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Swirling Tiger + Winding Claws Causing All Status Procs Megathread


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Pretty sure it's a bug, Dual zoren causing all status ailments (with the exception of impact) during the 4th or 5th hit on Winding Claws combo string

EE pause EEE
I REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS BUG, But to be fair I should let you guys at [DE] know about it's existence.

also tested on corrupt heavy gunnner.

zoren setup only has north wind as its element.

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I have "Swirling Tiger" on my Dual-Heatswords. Only caused Fire-DMG and this Fire-Explosion. O.o


Swirling Tiger seem to trigger the hidden Special on any Dual-Melee weapon.. Just to let you know.

In fact its not the stance, it's the hidden ability (or the absence of one) of the Dual Zoren which do that.

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Could you try that with only "Whirling Tiger", "Fury" and "Pressure Point" and even changing the skin to normal?

Just to rule anything else out?


I don't have Dual Zoren, yet.

I'll follow this thread to revisit later ( 8:36 AM right now, need sleep )

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Same thing here. My Dual Zoren only has fire element that I put on it,but even before that it did the same. I hardly managed to take a screenshot,but I don't know how to put it in here... BTW, sometimes it even launches the enemy in the air, and it flies a little before it lands.

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So "Swirling Tiger" does cause a 100% proc of whatever the weapon can do or rather should not..

Which is awesome (on the Dual-Heats and being a Mirage - this puts even Ember to shame) .


I wonder what happens on a different weapon, which has no known ability like Dual Kamas and Dual Skana.

Trying that in a few minutes.


Edit: No luck on a Dual Kamas.


Maybe a small glitch on the Zoren?

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SOOOooo I was messing around yesterday with my beloved Dual Zoren, and I was noticing I was proc'ing EVERYTHING at once. This confused me at first, but then I just meh'd and moved on.

I just decided to try again, this time with the Dual Kamas as a control group to see if it was Swirling Tiger, or the Zoren doing the Proc'ing, and lo and behold, THIS happened!




A slight enlargement for clarification:



rofl. I have become Marlboro.


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