density will be so high that it will be nearly impossible to maneuver inside, forcing Tenno to take shortcuts through Grineer mining facilities. Larger asteroids are more like static objects, while the smaller ones will move. Weapon fire and melee attacks can either break them apart, or send them flying towards enemies/Tenno. Larger asteroids are likely the home of mining facilities, with defense turrets to keep would-be attackers at bay, and a decent amount of Combat Pods to defend themselves.
At times, Tenno will become trapped between several moving asteroids, and be forced to take a shortcut through an Asteroid. This will be a transition-type situation, an occurence that can randomly happen during Archwing Missions. Tenno will detatch from their more narrow Archwings, which will fly to the other end of the Asteroid, while they fight their way through on foot. Once they reach the end, Tenno will jump from a raised platform and equip their Archwing, continuing on their previous path.
Missions that have a chance to have 'on-foot' sections:
Mobile Defense
Grineer Ships are a regular presence in the Main Belt, and are more than equipped to take down an Archwing. Tenno are unable to fight these ships head-on and instead must sabotage their cores. A vent in the back end of the ship, a glaring weak point, allows Tenno to quickly enter the ships core and take it down from the inside. Corvettes, larger ships, are not as easy to take down. They must be entered through the hangers and fought through on foot, before Tenno can enter the core. Once the core has reached critical levels, Tenno are able to break through the hull and return to space to continue their battle.
In larger spaces between asteroids, entire fleets of ships tend to congregate. In some missions, the Tenno will need to fly through these fleets, using asteroids and the ship's blindspots to navigate your way through them. Generally the Cell's objective is inside one of the centermost ships, forcing  Tenno to navigate through hostile territory.
The Grineer frigates are equipped with heavy missile launchers, which can easily target the Archwing and take it down in a matter of moments. Thankfully, Tenno will receive an alert in the direction of the missile, allowing them to anticipate its trajectory and dodge it, or use their missile deflection abilities. 
Higher-ranking ships (denoted by the brighter and more prominent Grineer text on the side, which represent the ships' name), have the ability to catch Tenno in a containment field, slowly forcing them inside of the ship's hanger. Tenno, still in their Archwing, will have to fire down on ground forces and disable the shields  to escape. This will vent the hanger as well, killing every single Grineer soldier inside.
Now that the Grineer have learned of Archwing technology, the Queens have ordered their top weapons development specialists to replicate them. Most attempts have failed, but one was at least partly a success. While not up to par with Archwing capability, the primitive Grineer substitute can be dangerous in great numbers. Grineer are mounted on jetpacks, with large 'false' wings, made to look like Archwing, that actually have no function. In short, these are glorified space hellions, who carry regular weaponry. These units are very weak on their own, but make up for this in pure swarm tactics. They will group up together and attempt to whittle down the Archwing's shields and health, before closing in for the kill.
A random event that rarely occurs in the Main Belt is the arrival of Balor, the Fomorian Class Supership. The first sign of Balor's arrival is an empty hole in the asteroid belt. Time and space will distort in an area, before Balor will appear, massive and imposing. Vay Hek will taunt the Tenno, before ordering Balor to fire. The same laser from the quest will plague Tenno, forcing them to hide behind objects and complete their objective while under fire from a Fomorian. Once extraction has been made available, Vay Hek will order Balor to track the Tenno, promising them that they would not be so lucky next time.
Archwing Mobile Defense - Tenno must escort a cargo ship to the other end of the field. Because of the asteroids, the ship must stop every few minutes to break asteroids apart with its mining laser. Randomly, there will be a chance for the ship to be caught in a Grineer containment field, forcing Tenno to enter a Grineer ship and destroy the core.
Archwing Capture - The Tenno must destroy the ship of an important Grineer general, informant, or scientist. Once the ship is destroyed, the Tenno must chase after a fleeing target in an escape pod, and capture them in a containment field, extracting them.
Archwing Defense -  A civilian relay has been discovered by the Grineer. Tenno are dispatched to defend the relay until reinforcements arrive. Certain areas of the relay will be hit by anti-shield impact shells, forcing Tenno to defend the unshielded area. Every few rounds, a frigate will jump in, and attempt to destroy the relay in one blow. The Tenno will have five minutes to break through the ship's hull and overload the core, causing it to explode.
Archwing Survival - A moving probe is sent out to scan asteroids for artifacts. Enemies killed near the probe will allow it to gain a small amount of power, draining the reserve power from the ships cores. Randomly, the Tenno must break in to a ship that is attempting to capture the probe. Oxygen is vented from the ship, forcing Tenno to move quickly.
