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Some General Bugs


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First off let me just say what a wonderful game this is. I've been playing it for about 2 years now and bugs have come and gone, yet still the fun remains.


Onto the bugs:

   Kubrows do not display any mods when viewed under the "Intalled tab" under any mod selection screen.

   Kubrow shows 0% when being revived instead of counting to 100%.

   Badges that are put on a Kubrow are removed after a mission is ran with that Kubrow.

   Graphics issue showing incorrectly colored Kubrow while in ship.

   When swaping preset loadouts, weapon slots that have "none" selecedt in that slot still show previous weapon equipt on warframe while the slot indicates there is no weapon equipt. Running a mission or reselecting "none" resolves this issue.


Once agian these are just a few bugs I've noticed that somewhat impair immersion. Thanks to DE for all their contiuned hard work.



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