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Saturn - Iapetus (Infestation) Defence Cryo Wf Glitch


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Soo, today was my first WF forum post and so this will be my second, glitches are everywhere and I'm on a streak here. So I went solo to this infestation mission and it seemed that after the second wave the Cryotube was supose to elevate into a higher level (making it harder I think?). Well it does..just that it doesn't. When the floor elevated it left the Cryutube behind making it completely easy and afkable mission.


Heres the view of the cryutube floating in the lower level(you can see the infested trying to bash themeselves into it)





Heres a photo from above(where the cryotube supose to be)



Well thats all, I don't know how this happened and I don't know if it happened to anyone else so if anything just reply.




This has been reported multiple times already, I'm sorry for this thread.

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