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Revised thoughts on foundry craft times


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Hey all.

So intially i had a strong advocation for the crafting times in this game, like alot - and i even posted about it a few times, but i realized something today. i havent played in 2 days - because im waiting on my ember to craft, i log on to look at its progress and get my login reward, then i go play planetside lol

now realizing this, the crafting time actually has sucessfully decentivized me to play... much more than an instant crafting system would have caused me to get bored due to quicker aquizition of goods

The 12 hour crafts are fine since people do that then go to bed, but the 3 day ones may be a little steep, for somone like me who doesnt mind that kind of thing, and only to see that i have no desire to play and rank up a frame that i never want to use again (hate loki, regret picking it so much lol) is kind of troubling, because other plays will subconciously do the same thing

i highly recommend, DE, that you cut the crafting time, or add crediti rushing, or allow crafting to begin instantly with installments of needed resources (like it consumes 25 rubedo an hour, and then pauses if not enough materials exist in the pool, kind of like minecraft crafting is the best analogy i can think of, and if you want you could put all 500 down at once and then go away) this would keep the current system as is, but incentivize players to start their crafting sooner, and play while its crafting. just a thought.

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