Archwing Deception - A comm bug is dropped in front of the Cell, ordered to take it to a ship and place it on its hull. The ship will be alone, but constantly scanning for Tenno. If the Tenno are inside of its scanning range for more than a few seconds, it will go under high alert and attempt to escape. Tenno will succeed if they can place the beacon on the ship before it escapes, or without being detected.
Boss: Balor/Vay Hek
Tenno will receive a global warning, either in their inbox or on the screens in hubs. Vay Hek will taunt the Tenno, announcing his plan to destroy each and every relay, eradicating the Tenno all at once. An event will start, Operation: Balor's Wrath. Two missions are available. One with and one without Archwing. The Archwing mission has Tenno flying around the relays and defending them from incoming frigates and combat pods. At the end of each mission, Balor will come, and the Tenno will have to fight it by shooting inside of the Super Laser. The on-foot mission is in a modified hub tileset, with Grineer boarding pods landing inside every few minutes. Weak NPC's with Bratons will assist the Cell of Tenno as Grineer land inside. Afterwards, Balor will attempt to fire on the Hub, forcing Tenno to retaliate with the Hubs defenses, hitting Balor's shields and further weakening Balor's hull.
On the starmap, there is a global indicator, reading "Balor Hull Integrity". The more missions done, the lower this number goes for everyone. Once the hull integrity has been reduced to zero, a new boss node will open up in the Main Belt. The mission will start with a group of four Lisets flying through one of the calmer areas of the belt. However, out of nowhere, a laser will come, forcing the Lisets to retreat, leaving four Archwing-equipped Tenno to deal with Balor. Over transmissions, Vay Hek will taunt the Tenno, sending out everything he has in an attempt to destroy them. Combat Pods, super lasers, and missiles. Once close, the Tenno must trick Vay Hek into firing the super laser. When the laser is fired, it must vent the excess energy all at once. This will open a vulnerability inside of the hull and allow Tenno to enter Balor. 
Inside of Balor is a massive maze of wires, pipes, and engines. Tenno must navigate their way through, eventually coming upon the engineering section. The Tenno will attempt to destroy the core, but find that its shields are too strong. The Lotus warns Tenno that the only way to destroy the core is to disable the shields from the bridge, where Vay Hek resides. After a small trench-run sequence, the Tenno detach from their Archwings and continue to the bridge on foot.
Fight - Vay Hek
After fighting through entire platoons of Grineer, the Tenno will come upon the bridge, guarded by a large group of Guardsmen. After finishing them off, Vay Hek will once again taunt the Tenno. A fight similar to the one on Earth will begin, where Tenno fire upon a flying Vay Hek as he assisted by Guardsman Eximi. 
Defeat comes easy for Vay Hek, who will retreat from the bridge, promising the Tenno that he will return stronger. With Vay Hek gone, the Tenno are able to disable the cores shielding and return to the engineering section. The core is too massive to be damaged by small arms fire, meaning the Tenno must return to their Archwings and destroy the core in a section similar to a Archwing Sabotage mission. Once destroyed, the Tenno must escape through a trench run segment, having only two minutes to exit before Balor overloads. 
Once Tenno escape, a small cutscene will play, where they wait far away from Balor, in a group, waiting for it to explode. The timer will still be on the right. However, moments before hitting one, the timer will glitch and disappear. The Lotus will inform Tenno that the core has stabilized, but Balor is too crippled to move. Before she can order the Tenno to go back, a door will open on the side of Balor, with a massive suit similar to Vay Hek's Terra Frame emerging, armed to the teeth. An angered Vay Hek will once more taunt the Tenno with his long-winded speeches, and challenge them to a fight.
Fight - Vay Hek Spatia Frame
Vay Hek in his Spatia frame is equipped with two main weapons. Mounted on its left arm is a massive version of the Hek shotgun, modified to fire homing pellets. These pellets can be dodged by rolling, or sharp turns. Mounted on its shoulder is a smaller version of Balor's superlaser, which can shred Tenno caught in its beam. The frame is rarely stationary and tends to move quickly, enough to keep up with the Tenno's Archwing. The frame itself is invincible, yet Vay Hek is not. However, he is protected by a shield, which must be disabled by deflecting Hek's laser. This can be done by guarding with an Archmelee, or using Odonatas shield ability. Once the shield is done, the Tenno are able to damage Vay Hek.
Once his health reaches zero, Vay Hek will eject from his Spatia frame, and retreat to Balor in fear, ordering the ship to retreat. Balor will jump out of space, and leave the Tenno alone. The Lotus will congratulate Tenno from preventing catastrophe, but warn them that Balor can be repaired, and is certain to return for another attempt. The Tenno will receive the event's rewards and the reward for defeating Balor (probably a new Archwing).


