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Dark Sector Conflict


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Well, I know not too much people have played dark sector conflict,

but everyone who have played must be &!$$ed off by the ridiculous settings.


Before that, let me introduce this game mode first.


Your objectives will differ as your support side.


If you are a attacker, you'll have 20 chances to revive after death for your whole team.

If these 20 revives are used up, you're lose.

And you have to destroy those object which the game told you (console x2, powercore x4, and finally the Big Ball).


As a defender, of course, drain up that 20 revives of the attackers, and protect your structure.

You have infinite revives, but this is not meaning you can just go to die and repeat (like edge of tomorrow)

as your enemies will gain exp to have a much powerful mod or power.


Then let's talk about the in-game-rank.

In the game, everyone will start with rank 0, including weapon (no sentinel), what you need to do is killing.

You will rank up if you get enough exp, and your mod power increase.

When your mod power is enough for a mod, you will equip that mod according to the priority.


(you can recover your energy next to the spawn point)


And that's the whole conflict does.


And here they come, what I most not satisfy.


First, im-balance power, power + infinite energy.

As I mentioned, you can get energy as much as you want almost immediately.

I don't think I have to say something.

For Ash, Shuriken, slash damage, 0 mod power, I thought it was useless before this dark sector conflict come out.

For Ash, blade storm, can be used at least lv 5 (0 rank mod, priority one, just met the polarity),

    and no enemies on the war after that (if I am attacker and I meet someone who use bladestorm)....

For Trinity, ah...........................................................................................................................................

For Loki, Ash, invisibility and smokescreen, if the power colour is purple or blue.....

For Vauban, Frost, you'll be slow motion even when you just spawn.

And tornado is quite useful too.


So, because of the power, everyone end with using those warframe I have mentioned, and 

    bladestorm, bladestorm, bladestorm, bladestorm, bladestorm (even myself do so).


You can get your mod when you rank up..... how ridiculous?

The polarity is according the original one, but you should know,

    we have used a lot of forma on each thing we think useful (for me, I have at least 5 forma in each build).

We cannot equip some mod because of that 25% punishment.

If I swap them, my config B and C will complaint about me, they don't care about priority!

And wrong-equipped mod will cause a mis-estimating on the mod we have in the game.


And you know, the first power you get is the most important as I mention.


And at last, the reward. Yup there is NO reward if you lose. What "rank up your mods when you play"? No.

Besides, those credits, provided by the clan or alliance, sometimes will be 0, and that's meaningless to play the game.

Before, we can get some rare mods (rage, flow, etc.) on those spectors, but now, nothing,

    the enemies just give you useless exp and orbs. ####


That's all I want to tell.

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