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Hotfix 14.0.8


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  • Added in new Extractor Icons to differentiate between Extractor statuses.
  • Added in Mod Slot icons to differentiate Stance and Aura slots.



  • Improved game performance on the Liset when choosing to skip the Prologue.
  • Improved the tracking of Key Missions removal/ownership to ensure that the Key is correctly removed from the proper owner.
  • Solar Map input will now be ignored when hovering over the Chat window - this should prevent unwanted ‘click throughs’ to UI elements. Solar Map input will no longer be registered while the Invite screen is up as well.
  • Improved the behaviours of friendly Tenno Specter defenders in Dark Sector battles.
  • Added in a small glow behind icons on planets to help improve legibility.
  • Kubrow abilities now give XP when used.
  • Kubrow Mod ‘Hunt’ now scales with damage Mods, but has had it's base damage reduced to compensate.
  • Kubrows no longer die after the player has died, and will instead remain in combat.
  • Arc Traps will no longer spawn in Infested Missions.
  • Increased the minimum level for Fire and Ice layers to have a chance to spawn to missions with enemy levels of 6 or higher.
  • Tweaked the Kubrow bleedout animation.
  • Lephantis and Alad V have received some balancing: the Single player and Coop max levels have been lowered. The damage from Lephantis' Explosive Projectiles and Zanuka's missiles have been reduced.
  • Feral Kubrow have had their armor and their charge attack damage reduced.
  • The Survival and Camera Alarm sound effect will no longer loop.
  • Improved the Kubrow follow behaviour which should alleviate most of the“circling” issue.


Prosecutor Changes:

  • Changes in location of Prosecutors is live on Ceres, this was not explicitly called out in full on Update 14 but has been live since then. Endless mission types like Survival and Defense will now guarantee you Delta Beacons. Gamma, Omega, and Kappa Beacons can be found on Prosecutors on the non-endless mission types.

Prologue Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue with Cipher voice overs not playing correctly.
  • Adjusted Cipher spawn timing.
  • Added additional weapon switch hints near the Cipher.
  • Changed the context action text to properly show "Cipher".
  • Added in additional visual cues near the Cipher pickup area.


  • Fixed a number of localization issues.
  • Fixed Quick Thinking not working as described or intended.
  • Fixed a number of crashes, specifically one that would occur frequently in the Polish and Japanese versions of the game.
  • Fixed game freeze that would occur when exploring the colour picker for certain weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with Uranus Nav Segment not dropping from the intended location. This prevented star chart progress.
  • Fixed an issue with the Kubrow Quest ‘Howl of the Kubrow’ being incompletable.
  • Fixed an issue with Prism's energy per second cost being reduced every time it is used when you have an ability efficiency mod (like Streamline) equipped.
  • Fixed an issue with Well of Life getting stuck as power-in-use if the target is killed during the casting animation.
  • Fixed an issue with Hall of Mirror clone projectiles persisting after the ability ends, causing DOT's to deal friendly damage.
  • Fixed an issue with cancelling node selection on the Solar Map not properly updating your presence data (what your friends see that you’re up to on their list).
  • Fixed an issue with Nightmare Mods only successfully being rewarded in Survival and Rescue missions.
  • Fixed a number of lighting issues seen in the Prologue.
  • Fixed an issue with Kubrows spawning incorrectly behind the player during intro cinematics.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality that could occur when equipping items too quickly in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed an issue with Clients not seeing proper impact visuals when assaulting perimeter shields in Dark Sector conflicts.
  • Fixed an issue with pressing the Market button in the Codex causing the UI to break.
  • Fixed an issue with the Configuration Text overlapping when playing in different languages.
  • Fixed an issue with the Arsenal screen becoming inverted after browsing mods.
  • Fixed an issue with players being able to interact with incubating Kubrow puppies in their domes.
  • Fixed an issue with Kubrow legs not animating properly when they are in their laying down pose.
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong resource drops appearing in Mercury.
  • Fixed a game hang that would occur if you fused mods above another item’s capacity and pressed ‘Proceed’ when offered to remove from other gear.
  • Fixed an issue with the Exit button in the Recent Player screen overlapping with other UI elements.
  • Fixed an issue with Orokin Catalysts/Reactors not being purchasable directly through the Upgrade screen.
  • Fixed an issue with revive prompts appearing above the heads of downed opponents in PvP.
  • Fixed an issue with UI elements not properly being viewable while in the 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Fixed an issue with the water effects appearing incorrectly on Forest tilesets.
  • Fixed an issue with Stamina Orbs lowering Stamina when the Shield Flux mod is equipped.
  • Fixed an issue with Specter loadout screen freezing if you go to the Specter crafting screen first.
  • Fixed an issue with Alliance emblems appearing as default Clan emblems on the Solar Chart in respective Dark Sector nodes.
  • Fixed potential issues with inbox messages not getting sent.
  • Fixed an issue with extremely large Alliance Vaults not properly displaying the amount of banked credits.
  • Fixed team health restores draining health of other teammates.
  • Fixed a broken subtitle in the “Rescue Darvo” questline.
  • Unlisted 14.0.7 fix: Fixed Kubrow Starter Packs not giving 6 DNA Stabilizers, but only giving 1. Anyone who purchased a Kubrow Starter Pack before this hotfix is being retroactively compensated in a script. This Script will add 5 DNA Stabilizers for every 1 Kubrow Starter Pack purchased.
  • Fixed an issue with Banshee's Immortal Skin always appearing white.


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Dropping Lephantis damage makes ODA less fun.
There might be complained about being blasted by Lephantis, but thats only minority... Majority loves it.
By dodging the attack, simply Aim and Roll Dodge. side from side... its not hard.

From lvl 80 to 50 first stage, and 80 to 60 second stage?? Lephantis is a colossus boss... Why would his lvl be so low?

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Is there going to be a 14.1 sometime today/tomorrow or are we just going to get these continual hotfixes throughout the week? 


Makes no difference was just curious if you guys were focusing on bug squashing and putting out hotfixes since there is still a lot of work to be done on making update 14 completely stable. 

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