Kuiper Belt

Beyond Neptune's orbit, the Corpus fleet is gathered. A huge network of interconnected ships, all communicating and trading with one another. Each ship is under the control of a different merchant clan, and are in many ways their own states, simply following Corpus regulations and laws, having freedom in every other respect.
Corpus ships have various purposes and not one is the same as the other. Mainly, the Tenno are known to infiltrate military and maintenance ships, where most important Corpus activity is located. Rarely do they enter civilian, recreation, commercial, or executive ships, unless they are ordered to do so. The presence of Archwing-Equipped Tenno, as well as the proliferation of Grineer Combat Pods,  has put the Corpus into a panic, equipping their non-combatant ships with heavy shielding and faster drives, allowing them to escape an attack faster than their military counterparts, which are expected to stay and deal with the Tenno/Grineer. 
Unlike the main belt, the Kuiper belt is made up of frozen volatiles ('ice'), frozen methane, ammonia, or water. While there are small asteroid bodies, ices are the main obstacle Tenno will encounter inside of the belt. As the ices are less dangerous to shielding than large asteroids, Corpus ships are much more common here than in the Main Belt, where their Grineer counterparts would mostly be alone. These fleets of ships rarely contain more than two large military ships, while the rest are non-combatant ships, filled the innocents. Military ships are equipped with turret emplacements on the side, bottom, and top of the ships, with the most located near frontward facing bridge. The main batteries are rarely fired upon Tenno. They are large, high-velocity shells that are similar to the Penta grenade launcher.
The Corpus do not mine as extensively as the Grineer. Their prosperity comes with smart trade deals, strategic mergers and colony-wide scams. Because of this, the Kuiper Belt functions as protection, and not a mining operation. Their fleet is scattered throughout the belt.
Tenno will often find themselves dropped away from fleets, in a field of volatiles. In the distance, Tenno are able to see a fleet of Corpus ships, where most missions will take place. The fleet fly in a close pattern, with the military ships on the outside and the civilian ships scattered between them. The military ships are always on the lookout for Tenno, and will fire at the first sign of Tenno activity. The use of asteroids and civilian ships to stay out of their line of fire is important, as Tenno cannot take on a ship like that head on, without some kind of shield disruption. 
Icy volatiles can be destroyed with firepower, meaning that Tenno cannot hide behind them forever, and must stay on the move to avoid turret fire until they reach the inner fleet. Once there, they will only have to deal with small defensive turrets on maintenance vessels and executive vessels. These ships can be entered through their docking shields, and the Tenno are able to fire upon the ground troops inside their hangers. Larger ships have open ports, allowing Tenno to enter in small trench-run segments. 
On the subject of trench run: The Corpus have relays, and have had them much longer than the Tenno. Many of these are purely for civilians, are not targeted by the Tenno. However, there are a group of relays that are purely for military use, and some even guard the solar rails that allow for easy, inter-planetary travel. Tenno enter these relays through unguarded vents, flying through the inner workings of these stations, attacked by their fighter drones along the way. At times, Tenno will break from the maintenance areas and enter a massive concourse, where crewman training and weapon testing takes place. 
Like the Grineer, there are transitions between Archwing gameplay and normal Warframe. These transitions usually take place as Tenno enter military frigates or even the military relays. The objectives given to Tenno inside of these ships usually pertain to the mission at hand, usually to perform some task that cannot be completed with an Archwing. 
Sabotage - Sabotage takes place inside of the relays. After being warned of Tenno in advance, the Corpus have deployed heavy shielding that specifically blocks Archwings from entering. Tenno must detach from their Archwing and enter through a vent, disabling the shielding so they may destroy the Relay's giant core with their Archwings. A small cutscene will play, involving Tenno stopping in front of the shield and 'jumping' off their Archwings, floating through the shields and into the vents, ending with a normal cutscene involving Tenno jumping out of the vents. Once the sabotage mission is complete, the Tenno will escape, reattaching to their Archwings and flying into the ship, where it is structured like a normal Archwing Sabotage. 
Capture - Instead of capturing a single target, the Lotus has ordered the Tenno to capture a Corpus executive ship. Small ships meant to house executives separately from the civilians. The Tenno must do this first by disabling the military ship's tractor beams, destroying small antenna like structures on top of their ships. Then, Tenno must journey to the center of the fleet, disabling the Executive Ship's thrusters before it can escape and marking it for pickup by Liset (these are very small ships)
Rescue - Tenno must rescue a Corpus dissenter from one of the Military Frigates. This is done by first disabling all the turrets on the target ship (to prevent them from targeting the weak Rescue target), and then detaching the Archwings to enter the ships on foot. A normal Rescue mission takes place, until the target itself is rescued. The ship goes on lockdown, airlocks opening up to send the Tenno into space. However, the Archwings are waiting for them. The Tenno must quickly find the Rescue target, floating in space, and attach him to their personal life support systems, holding them on a special harness on their chests (think parachute instructor). They must escape, chased by Fighter drones, and extract.
Interception - This gamemode is relatively unchanged. The points are located around ships, putting Tenno in their line of fire. Thankfully, the points are covered in the hulls of destroyed ships, allowing them some relative safety from turret fire. There are large breeches in the hulls, however, allowing the turrets to fire inward and harm Tenno if they're not careful.
Exterminate - Exterminate is held in the relay. It is a regular trench run Exterminate, going through the narrow maintenance chutes and the wide open concourse.
Spy - Spy missions take place inside the relay, where Tenno infiltrate from the bottom and work their way into the concourse. Here, they will place probes, specifically inside of maintenance shafts close to the main concourse. Once the probes are placed, the Tenno must escape without setting off a lockdown. If a lockdown is triggered, the Tenno must defend themselves while simultaneously damaging a heavy lockdown door, breaking through and extracting in space.

