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Trinity Nerf


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i did a post about this a long time ago and it got ate alive much like this one but let me just sum it up really quickly,

because the point still rings true, yes i still use my trinity all the time i use her as a battery, i totally agree god mode is not fair however

the only time you need a trinity is plus 40 minutes in a survial its the only time god mode was even needed and the only high end content we had

and rather than fixing the content, they nerfed the frame and took it away not that anyone went that high only out of sheer bordom but at least we had the choice, so ya i agree it was a nerf everyone can adapt shes just not really needed infinte energy is fun but thats about it


You know her heals are still amazing, right? One of the guys in my clan mains trinity and I can't count how many times that heal has gotten me out of a tight spot, even 40 minutes into a survival

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I still believe Trinity is still the best tank in the game.


The only "nerf" she got is that you actually have to pay attention to the game if you don't want people to curse at you.


Everyone is talking about the "nerf" to Blessing.... what about the buff to EV!

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I'm surprised nobody commented on this part, because it made me laugh.


Maybe I don't want to "properly use" her. Maybe I just want to get my team through 40+ minutes of some of the most intense survival.



I did a lot of long survival runs with pre-nerf trinity, at no point was it ever intense.  How on earth can a game be intense when there is literally zero chance of dying or losing?  When I played Trinity myself the most "intense" part was keeping an eye on the blessing timer to make sure I didn't blow myself up with penta + link.


I just don't get how anyone can call a frame that used to be capable of perma invincibility on top of rather strong damage (with link + self damage) balanced. 


Seriously, go find any gamer who hasn't played Warframe.  Tell them Warframe is a co-op shooter about upgrading warframes and collecting loot, oh and you can't actually die.  See if they notice something odd about that statement.

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put Blessing back to its' 10 second cast time instead of her .5 second cast time and the tgm itself would be more about timing instead of a quick "oh shi!--" heal button.


make well of life a radial HoT ability ala cheaper costing Renewal and trin can still heal people, and provide something that let people LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO ESCAPE COMBAT, a full heal doens't do anything when you get ganked by level 30+ enemies, you still die within 2 seconds of being "Blessed", if it was an actual "Blessing" the entire team would have the affect of Link for 12 seconds, not get downed within 2 seconds of being fully healed.

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