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Suggested Revisions For The Kubrow


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Currently my Kubrows level Six so i  dont have a lot of mods in it or work or forma etc so my opions when changed i "HOPE" will be reflected in this post if im wrong about something stated everyone wrong about something please to make it personal.


The first Kubrow


So these littly guys die alot i assume right now its because there's a bug with other kubrows one shotting them as well as i hear infested once it leveled some and that bug is fixed im sure it will be betterish crossing fingers. My hopes are the bleed out will be marked at some point i mean its are pet there is a price of the kubrow dieing and its sad and it really shouldent be a mod its are living breathing companion that goes off and dose stuff not hover next to are head.on that note if you cancel or get knocked down for any reason the kubrow dies i am sure that not intended. The Egg was actualy the easy part seriously so you had to grind a wall of rng woo seriously guys we have done this before its warframes this is what we do its not hard it was not easy its ware i felt it needed to be. the power core was a take it or leave it ya had to craft it i cant complain i had mostly everything other than the argon but i hear a bug is cause it to drop everywhere as of 14.0 im unaware of the status its 14.0.8 i am still ignorant to this fact still being but looking for stuff is apart of the game. 




I don't have any major gripes yet they look on paper very practical  i had herd very negative things from friends in my circle that the mods dint add enough to be worth while atm my only fear is that knowing ware your kubrow is will be a mod which i just disagree with.


Loyalty and DNA


Currently this is my only major gripe kubrows dieing and it losing major effectiveness in combat sucks makes ya wana never ever use them again i mean i dint just farm so he can stay home and safe "que Muse- Stockholm Syndrom"

that being said niether DNA or Loyalty is going away until we put these little guys threw the wringer a couple times but for front criticism will stand the thing is gunna die alot yea its alive it can stay but i dint have to wait to repair my sentinal and i shouldent Instead maybe i spend time with him more in missions he likes me some i get a few points back to get more loyalty a day by doing 5-10 missions that way at the end of my 4-8 hour sessions are semi rewarded back for good game play and keeping him alive. DNA stabilization is almost a different animal as it can assure the for mentioned gets harder if it were me neither would exist right? its the downside i don't enjoy thinking about not the "bonus" i lose.

its not all bad it only goes down over time which i can respect because were taking care of it i would assume it would be akin to giving your smelly dog a bath because that one aunt/mom/grandma thinks you house smells like dog or that they have brain eating parasites you picked up on a mission a couple days ago and now the dog is dieing. 100,000 is just alot and the description said hey this can be crafted  let us research it in tenno for an infinite BP like the energy/ health nodes make it cost argon idk it will be priced in some way and always a necessary evil maybe. again if it were me it wouldn't be there i log in regardless of whether or not i play warframes that day so heres the 2 kickers that  i want the devs to think about why once a day if i wana play all day or the 3 times for loyalty maybe there should be a crafted loyalty biscuit. idealy i want to work for my needs but not be so severily limited in a day i cant use the kubrow because  well its got 10 hp and it couldn't swat a fly if it was 10 feet tall and couldn't move. again consequences are okay but they shouldent hurt players that want to play more or less i feel this should be a non plat issue because a serious breeder is gunna spend more money or not use it all and just have a sentinal wich is fine to i guess. let the kubrow sentinal cat war begin.



i really figured i would say a lot initialy about this but don't at the moment. i mean it takes time its gunna cost plat just to get THE KUBROW you want but i really feel that if thats the case your gunna trade for the imprints the stasis slots grind more etc for what you want like buying an armor kit or paint or syandana it will define you because its aesthetic and you worked for it and did it because you wanted it to look cool and not because it made it super powerful and game breaking.



I may or may not add sub point i probably wont and it debatable on how much i update this latter maybe il add a i hit 30 what are still my problems with a kubrow i ask everyone to pass my ideas around or even slap a dev and go hey this guy has ideas there mine but they can just as easily be yours and feel free to correct any spelling i wont reply to it but il try to fix it i am just bad but don't be offensive XD

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