Archwing Invasion missions can take place in either the Kuiper Belt or the Main Belt. They will appear as new nodes, labeled [Corpus Ship Name] Vs. [Grineer Ship Name]. Tenno must choose right off the bat who to side with, and this decision will be permanent. Each time you click on the node, the health of each ship is shown. Every time a mission is completed, the health bar will decrease. 
The environment depends on which tileset the invasion takes place in. Instead of an entire fleet of Grineer or Corpus ships, two main ships will engage in a battle with many smaller ships supporting them. Like in regular invasions, whoever you side with will send troops to support you, fighting alongside you in space.
The winner of an invasion has the honor of destroying the opposing ship, taking it out of commission and destroying that ships node in their respective Belts. Tenno will be given regular rewards, or even Archwing-related parts, perhaps for new Corpus and Grineer themed weapons. 
There are two phases to Archwing Invasions. When the node first appears, it will be in phase one. Phase one consists of three types of missions, all with varying effects on the enemy ship. 
Intercept Calls for Reinforcement - Interception
Eliminate Enemy Combat Pods - Exterminate
Escort Bomber - Mobile Defense
If one side's ship is brought down to 30% health, two new mission options open up for the losing side. These missions are different in that instead of dealing damage to the ship, they will heal the ship you're supporting. Phase Two consists of two 'repair' missions, and a single 'damage' mission.
Defend Hull Breech - Defense
Plant Bomb - Deception/Sabotage
Escort Repair Crew - Mobile Defense.
Conflicts can last for a long time, and therefore, to encourage Tenno to complete missions, there will be different and greater rewards for completing more missions, and not a singular reward that causes Tenno to lose interest in the conflict once that reward has been gained. A downside to this is that the baseline rewards (for doing five missions) are much smaller. The other rewards can be gained by completing certain missions, or dealing a certain amount of damage to the ship. 
Once the ship's health has reached zero, a cutscene will play for all those who participated, of the winning ship destroying the losing ship. Those who have won receive all their rewards, as do the losers. The ship destroyed will temporarily lose its node until the next invasion is triggered.

