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Mastery Rank Test As A Quest


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We got the player ship, the wonderful view into space seeing the planet where we did our last mission, a more immersive interface but we still have the old holographic training for mastery ranks.

I don't think the tests as such should be abolished but improved upon when it comes to immersion into the game world.

So, why not send the player on a short mini-quest where his abilities are put to the test?

Maybe adding some sort of martial arts training temple (Orokin Void tileset or a variation of the Dojo tileset?) where the Tenno has to face some challanges to earn the recognition of the Lotus?

It would be nice to have a location you can return to in order to prove yourself.

Taking it a step further, when the hubs are implemented, it could be a location where other tenno can watch (and applaud or nod silently in acknowledgement or even learn some new stuff) while you're doing your test.

Being allowed to enter the temple could even be a quest itself and your first increase in mastery.

Weapons with mastery rank requirements could be unlocked by gaining access to the approriate halls and weapon lockers.

Any comments, suggestions, improvements?

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I like the idea of the mastery tests taking place in an ancient Tenno temple instead of those holographic simulations. Of course, the designers might have to put some more work into them, but as you said, most stuff could be re-used assets from the void tileset (e.g. the hidden treasure rooms). And we might even be able to visit this temple between the tests and do old ones again (the door to a new test would only open when you meet the level requirement). Because I really liked some of those and how they put my abilities to the test, and I'd love to go back and see if I can do it with another frame as well.


And I even had an idea of what the landing cutscene might look like. I don't know how many of the users here watch Doctor Who (at least a few), but remember The Rings of Akhaten? That huge asteroid with the pyramid? And now imagine the pyramid being some Orokin-style temple and your Liset flying towards it to drop you off for your mastery test. How does that sound?

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