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I've recently became a member of a rating team/group, whatever you wanna call it.. They asked me to give a rating of the warframe gameplay and launcher, so here it is..


Warframe Gameplay : 9/10. I really LOVE this game...but its just so hard because of my warframe, Frost Prime. Its slow as freaking heck..something like this. "*1 hour later* I BARELY MOVED A STEP...". This is very annoying...and the only way I can move is if I either sprint, or put in speed mods...Otherwise its a VERY good game..


The Launcher : 4/10. Ok..the launcher is good but its just plain.. Try adding something like warframe info on a tab or something like that.. I don't wanna spend 8 hours doing nothing but reading the update...It also takes so long to update, I think its because of my internet, not blaming it on you... Im gonna get new internet as soon as I get started in school (im in 9th grade)


They didn't ask me THIS, but im giving my rating about Mirage...


Mirage : 100/10. Ok, this is just really freakin fast... its like a Darude-Sandstorm.. Can you slow her down a bit? Otherwise except for the speed its a epic frame...



And before I leave, I wanna give a suggestion I had,


AkBallistica : Hold 2 Ballisticas at the same time with this dual sidearm crossbow!


AkBallistica Codex : Bolt your enemies into outer space with the firepower of these dual sidearms!


That's it...cya guys on my next rating..

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