First order of business is the enemies already existing. Sadly, the only non-reskin enemies among the Corpus are the jetpack-equipped Crewmen, and even then, the only thing original about them is their jetpacks. I think the first order of business is separating Corpus Archwing enemies from their ground counterparts and having less ospreys in space. While there are still drones, differentiating them will definitely help the Corpus experience.
The Corpus need a heavy enemy (like the Grineer Ohgma). My proposal for a heavy enemy is the Drone Commander. Drone Commanders are eye-like automatons, twice the size of a regular Archwing-Equipped Tenno. Attached to their backs are six appendages, each able to converge on the 'eye' of the drone commander. These arms have the ability to fire lasers independently, in any direction, or they can converge in one spot to create a stronger laser, capable of piercing hulls.
When in danger, the Drone Commanders will detach these arms, which are revealed to several smaller versions of itself, called 'Drones'. These are capable of both swarming Tenno and shielding the Commander, by forming a grid and creating a shield similar to ones used by Nullifiers.
As mentioned before, Corpus Frigates (the actual ones not the drones), are equipped with dozens of turrets on each side, most of them focusing on the vessel's bridge. These will fire on sight, forcing Tenno to find cover or attempt to fight a whole array of turrets. Smaller, weaker versions of these turrets are equipped on maintenance and executive vessels.
Larger volatiles can be targeted by the main battery of these frigates. Tenno are warned that the main battery is charging and that they are advised to retreat to smaller cover. The main battery will pierce the volatile and cause an explosion, damaging or downing Tenno in a large radius. The main defense from the main battery is to simply enter the fleet, where they cannot fire the main battery for fear of hitting civilian vessels.
Relay defenses include standard laser turrets, beam turrets, and sapper arrays. Sapper arrays drain Tenno shields, and once that is accomplished will begin to rapidly drain energy. Thankfully, these are weak, but fairly hidden, forcing Tenno to search for them or risk losing energy and shields. Inside the relays, lockdowns can be enabled, trapping Tenno in turret filled tunnels, or even tunnels full of sapper arrays. Inside the concourse, regular Corpus troops will fire on Tenno from below, though their weapons are less effective in this case.


