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Warframe Differentiation (And Gravitational Field Strength)


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I had another question to myself when walking down a street: 


What is the acceleration due to gravity of Warframe?


So, I went back, took out my Codex Scanner, stood on top of a scannable flat surface (an Explosive Barrel), then jumped. From multiple tests, I found out that all Warframes but Zephyr will jump 1.8m into the air before falling, and the time taken to jump up and return back to its original position is around 1.4s (three trials are taken). Knowing that the distance is so small that terminal velocity will not affect the descent acceleration/speed, I assumed 0.7s as the time where the Warframe is at maximum jump height (i.e. a parabola). I found out the parabola by the following: 


(ax^2) + bx + c = y

Let x = 0, y = 0,

c = 0

(ax^2) + bx = y

Let x = 1.4 when y = 0, and x = 0.7 when y = 1.8,


1.96a + 1.4b = 0   (1)

0.49a + 0.7b = 1.8   (2)

(2) * 2 - (1),


-0.98a = 3.6

a = -3.67

b = 7.19/1.4 = 5.14


Parabola formula: (-3.67 * x^2) + 5.14x = y

Now, to find the acceleration, we will have to differentiate the formula twice with respect to time (known as x), meaning it is: 


dy/dx (=v) = -7.34x + 5.14

v/dx (=a) = -7.34


That means the acceleration due to gravity is 7.34 m/s^2.


Now, since I have done this test on Earth, that means there may be one of the two things that happened: 


Mass has decreased from now. 

Radius has increased from now. 


Since decreasing mass seems slightly more plausible (intensive mining), the mass of Earth in Warframe is: 


g = (G*kg)/r^2 (where G = gravitational field constant)

7.34 = ((6.7E-11) * kg) / 4.096E7

kg = 4.48726E18


Compared to the current mass of the Earth (5.97219E24), the mass of the Earth in Warframe is: 


((4.48726E18)/(5.97219E24)) * 100% = 0.000075% of the current Earth's mass. 


So yes. Grineer mining operations are very efficient and invasive. 

Oh wow, you got bored huh?

Still, impressive work.

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