Eris Surface


Eris was a planet that was at one time under Corpus control. A long time before, it was one of the infested's many overrun planets. The Corpus took control, using powerful robotics, who were immune to the infestation, to destroy them all and take back the planet for themselves. It was a huge success, driving the infested back and eradicating an entire strain.
This was all before Alad V's illicit experiments with infested. His modification of the infestation strain allowed for the infestation of non-organic objects. Robotics, inanimate objects, entire planets if left alone... The Corpus could no longer rely on their robots to fight back the infested, and Eris was rapidly overrun with infestation. It was too quick, and there were no survivors. The Corpus Board voted, and it was unanimously declared that Eris was a lost cause, and the planet was promptly ignored.
This indifference allowed the infestation to grow, covering the entire planet in a single earth cycle, and burying the surface under a mound of living tissue. From orbit, the planet is a sickening mix of red, fleshy tissue and black, fossilized plates. Massive, skyscraper-like stalks grow from the flesh, branching outward into space and catching ships in their orbit, connecting them to the planet and slowly forming a network of infested ships.
Some Corpus facilities still poke out of the flesh, covered in patches of infestation, the machines inside heavily infested. The highest, least infested platforms are where the Tenno find themselves dropped. A high, tower-like structure, looking over the horizon. Mountains of flesh, with noxious gas billowing out of pus-filled pores cloud the sky in a red haze, stalks rising above everything else, breaking through the layers of cloud.
Here, the Tenno would climb down the tower and first make their way thorough the base. As expected, it is heavily infested, and even the turrets and cameras have been infested, firing upon Tenno with deadly new weapons. The remains of Corpus could be found stuck inside of biomass, fed upon, slowly to preserve their food source. The base's main entrance would be the Tenno's method of leaving, stepping from the metal floor onto fossilized flesh.
The surface is hilly, with a "path" of fossilized flesh, which is safe to walk on. The red, twitching biomass is dangerous, having a chance of opening and absorbing Tenno (fade to black, like falling off a ledge). Ships and bases would jut out from the flesh, creating tunnels to break up the landscape. Most missions would take place on the surface. It would be uncommon to enter the deep reaches of Eris, below the surface.
The infestation of Eris has merged. It has more than doubled the size of Eris and completely obscured the planet's surface. The only way to enter Eris' underground is through massive, gaping holes in the ground, lined with teeth. These have been accurately labeled hellmouths. These massive craters lead far down. Tenno must jump inside of the mouth and descend, falling in and rapidly descending, until landing inside.
The Tenno will always land inside a stomach-like structure, with a pool of brownish-red, bubbling tar breaking their fall. The Tenno are slowed, similar to the tar thrown by Muralist MOA. The tar will damage Tenno slowly, forcing them onto a small island. The stomach is massive, like an atrium with, with its roof higher than six stories. The walls are lined with tentacles and inanimate objects, half-absorbed into the walls. To exit the stomach, the Tenno just destroy a weakness in the flesh, entering the tunnels.
Eris is a single living creature. While not sapient, its organ system is complex and intricate. With millions of tunnels branching out between stomach chambers, a never ending river of biomass all leading father down. Hazards grow as Tenno delve deeper, as the new flesh is soon replaced by much older, fossilized flesh. Here, the Tenno will start to hear whispering. The whispering starts quiet, and uncommon. The longer Tenno are there, the louder it becomes, until the whispering is near constant.
Hazards inside Eris are all controlled by the 'living' planet. With the addition of the Mutalist Virus, machinery and scrap metal are now walking amongst living infested. Nothing is safe from Eris' control. Machinery may suddenly come to life and ram into unsuspecting Tenno. Turrets leftover from dilapidated Corpus facilities will fire on Tenno, with infested flechettes that explode on contact. The 'organs' of the giant infested are living and will attack Tenno if given the opportunity. Broken 'blood' vessels will spew acidic 'blood' all over, damaging Tenno and hitting them with a toxin proc. Everything is alive and dangerous, and Tenno must keep moving to avoid death.
Once the missions objective has been complete, the whispering will stop entirely. Not only that, but all music stops as well, leaving Tenno to wander empty tunnels, listening to the sickening ambient sounds of a planet-sized creature. Regular infested become rarer, and the Tenno must escape. The only way to extract from the inner reaches are by calling the Liset inside. The hole is wide enough to fit all four Liset.
Hive Sabotage is nearly the same as on the Eris Ship. The difference between the two is there are five hives instead of three, and each will make the Eris Infestation agitated. The five hive hazards are:

Acidic Hive - Pools of acid will appear in certain areas, forcing Tenno to traverse on higher ground or to parkour across.

Gnashing Hive - Smaller corridors will be replaced by 'doors' with teeth, which will open and close periodically. These corridors are filled with teeth and Tenno must quickly run through them or receive large amounts of slash damage.
Leech Hive - Large, chitenous sacs appear on the walls, similar in texture to the Broodmother Ancient. If destroyed or approached, these sacs will open and release a swarm of Broodmother Leeches.
Swarm Hive - Structures similar to a beehive appear on ceilings, filling rooms with patches of Infested swarms.
Egg Hive - Turret-like structures will fire objects, similar to the eggs that Boilers drop on death, which explode on contact and place a light infested in front of Tenno.

All of these are hazards in normal play, but would be much more common in Hive Sabotage.
Survival is the same as before, the only difference being that instead of deactivating life support, an agitated Eris Infestoid will leak toxic gasses throughout its entire system, forcing Tenno to fight, while picking up life support units from light infested and opening canisters the Lotus sends.
The opening is slightly different, with the Lotus mentioning a scanner attached to the Tenno, constantly analyzing the infested. When the scanner has found something, the Tenno will receive that item and continue on, or are given the option to extract.
In capture, Tenno must retrieve data from a Corpus informant, who has been infested and merged with the Eris hivemind. When reaching the last known location of this informant, the Tenno will encounter a long, skinny creature with the corroded remains of a Corpus helmet on the end. The Lotus orders Tenno to capture this snake-like creature and bring it back for study.
On Eris, Rescue missions consist of two to three well-armed targets. These targets were able to fight of infested long enough and send out distress signals. At random, one of these targets has the potential to be a fake, a mimic simply pretending to be a human. When near extraction, the mimic will reveal itself and attempt to devour the remaining rescue targets. Killing the mimic will count as rescuing a target, and points will not be lost.
In Infested Spy missions, Tenno must collect samples of mutated tissue, in an attempt to protect against new strains of the disease before they become virulent. When collection samples, Tenno will be presented a meter with a single pointer going back and forth. Pressing the mouse at the right moment, when the pointer is in a small green patch, will stealthily extract the tissue and give Tenno full points. Failing this, Tenno will anger the hivemind and create new hazards, similar to hazards found in Hive Sabotage.
Inside of Corpus facilities, every machine has been heavily infested. These infested machines have been adapted to suit the needs of the infested, and are equipped to kill any living creatures on sight. Cameras are still functional, the flesh running through wires becoming agitated and firing a ball of toxic spores at Tenno.
Turrets are lopsided, entirely convered in the infestation, with three prongs at the firing end similar to the Paracyst. These turrets will fire infested flechettes at Tenno, which attack to their Warframe and slowly drain their health away, forcing them to role or maneuver to knock it off.
MOA cabinets have become infected as well. Flesh surrounds the cabinets entirely sprouting legs and a head, shambling around, barely functional. It releases infested MOA to attack Tenno, before the infested flesh tries to overheat the charging mechanism and cause a small explosion, rushing at Tenno in a suicide attack.
Osprey swarms are infested enemies loosely connected by strands of flesh, giving them the appearance of a swarm of Osprey. The smaller Osprey connected to the main osprey retain their laser rifles, while the main Osprey instead fires swarm pods, inflicting Tenno with the swarm status effect.
Inside the stomach, Tenno must be wary of standing in the stomach acids, which will eat through their shields and corrode their armor in seconds. Along the walls are hidden chompers, mouths that pop out from the wall if Tenno are close, chew them up and spit them out, downed or heavily injured. Shooting too many of these mouths will irritate the stomach and cause the acid to rise, leaving very small 'islands' for Tenno to walk safely on.
The Mutalist Strain of the Infestation has found the ability to merge with machinery. On Eris, it has evolved to take control of non-mobile machinery, without AI. The power cores inside of bases have become overtaken by infested, covering everything except for small portions, the blue 'energy' only peeking out through a small slit, giving the power core an eye-like appearance. It walks on four, spider-like legs, lumbering around. They only spawn in outside areas or larger rooms inside of the planet. Their attacks consist of stomps, slashes, and a powerful laser fired from its opening. These can only be damaged by shooting the eyeslit.

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A little update on what I'm doing and what's happening here.


I'm working on the Void. Planning on making the towers more unique to each other without having to replace a lot of tiles.


ValhaHazard is making some concept art for Mercury! I can't be more thankful for that. That should probably be on the post soon!

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See, this is what I was talking about. The void feels fine as it is - and there's planets that need a lot more love.


Most of these posts have been fixing what is broken. Fixing what is fine as it is runs the risk of breaking it more.

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Sorry if you disagree with how I'm running things. But I had a surge of ideas in the void and I had to write them down. Thankfully, I'm avoiding major lore topics. Only real lore I'm adding for the void is an explanation on the nature of keys.

I'll say that Sedna is next on the list, after void. I at one time had major lore ideas for it but I figured I should avoid lore unless it's needed. So, definitely avoiding Twin Queens. But, I have a very unique idea for sedna and it involves flashlights and limited light sources.

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Finally done.

Sorry, all. School got in the way of some work time. I know some people wanted another planet, but I needed to get these ideas out of my head. Thankfully, I resisted the urge to call the boss Vor Prime. Going on a weekly schedule, now. Will release new tileset every Wednesday, update day. :)

If I think I need more work I'll just post an update.

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Hey, I thought I'd give you guys Sedna! I had a big inspiration for it, so... I thought I'd do it early. 


Suggestions for the next planet are appreciated!


Edit: I just realized I've reached 2000 views! Really appreciate the attention!

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Well, thank you! I try to avoid adding too much major lore (as you can see, I avoided lore a lot with the Derelict and the Void, as that's not my choice. I do like to add little flavors of lore to explore the use of these places and the story behind them. My biggest "lore" thing is probably the Vulture Quest.

I should mention, as well. Suggestions and criticism is always welcome. What would you people like to see next?

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Hey, there all!


So, since I posted Sedna earlier than expected... I was wondering if you guys wanted to vote on the next one!


So, I have several left and all of them are in need of a tileset. Choices are:








Go ahead and vote!


PS: Valha is working on Venus, many thanks to him as usual. :)

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